Browncast Episode 113: Richard Hanania

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“I’m not insane at all”

In this episode, I talk to Richard Hanania. By heritage a dhimmi from the Levant, Hanania’s primary focus is on foreign policy. We discuss the “blob”, the importance of path dependency in American foreign policy commitments, and the impact of sanctions on Iran.

We also discuss his upbringing as an Arab American, and what it’s like to be right-of-center and an academic in 2020.

He has a very interesting and contrarian Twitter account.

Note, if you are a patron, I’ve already posted the interviews of Indian Bronson and Sean P. McCarthy.

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H. M. Brough
H. M. Brough
3 years ago

An overall intelligent and articulate guy…so I was naturally disappointed when he descended into “Murica does bad stuff too” tankie-ism to justify a dovish stance on China, which itself is a non sequitur of an argument. Come on man.

3 years ago
Reply to  H. M. Brough

@H. M. Brough

The point is China isn’t doing anything unusual for a power of its size and power, indeed Chinese foreign policy has been and continues to be historically more “dovish” than that of the Soviet Union and the US, even adjusted for size and power projection capacity.

It’s strange that people don’t see that what’s driving this is that hawks on the right, especially those on the now fashionable “National Conservatism” bandwagon, need a new bogeyman for a new Cold War. Come on man.

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