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Apple Podcast has a “Related” feature that shows up if your podcast gets enough subscribers.

If you look at “Related” for The Insight, the science podcast I host with Spencer Wells, you’ll see every “Related” podcast is science-focused except for the Browncast. The Brown Pundits Browncast is on the list because I’m involved with both podcasts.

Now that the Browncast is moderately popular it has an informative “Related” list. I’ve made a table below which shows by column:

– The podcasts suggested as “Related” for the Browncast
– If the Browncast shows up as “Related” for that podcast in a reciprocal fashion
– If someone involved with that podcast has been a guest on the Browncast
– If someone from the Browncast has been a “guest” on that podcast

Related for Browncast Browncast is Related Contributor on Browncast Browncast on that podcast
The Carvaka Podcast X X X
The Sham Sharma Show X X
The Silk and Steel Podcast X X
Manifold X
Future Strategist X X
ABCD Politics X X X
Urbane Cowboys X X X
That’s So Hindu X X
The Wisdom of the Crowds X X
The Insight X X X
Two for Tea with Iona X X X
Meru Media X X X
Bhartavaarta X
Palladium Podcast

Nothing is too surprising on this list. Some of the patterns recapitulate the nature of reciprocity in the old blogosphere. The “Urbane Cowboys” are personal friends of mine. I’ve been on their podcast several times, and they’ve been on mine several times. Kushal Mehra, the Carvaka, and the Browncast, have a pretty robust and continuous reciprocal relationship at this point.

Some of you may wonder about Palladium and Singal-Minded. Both are “edgy” podcasts that rub woke sensibilities the wrong way. I think that explains why there is subscriber overlap.

I subscribe to a lot of these podcasts. So they’re recommended.

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3 years ago

This has nothing to do with the post but I thought you might know and this seems to be the best way to get in touch with you.

Do Goan Catholics have any Portuguese DNA? Most of them have Portuguese surnames (i.e. Dinesh D’Souza), which reminds me of Brazil or Cape Verde, but they look very Indian.

3 years ago

Razib, a Browncast-adjacent guest I’d like to suggest is Venkatesh Rao (@vgr on Twitter).

He has been blogging for ages. Mostly on tech, sub-cultures, politics etc.

Would be interesting to hear his views regarding India. And also on future of blogging/internet.

He wrote a pretty lovely article on his life history a few years back for those interested:

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