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    1. Razib dredged up an article that talked about the role of Japanese intelligence and/or the Black Dragon Society in furthering the developing of black nationalist groups before WWII – one such group eventually developed into the Nation of Islam. Perhaps this accounts for some of the odd Yacub stuff, which I’m pretty sure isn’t in the Koran.

      But there was a very interesting point mentioned that Razib did not notice, or perhaps did not find interesting:

      A product of the American school of “New Qing History”. Chinese scholars apparently regard this as developing from ideas originating in Imperial Japan”

      The Japanese have been doing this sort of thing for a long time, the Chinese on the other hand are simple minded people. Their whole shtick consists of YOU BUY REAL CHEAP! YOU BUY REAL CHEAP! ?????

  1. NorthEast Frontier Railway is being electrified and doubled at a phenomenal speed. Soon we will travel from New Delhi to Guwahati without any loco change ? ?

    Indian YouTubers are producing wonderful rail content.

    Here are some wonderful channels –

    Here’s a video about the Agartala-Sabroom DEMU train – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6nfwD__KSmA

  2. I am very alarmed by the increasing acceptance of “genocide” as a label for what China is doing in Xinjiang. In western thought, genocide is the ultimate evil, just as democracy is the ultimate good. The campaign to designate the sinification of the Uighurs (or however it should really be conceived) as a *genocide* is tapping into this, and I fear the consequences.

    In this regard, it is interesting to learn that even the “Dzungar genocide” is a concept of western historiography, a product of the American school of “New Qing History”. Chinese scholars apparently regard this as developing from ideas originating in Imperial Japan, which of course had its own plans for Asia. I searched Baidu Baike (a Chinese site similar to Wikipedia) for an account of these events, but only found references to the “rebellion of the Dzungar nobles”.

    Renmants of the Dzungar live on in Russia, as the Kalmyk.

      1. The American speaks the truth, the RED menace must be punished for what they did to the Dzungars. Never forget what the RED menace did to the Jew’s in Eastern Europe! Nor should we forget how they conquered Manchuria and committed the same kind of Genocide against the Manchu.

        Thank you Walter Sobchak, your courage and wisdom is noted.

        1. I guess you are talking about Russia, where 98% of the RED menace leadership were actually alleged victims.

  3. Coca-Cola is under fire for uploading a resource video encouraging employees to ‘be less white’.

    Slides from the video went viral on social media late last week after they were shared by a ‘whistleblower’ working for the soft drink giant.

    One of the slides features the title ‘Try to Be Less White’, before another claims that whiteness is associated with arrogance, defensiveness, ignorance and a lack of humility.

    Another slide states: ‘In the US and other Western nations, white people are socialized to feel that they are inherently superior because they are white‘.

    It continues: ‘Research shows that by age 3 to 4, children understand that it is better to be white.’…..


    1. The Bangalore-Chennai belt has been slowly becoming a manufacturing hub.

      I hope all the infra investments being done in UP + law&order stuff have a similar effect up north in a few years’ time.

      1. @Prats

        Bangalore-Hosur was a planned manufacturing push in the 1980s. SIPCOT in Hosur made good strides in acting as a catalysing agency.

        Similarly Chennai-Sriperumbudur-Ranipet had two levels of activity – one in the 1970s and the other in the 1990s after Hyundai setup their car plant at SPM.
        Vellore was already on the map for medical tourism.

        The real turbocharged atmosphere arrived with the engineering college push by both states. I believe Akhilesh Yadav studied in Karnataka.

        Both the state governments and the central government are aware of the tremendous potential of this region. Another highway is being planned via Chittoor.

        This whole region will become the Randstad equivalent in India. Bangalore offers IT, research and defence PSU heft while Chennai brings automobile, chemicals and a port to the game. Both these cities have an IIT/IISc, international airports and metros.

  4. Seeing TN and KA take off is fine, but this reinforces what Arvind Subramanian has been warning about for a long time: India’s states do not see meaningful economic convergence. In economics, the poorer you are, the easier it is supposed to grow. That’s why rich countries don’t grow by 5-10%.

    Yet in India, the rich states have largely kept their distance to the poor ones. The sad exception would be Punjab, which is an outlier to this pattern.
    UP and Bihar really need to see huge industrial prowess, given that their combined births are multitudes that of the TN and KA.

    If this does not happen, then southies better be prepared for a huge Hindi-speaking migrant push, which will easily dwarf what they have now.

    1. Indian states have different dynamics to sovereign nation states. They do not have the same breadth of economic or immigration options.

      Unlike what you think, migration only happens with the tacit acceptance of the receiver state’s elites. If you think that every TD&H gets on a Indian train and just rushes off to a new city to settle down, you are terribly mistaken. The Indian society has stronger firewalls than the state.

      1. Interesting point. Manpower industries have become quite sophisticated and as you say, and they don’t fly under the radar of the regional elites whatsoever. There are even startups that have platforms to rate worker profiles ect.

    2. Yeah. Even Pravin Chakravarty, the data head of Congress has written about it multiple times. I think this divergence can still be survived over the next couple of decades if the 2026 delimitation doesn’t touch state allocations. The next big wave after Hindutva will be for more federalism.

      The good sign is ‘labour intensive growth’ is a phrase that seems to have been doing the rounds of late. I think there’s a lot of low hanging fruits to be picked up in the north. I hope Yogi pushes for massive industrialization of eastern UP.

      The Kanpur-Lucknow-Allahabad-Benaras (extensible to Patna) belt has a number of elite academic institutions, legacy industries, and a huge labour surplus. Need to bring the region to the 21st century. The Ganga can be used to get goods for export to Calcutta.

      I can see Indore and Bhopal join a similar cluster around Mumbai-Surat-Baroda-Ahmedabad.

        1. Nah. The North is too clever to break the deal with the south. It knows delimitation will open a can of worms, which could upend the power structure. The north enjoys its political majority with the economic prosperity brought by the West and the South.

          If it ain’t broke , dont fix it. The current power/number differential b/w North and South suits the North just fine. Especially when the North’s party (BJP) now has their fingers in the South’s pudding.

          1. All the seats are going to increase but the seats from UP/Bihar will increase more. No two ways about it. Maybe not proportional to the population, but more than TN/Kerala

          2. …. or the de-limitation process be pushed again , just like the last time , in lieu of certain adjustments in the finance commission formula ?

        2. That article from Wire is unnecessarily fear mongering. It is unlikely that the percentage of seats from each state will change. What might happen is:
          1) Increase in total number MPs to 1000 with proportional increase for each state
          2) Delimitation within states so that urban areas get fairer representation. India has massively urbanised in the last few decades. Rural areas are massively over-represented.

          Btw #PopulationControlLaw keeps trending on Twitter.

    3. What I heard was there are so many NI workers in TN esp in areas like construction and manufacturing, tamil bosses are learning Hindi to communicate with them

    4. “If this does not happen, then southies better be prepared for a huge Hindi-speaking migrant push, which will easily dwarf what they have now.”

      Maybe those people could be accommodated and absorbed over the long term, both keeping some of their distinctiveness but also joining the broader society. Particularly their children, who may attend schools where they learn the state language, something which I’ve anecdotally heard already happens to some degree. Could help mitigate the precipitous drop in the South’s percentage of the national population.

      On the one hand, I think it is important that all regions develop. But on the other hand, the benefit of having a single market is mobility. People should be able to go where the jobs are, and doing so does not have to be a problem for the sending or receiving communities if they plan for it.

  5. Does anyone know if mtdna U1a3 is associated with Iranian HG’s/farmers? I recently found out my mtdna is U1a3 and from what I can find online, it’s rarely found in South Asia (only found in parts of Kerala and Pakistan). It’s more common among Assyrian Christians and Sicilians. My parents are Christians from Kerala and we believe we were Hindus/Buddhists who converted during the 1st century.

  6. I think Chennai/Tamil Nadu is the best example of playing on the right side of the federal Govt in the whole world, perhaps.

    Its industrialization/development has not suffered and in a way an outsider might think that Tamils have been ruling India for last 70 years, especially the way the federal Govt had designed policies for the state. Right from freight equalization, to support during the emergency for Indira, to 70 percent reservation (unchallengeable in courts) , to the current situation where it seems the more Tamils hate Modi, the more they get the goodies from the Centre. Add to that where Tamils fooled Indians to fight a fucking war for them , a war which no Indian ever wanted. And to come out of that war being the bad guys .LOL

    Very different than other states where all states at certain points of time have suffered due to opposition to the center. To think of a region with high separatist tendencies this makes it even more remarkable. It would be like had Tibet been Shanghai or something.

    1. Punjab could have done the same thing, but nahi hamko to Khalistan chahiye.

      They destroyed at least 2 generations due to it.

    2. @Saurav

      Don’t miss the sociological angle. Tamilians and Kannadigas aren’t as much deracinated as some other communities in India are. The reason being that – the political legitimacy of Brahmins was curtailed very effectively from the start of independent India – in Karnataka due to the Vokkaliga/Lingayat combine and in TN due to Dravidian politics.

      A subset of Indian Brahmins got too close to the English Orbit in the colonial period and as a result became the “whitest” of the brown Sahibs. They became the “Neti Neti” faction in modern India. They simply did not know how to administer or rule efficiently with an uprooted and artificial outlook. Even today a majority of the Indian Communist Politburo are Brahmins. Just read Nehru’s Discovery of India and you can smell the rancid coconut in him.

      Again I am not dealing in absolutes so don’t jump on me. JJ was a Mysore Iyengar, but all she did was to take MGRs populism and common sense legacy forward. And she wasn’t deracinated – a very proud Hindu. AIADMK has consistently devalued the extremism of Periyar without moving to the right.

      1. @Ugra I don’t think Tamils are less deracinated. I posted a story from Swarayja a few days ago showing that the amount of Christians in TN is likely at least double from the official count. I agree wrt your argument on de-Brahminisation. Periyar’s arguments are in fact pretty universal, and can be applied in many countries. It’s a shame he is less well-known.

    3. \To think of a region with high separatist tendencies \
      When did TN have separatist tendencies? language chavinism and language primordialism promoted by drav movement does not equate to separatism. Scratching one’s own back however vigorously is not a political position. Not once did their election manifesto contain separtism. OTOH there has always been talks of restructuring centre-state relations , which is fine. Drav movemnets are 99% Oppurtunism; 1% pinciples, even that 1% does not contain politicla separation from India

      1. Please bro, dont insult our intelligence


        “SG: If I may remind you, if you had said the same thing in the 1960s or 1970s, you would have been immediately called a separatist. Today, nobody will say so. So, India has moved on. India has matured.

        Karunanidhi: I agree with you.

        SG: But you were called a separatist for many years.

        Karunanidhi: Yes (laughs). I wasn’t called a secessionist. I was a secessionist.

        1. the interviewer desparately tries to put something in K’s mouth and K knows how how to play a verbal game . DMK had never put any ‘secessionist’ demands as part of electoral or political demands. DMK runs on miasma of vague ideas in which talk of Dravida nadu used to be there. With nice skimming oppurtunities in the state power and central coalitions, they won’t even talk about it
          Last time when DMK was part of the coalition at the central govt in New Delhi 2007-2009 , there was huge poilitical crisis of Srilankan civil war in climactic stages and the whole state was agaog with agitations in support of Srilankan Tamils. Karunanidhi did nothing for Srilankan tamils, even though he shed tons of tears for them. All he did as coalition partner was that his family members like Maran brothers get ministerial posts where they can increase their business.

        2. You pay too much attention to the words of the Dravidian party politicians. Suffice to say, they are not representative of the average Tamil. They are predominantly atheistic, whereas the average Tamil is highly devout (more so than cow-belters). As for secessionist tendencies, you see far more of that in nationalist mlitaristic Punjab than anywhere in TN.

          I’m not very well-versed in TN politics, but I don’t believe the DMK types have much cultural influence. Politically, they may be popular, but that’s because they do the populist thing of handing out resources (just like in every other region, and even Modi with his much-touted gas cylinder programme).

          The Communists ruled Bengal for over a generation. Did you believe the average Bengali had turned atheist during that time?

  7. Readers of this weblog care about China. But know too little about it. Become less ignorant.

    There is so much Chicom propoganda spread about China that needs to be counteracted. This bullshit about China becoming the next Super Power, they can’t even feed their own people! 90 percent of China’s food is imported and most of it from the West or South Asia. Even Sub Saharan Africa countries import less food than China. All while South Asia feeds the World, they need us we don’t need them. That’s why I read Razib and Brown Pundits, to counter all the bullshit about China I hear on a daily basis.


  8. Gallup published the results of its latest research, which showed that 5.6 percent of Americans now identify themselves as LGBT. Which is more than ever before in the history of that country.

    Also: that in the generation of millennials (born 1981-1996) there are almost three times more (9.1%) of those who consider themselves persons of non-traditional sexual orientation than among members of the older generation X (1965-1980) – 3.8%. .. And in generation Z (1997-2002) – even five times more (15.9 percent).

    In other words, every sixth American aged 18-23 identifies as LGBT.

    Some researchers outside the United States call this second figure shocking. However, this is great for America. It should be wished that at least every other inhabitant of it be LGBT as soon as possible. That population is her best possible future. t may finally leave other countries and peoples alone. Especially since research has shown that the number of people who self-identify transgender people is increasing at a dizzying rate.

    Compared to those within Generation X, the number of transgender people has increased by 500 percent among American millennials, and among representatives of Generation Z – by 800 percent!

    Gallup researchers also found that – thanks to “achievements” such as the legalization of same-sex marriage – the number of Americans of “non-traditional sexual orientation” will only continue to grow.

    Perhaps unwillingly, American liberal journalist Katie Herzog dealt a serious blow to gay propaganda, warning that the radicalization of the LGBT community itself is underway in the United States, in which there is less and less room for “orthodox” gays and lesbians. Herzog also opened the question: “Where are the gay/lesbian bars gone? In the eighties, there were over 200 of them in the United States, and now there are only 15!”

  9. @Razib Khan
    In Hinduism there are some circumstances when a dead person is buried instead of cremated. I think a child dying very young is one of them. What I was wondering was if someone has tried to locate such graves and see their genetic makeup or would it be more trouble than it’s worth (as they were unmarked and would be difficult to find). It could at least help us make a rough estimate of the caste composition of a particular place in a particular point in history (I know that there are a few dalit groups that bury all their dead so the picture won’t be perfect but still)

    1. > I think a child dying very young is one of them.

      I think some communities also bury their unmarried men/women. Have heard of some cases where motorcycle accident victims were buried.

    2. @Narasingha Deva, as always it’s almost impossible to generalize anything “in Hinduism”. There are many non-dalit communities that bury all their dead. Many Tamil communities only cremate the first child; every other child is buried.

  10. In Karnataka, my guess is that most communities practice burial. It is not uncommon in Maharashtra either.

    1. I did not know all this (obviously). I guess these things would make it even more difficult to do what I was saying as these groups would be over represented. One solution can be to only study children’s graves as I think all castes bury their children.

  11. Mark Zuckerberg Confirms Covid Vaccine Will Alter Human DNA/RNA

    In a video obtained by Project Veritas, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg can be heard saying, “I share some caution on this [vaccine] because we don’t know the long-term side effects of basically modifying people’s DNA and RNA.”

    That was in July 2020. Then in November 2020 in public live-stream Q&A with Dr Fauci Zuckerberg affirmed exactly the opposite when he can be heard saying:
    “These vaccines do not modify your DNA”.

    So do these Covid vaccines modify human DNA and if they don’t why did Zuckerberg say that they did in July 2020? Or did he realise he had made a mistake in July and was he simply trying to limit the damage?

    1. What Pakistanis should remember is that the original inheritors of the “Indus” culture were the Hindu Punjabis(not even Sikhs) and Hindu Sindhis that were forced to move to India.

      So, they can’t even claim the “Indus history”.

    1. The religious difference are skewed due to NW India. Female infanticide seems particularly prevalent among non-Muslim Jatts/Jats.

      Here’s an interesting study.

      “Different sex ratios of children born to Indian and Pakistani immigrants in Norway”

      “Significant differences were observed in the sex ratio of children born to mothers of Indian origin compared with children born to mothers of Pakistani origin.”

      Note that most of the migrants from both India and Pakistan were from Punjab.

    2. Yeah it is a non muslim Birdari cultural thing. It is all over India but highest among the aforementioned

      I have seen Jats complain onmine that the lack of femalws is causing many to marry women from more AASI backgrounds,thus diluting their “caucasian genes.” Lol

    3. Lmfao he says it is an indo gangetic phenomena but then Punjab does among the worst. Then he loves to talk about how the indus is so diff from gangetic plain. He has so much motivated reasoning that it’s laughable. It is so blatant that it’s funny. Infanticide lmfao. Wrong word. But he knows that. He is a propagandist. Nothing else. Dravidian South and East? Lol subtle language. Just like Bajwa Dravidian oppression. They Indus Larp gang is playing games.

      Once again, this guy is nothing short of a Birdari Supremacist islamoapologist who specializes in online propaganda pieces and trolling, thinly disguised hate against Hindus, especially those of the gangetic plains.

      Funny thing is that he is half arain and half mohajir. The latter is likely from the region he loves to demonize.

    4. >I was shocked to find that Sikhs are the most regressive on gender and moslems the least. Is Araingang manipulating the data or is this legit? And if it is legit, then what explains this?

      Sons are preferred over daughters everywhere in Pakistan culturally speaking, but religiously, infanticide and specifically female infanticide is explicitly singled out and banned in various verses in the Quran (16:58-59) (17:31) (6:15) (6:151). Islamic religion also rewards anyone that raises a daughter properly with guaranteed place in heaven, this I think counters some of the most patriarchal cultural practices in society.

      1. I also find it very interesting why Kashmir is an outlier in the data for Muslims with skewed male-female ratio at birth. This could **possibly** due to “returning solider effect” where more boys are born during and after war, along with some parental preference for boys due to conflict.

        1. I am skeptical because hindus and sikhs also have very skewed sex ratios in kashmir

          also can indian readers comment on how much of this stuff is related to property rights ? family care responsibiities ?

          i don’t really understand why there is such a strong preference for boys to the point of sex selective abortions.

  12. From the book “Erectus Walks Amongst Us”:

    Population Median IQ

    Jews (1)…. 107-115
    East Asia (2)…. 105
    Europeans (all races)….. 98
    Inuit (Eskimos)…. 91
    Worldwide….. 90
    South East Asians (3)…..87
    Native Americans (4)… 86
    Pacific Islanders (5)…. 85
    African Americans…. 85
    South Asians (6)…. 84
    North Africans (7)… 84
    s-S Africans…. 67
    Australian Aborigines… 62
    Kalahari Bushmen…. 54

       (1) European Jews in the United States and Great Britain.
       (2) China, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, and Taiwan.
       (3) Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand.
       (4) North and South America.
       (5) Pacific Islands and New Zealand.
       (6) India, Iran, Iraq, Israel-Arabs, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Nepal, Pakistan, Qatar, Sri Lanka, Syria, Turkey, and Yemen.
       (7) North Africa and Egypt.

  13. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is bankrolling an activist educational group that believes math is racist and that arriving at an objective answer is an example of “white supremacy.”

    Yes, really.

    A conglomerate of 25 educational organizations called A Pathway to Equitable Math Instruction asserts that asking students to find the correct answer is an “inherently racist practice.”

    The organization’s website lists the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation as its only donor.

    “In fact, over the past decade, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has awarded over of $140 million to a variety of groups associated with Pathway. Their “antiracist resources” are at the epicenter of a new training course for teachers offered by the Oregon Department of Education throughout the state,” reports National File.

    “Three of the most prominent organizations receiving grant money from the Gates’ are The Education Trust, Teach Plus, and WestEd, all non-profit 501c organizations.”

    A guidebook for teachers produced by Pathway called ‘Dismantling Racism in Mathematics Instruction’ ludicrously claims that mathematics “is used to uphold capitalist, imperialist, and racist views.”

    Teachers are instructed to blame non-white students getting answers wrong on “white supremacist practices,” which are truly to blame for the “underachievement” of minorities.

    As we have previously highlighted, following on from universities, schools have now become breeding grounds for this kind of intersectional insanity.

    Earlier this week, we reported on how the principal of East Side Community School in New York sent white parents a manifesto that calls on them to become “white traitors” and advocate for full “white abolition.”

    Last year, we revealed how children at an elementary school in Virginia are being taught that traits such as “objectivity” and “perfectionism” are ‘racist’ characteristics of “white supremacy.”

    Meanwhile, school districts across America are eliminating grading standards in order to “combat racism”.

  14. I think both sides exaggerate , Pakistani nationalists exaggerate the differences and indians exaggerate the sem2sem stuff , In reality there are similarities along with differences.

    1. There are some interesting parallels with Taiwan and China.

      The Taiwanese increasingly insist that they have a distinctive history and aren’t part of China.

      Often they bring up their local dialect, austronesian and Japanese influences. And concede that they only have food and culture in common with Chinese people from the Fujian province which is across the strait.

      China is larger and more diverse so Taiwan really seems like nothing more than a renegade province to them.

      But from a Taiwanese perspective the differences are very real and China seems hegemonic.

      Similarly from an Indian POV the average person from Delhi and Lahore have more in common than the average person from Delhi and Kolkata.

      Leaving aside places further afield like Kerala or Nagaland.

      So from an Indian POV Pakistan just seems like a bunch of Muslim Nw Indians with a minority of Afghans thrown in.

      But from a Pakistani perspective this characterization is hegemonic and there are massive differences between Pakistanis and North Indians.

      1. well I have some objections with this analogy , taiwan is much much smaller to china than pakistan is to India , Pakistan is 1/8 the size of indian population and 1/4 the size of indian area. Also most taiwanese are ethnically han chinese , south asia is much more complex than mainland china .Overwhelming number of pakistanis are ethnically punjabis , sindhis , pashtuns , balochs and dardic groups and live in their native land called punjab , sindh , kpk, gilgit baltistan and so on. Overwhelming number of indians dont belong to these ethnicities. Thats why there is much stronger concept of ethicity in south asia since ethnicites living in their land always require a degree of free space and indivisuality. I mean when an indian says someone from delhi is closer to lahore than to kolkata , even he is talking about differences which can also be other than physical . Saying that I am all for finding common ground, so that region can prosper.

  15. Poor sex ratios in NW India are most likely correlated with traditional inheritance regimes like the Mitakshara, which give every male a *share* in the property (no division allowed) at birth. The father’s powers are restricted.

    In the East, the Dayabhaga inheritance principles have been followed, which are similar to modern laws. The father divides the property and can allocate it however he wishes.

    It is likely that in the South and Maharashtra, upper castes (mostly Brahmins) followed the Mitakshara regime, but the majority Hindu population continued to follow older principles.

    I think principle cultural congruities and dissonances in India can be linked to the inheritance schools followed.

  16. Russian AK-203 – the future of the Indian army
    Russian President Vladimir Putin and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced in 2019 that the two countries will launch a joint venture to produce AK-203 in northeastern India

    In the future, the AK-203 automatic rifle will become the basic offensive weapon of the Indian Army. The conclusion of the agreement on joint production is the foundation that will enable the army to switch completely to the AK-203, said the ambassador of India to Russia, Datla Bala Venkatesh Varma. He also said that the deliveries of the Russian S-4000 air defense system to India are proceeding as planned.

    “The S-4000 is an advanced air defense system that has no counterpart in the world and therefore can increase India’s defense potential in a qualitative sense,” the ambassador said.

    The ambassador also expects that the two countries will develop cooperation on the issue of technology for helicopters, ships and submarines.

    According to media reports, this factory should produce 670,000 rifles for the Indian army, and several tens of thousands more India will buy directly from Russia. The rifles produced by the joint venture will also be cheaper in relation to the rifles purchased, for example, from the USA.

    The agreement on the delivery of five S-4000 “Triumph” systems worth over five billion dollars was signed by the two countries in October 2018. Deliveries should be completed in April 2023.

  17. Araingang is back:


    I was shocked to find that Sikhs are the most regressive on gender and moslems the least. Is Araingang manipulating the data or is this legit? And if it is legit, then what explains this?

    Like someone already pointed out, it’s mainly due to inheritance rights.

    Cousin-marriage is probably the most likely reason why Pakistanis don’t have their sex ratio as skewed as NW India, not kidding. Land stays in the family.

    Pakistan still does horribly on the Global Gender Gap Index (bottom 5 or so from all the countries ranked). And apparently they pretty much have the same number of honour killings as India despite the pop. diff (http://hbv-awareness.com/statistics-data/), but the sex-ratio stands out in gender-related aspects.

    1. There are strong prohibitions against female infanticide in Islam which do not exist in Hinduism. Those who raise daughters are guaranteed a place in paradise. So the sex ratio is not skewed by use of abortions despite a similar cultural preference for sons.

      1. Infanticide and sex selective abortions are not the same thing

        Araingang purposes conflates them. He is disingenous at face just for that. Also cousin marriage certainly plays a role here. South India also has cousin marriage among Hindus. So similar trend.

        1. Infanticide is what happens when you can’t afford an ultrasound and early abortion.

          1. ? Who are you addressing? I know the definition. This is sex selective abortion. Majority of cases are not infanticide. Infanticide is the act of murdering a human in the first few years post birth. That is not what is causing the skewed sex ratio by and large. It is sex selective abortion. A lot of ot has to do with property ownership. Land owning castes are thus notorious for doing it more. Islam in the NW might be protective because it is textually against abortion like all abrahamic religions. But I suspect an even bigger reason is the permissibility of cousin marriage to keep land in the family. S India has similar cousin marriage and similar trends. East India is an exception. Birdari culture seems a lot more into it than gangetic culture looking at the Sikh ratios (Jat driven, given majority of Sikhs are Jats) and known Haryana Jat poor ratios and comparing them to gangetic Hindu ones even. But Islam and the permissible cousin marriage nature of the Pak side, make it less of an issue there.

        2. Sex selective abortions are infanticide, I would consider almost all abortions after the first trimester infanticide but that’s another issue. I don’t understand how people can just abort their child after they can hear the heartbeat and the child has even formed genitals and may even have start moving in the uterus. Perhaps they justify aborting the girls by thinking those girls would have a bad life due to their own econmic situation, I don’t know.. But it’s the same people would have killed the female baby on birth if they didn’t have ultrasound.

          1. That’ not the definition of inftanicide. Read a medical dictionary and learn what an infant is. Don’t defend Araingang’s blatant abd and purposeful misuse of language to dishonestly promote his agenda. The guy is an absolute clown. At least use the word fetacide, if you want to look at it from pro-life angle. 6 month supreme court role isn’t bad IMO. Most a abortions are done prior to 12 wks anyway.

          2. Don’t want to get into a radical feminist discussion on ”fetus” vs ”infant”. I see them the same, and I think people who kill their child because it’s female are probably eliminating her early due to ultrasound technology. It doesn’t make it any more justifiable.

          3. This is a medical definition that precedes radical feminism. Stop the BS.

            Sex selective abortion is bad, regardless of trimester, I agree. But murdering a child after it is born is much worse. Regardless, at least use the right terms. And the gender ratios aren’t exactly normal among N Indian Muslims either, just a bit better. But yes valuing life is good. I agree.

            Like I said, this has everything to do with property. It is a Zamindar oriented mentality, especially of feudal birdari society. Cousin marriage and potentially Islam is protective in Pak. Granted,many Muslim countries have trash human rights records. So life being important in Islam is a weak argument.

  18. Interesting interview with Saikat Chakrabarti, who was the chief of staff of popular young American politician Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

    From whatever I know of AOC and Indian-Americans, I had assumed this guy would be some sort of rose twitter commie. Turns out I was wrong. He seems quite level headed. I find myself agreeing with quite a bit of his way of looking at the world if not specific policy recommendations.

    It’s a pity India can’t provide opportunities to its most talented citizens and their descendants then go and contribute greatly to other nations.

    “Interview: Saikat Chakrabarti, creator of the Green New Deal”


    1. I saw some Indian and white wokes cancelling him because he wore a Subash Bose T-Shirt (Bose->Hitler->Nazi). He seemed quite unapologetic abt it.

      What can i say, seems Culture is thicker than Woke-ness.

  19. Apart from many good sides of this blog there is one non-negligible shortcoming – it is not ‘(fulmo)ron-proof’, although Khanishka is working round-the clock to ghostbust them.

    For greenhorn pundits just one off-the-road quickie that the ancient philosopher Plato (in his book Cratylus, which is free on internet, he discussed some words taken by Greek colonists from indigenous people) was a Greek, but this is not his real McCoy name, then nickname. Almost no one knows that his real name was Aristocle, where the Serbian extension CLE (meaning – the knee i.e. descendant) is used and actually means – Aristo’s son. It is applicable to other Greek names – Sophocles, Pericles, Themistocles, etc. In addition, his nickname, Plato, is a Serbian word, meaning – ‘wide (or square) shouldered’ (guy).

    1. West Bengal and Bihar should follow this model.
      The rest of the country can keep fighting over MSPs and labour rights.

        1. Hehe. WB is the closest route to sea for Bihar. Else, I wouldn’t have bothered.

          Saw a tweet not sure by whom:
          “Bangladesh has the economy, West Bengal has the economists”

          I think about it quite often. Decline of Calcutta is probably one of the biggest reasons holding Bihar/Purvanchal back.

          1. Bengali intelligentsia ruined West Bengal (mostly upper caste former-zamindars from East Bengal). Bangladesh too would have been like West Bengal had it kept these people with them.

            Probably for the better that they threw them out to India.

          2. Zamindars and their corrupt government backers have destroyed S Asian economies in general. The stability of feudalism has a steep cost.

  20. India dropped from Freedom House’s list of ‘free’ countries

    In its latest report the US watchdog observes that the free world had shrunk as a result and that the country was being driven towards ‘authoritarianism’

    he report released on Wednesday notes that instead of “serving as a champion of democratic practice and a counterweight to authoritarian influence from countries such as China, (Prime Minister Narendra) Modi and his party are tragically driving India itself toward authoritarianism”.

    Elsewhere in the report, Freedom House states: “Under Modi, India appears to have abandoned its potential to serve as a global democratic leader, elevating narrow Hindu nationalist interests at the expense of its founding values of inclusion and equal rights for all.”

    “A new report from the independent watchdog group Freedom House is sobering. Authoritarianism and nationalism are on the rise around the world. Governments are becoming less transparent and have lost the trust of the people…,” Blinken said.

    Explaining the reason for shifting India, Freedom House stated: “India’s status declined from free to partly free due to a multiyear pattern in which the Hindu nationalist government and its allies have presided over rising violence and discriminatory policies affecting the Muslim population and pursued a crackdown on expressions of dissent by the media, academics, civil society groups, and protesters.”


    1. Lol @ US orgs passing judgement on India. If anyone still takes their humanitarian cred seriously after two decades of invasions and ‘regime change’ the joke’s on them.

      As for press freedoms – a courageous US journalist was forced into exile to the UK after death threats

      For me, the blinkers about US moral grandstanding fell when I saw the bombs rain upon Baghdad. And the cowardly manner in which the rest of the world allowed it to happen. I’m no fan of Putin, but at least he stood in the way of something similar happening to Syria. And that may explain why the US left has a soft corner for the Islamists – the very real death and destruction caused by US imperialism in the Middle east and Af-Pak since 9/11.

  21. @Emi: The Confluence of Two Seas: India and Arabia

    It is never too late to acknowledge some positive vibrations. Thanks for this assertion not only because it glorifies something then because of courage to step forward. It looks like simple but actually it is not. Publicly expressing this type of own opinion sometimes can be risky. Just about any organised group, in history and today (plus various individual free shooter fulmo-ronic-stalkers) acted or declared as anti-Serbian – communists, jihadists, globalists, Nazi, liberals, Vatican, Sorosists, masons, three-lateralists, corrupted intellectuals, taqiyyamen, oit (with&w/out moustaches). There is NOT one group which declared themselves as pro-Serbian, but all of them acknowledge their capacity to unite all their disparate enemies against themselves.

    Many of them in certain moments in history used their power to physically decimate Serbian corpus. The reasons for this would require longer analysis. But, the fact is that some trends have been present for thousands of years. It is still in our memory never seen before in history media satanisation and military campaign to annihilate the Serbian nation and statehood. One aspect of such hate are definitely falsifications of Serbian (and world) history. These forces simply cannot comprehend nor accept that Serbs were indigenous European people with one of the oldest and highest ancient culture. For them, Vinca is like red scarf for the bull. To be honest, similar destinies experienced other indigenous populations in Americas and Australia but, at least, they were recognised as such.

    It means that you will be a pretty lonely Joe in your philia. So, we are the strongest when we stand against all odds, similar to scenes in old cowboy (and zebuboy) movies. Maybe it is not much but the basic thing which we usually offer to anyone, in a whole range from anonymous backstreet fulmos up to Kamala Harris, is to pull him and take care about our Richard. I often cite Assange who said that the future always first comes to Serbia. So, let it be. We are ready when they are. @ high noon.

    Stay strong & cool and keep doing good work.

    1. The mods are leftist islamoapologists. Nothing surprises me. They hate markets, true individual liberty, and dharmic faiths and peoples. They are pro minority supremacism.

    1. Yup. It’s fucking shameful man. Lost for words. Judiciary is awful about rape in India. India needs UCC and stricter enforcement and laws regarding rape.

      1. “Something is very wrong with South Asian men.”

        High levels of childhood stunting due to malnutrition and disease leaves them severely cognitively deficient.

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