Stolen oppression

‘The Psychopathic Problem of the White Mind’ – A psychiatrist lecturing at Yale’s Child Study Center spoke about ‘unloading a revolver into the head of any white person that got in my way’.

The psychiatrist in question is Aruna Khilanani. Her parents are doctors. She was educated in private schools. But, she talks about her experience with discrimination. You know, stuff like not being supported as much in her medical residency as a blonde peer.

We have a problem. Who has the standing to point out the hypocrisy and manipulation of these people? I’m frankly sick of it. Any brown person in the United States does experience some racism. But those of us with education and resources are not really underprivileged in any way. The vast majority of white Americans, whose life expectancy is decreasing, have it worse off than us. That’s just a fact.

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  1. It’s not just about money, though. As a woman, she is much more vulnerable to male patriarchical violence given her physical weakness, which has huge ramifications on how she and women of all backgrounds have to behave in public. Just ask women about how it feels to walk home alone after dark. Her quote is obviously nutty, but as a general rule women are much less violent than men. We can’t just look at people’s incomes but also their contribution. Frankly, a rich brown woman is more of an asset to a country – any country – than your average white men.

    1. “ Frankly, a rich brown woman is more of an asset to a country – any country – than your average white men.”

      What abhorrent, racist views you have.

      Defending what the doctor said requires some impressive mental gymnastics

  2. Some refer to this as “princess jasmine syndrome”

    Indian American vote like 70+% democrat. The young generation is probably 85%+. Of those, a solid half are probably in the cultness of wokeness. Grievance politics and victim mentality is common among these types.

    I am an Indian American resident physician. If anything, I get more respect than I deserve. Sometimes, I am in the room with a white male resident and patients think he is the physical therapist. With women, regardless of race, they are nurses.

    Even if my ID badge isn’t that visible, people still automatically call me doctor. I have not observed this type of extra “respect” given to anyone other demographic in medicine.

    My great uncle was a vascular surgery resident at Mt. Sinai in the 1970s. He faced real discrimination. Many refused to be seen by a “brown doctor” at that time.

  3. Why didn’t Ms Khilnani pull out the Sindhi refugee card? That would have given her some more brownie points.

  4. Its brought on my white people themselves. Its pathetic how much they hate themselves, their culture and their ancestors. They are 70% percent of the country but are sucking up to the other 30%. Why? No one respects people who don’t respect themselves.

  5. i dont think the psychiatrist in question was complaining about being underprivileged. it is obvious that she is demanding respect and equality that is rightfully due to her given her accomplishments. she was probably born in the US, so why shouldn’t she ask to be treated as any other american? where else can she go?

    “The vast majority of white Americans, whose life expectancy is decreasing, have it worse off than us.”

    this is old hat. everybody knows it. but who is responsible for this? are chinese or indian americans who work their butt off to succeed in this country responsible for this?

    the real problem is that US does not have good social safety nets like europe or canada. if under-educated whites as sliding down in life, they can change it. this is still a white man’s country. whites are still a majority here. they can elect a government who can fix things.

    that being said, they psychiatrists extreme reaction did shock me. fantasies like unloading a revolver in someone’s head IS extreme! she needs help.

    1. “if under-educated whites as sliding down in life, they can change it. “

      Poor white people aren’t magical. America is now a rich, white man’s country, and they hate and are deliberately and purposefully disenfranchising working class whites.
      Brown people don’t even factor into what is happening aside from their historical oppression being used as Reichstag Fires to hand even more power to the rich, white elite.

      It’s actually harder for a poor white American kid to get ahead nowadays than a black one. And this situation was deliberately and purposefully created by the white elite. Not because they want to lift up blacks, but because they want to oppress the workers.

  6. Into the interview, Aruna Khilanani says that conservatives are healthier than liberals because they are more in touch with their anger and hatred. Interesting! The interviewer is struck by it but is unable to process, so sidesteps it.

  7. Nobody ever told Ms. Khilani to her face that she is stepping out of line. This is the result: genocidal tendencies. I blame her father and all her previous boy friends (if she had any) for not correcting her views. If a man said something similar for another racial group, he would be crucified (perhaps even literally) by other men. But women more often than not get the pussy pass.. perhaps because males think they are mostly harmless. The amount of brown women hating on men, and especially white men seems to be a growing and a disturbing trend..

    1. Brown women like white men. White men don’t like brown women. At least nowhere close to the level that they like East Asian women. Maybe this is just sour grapes lol.

      1. yeah I think some of it may be an odd manifestation of sexual frustration among these types. but that’s not everything. Brown men do date out of race slightly more than brown women. That might be due to cultural restrictions. Regardless, most are still endogamous. Granted, among these liberal woke types, the majority are not. So you might be onto a more major cause among these particular subpopulation, than would initially meet the eye.

      2. “Brown women like white men.”

        Given the overall rates of brown women marrying within race, I think this is more confined to woke brown women.

        Invariably, the wokest brown women exclusively date white men. And it’s a great match, because they are often dating woke white men, so both of them share a passion: hating white men, particularly working class white men.

        I’ve seen some white people on Twitter comment that oh yea, brown women love white cock, they just pine for the MAGA hat wearing pick-up driving white working class man.

        And that seems completely inconsistent with my experiences, and more of a wishful fantasy. It’s woke brown women dating other professional managerial class White men who themselves tend to be woke SJWs.

  8. She’s just a bullet in the war of the rich, white upper-middle-class against the working classes.
    There’s a class war going on in the West, and claims of protecting racial and sexual minorities by the white woke, is just an excuse to attack and disenfranchise the plebians while feathering their own nests.

  9. She should see a psychiatrist. Might even get ‘boatman does not charge the boatman’ discount (Ramayan).

    It is orders of magnitude easier to become ‘accomplished’ in America. I would welcome her 18 year old self to show how ‘smart’ and ‘worthy’ she is by passing NEET or JEE or Gaokao.

    Indian Americans hating white people in America should see how nicely Indians (say Sindhis in Delhi) treat African immigrants or even their own darker skinned brethren.

    Americans have cultivated and encouraged such rhetoric. But anyways, why give her cheap publicity? Just some crazy hag in some foreign country.

    #sannu_ki? #not_my_problem

  10. To me it’s not a noteworthy event that this woman says something racist – humans of all races can be racist.

    What’s noteworthy is that a reasonably smart person apparently thought – probably not without some justification – that that particular kind of racism would play well with her audience.

  11. Her own website: is an experience in and of itself. There is something very-off about her self presentation. Very mannered and self-consciously hip and trendy. Look at her photographs are they deliberately distorted or is that the way she looks in real life? The last woman I saw with lipstick like that really was a mental patient.

    My guess is that her whole shtick is a performance calculated to break through the clutter of therapists and doctors in he neighborhood, which is rife with them. The neighborhood is on the famed Upper West Side of Manhattan. It is predominately white and very left.

    She also is trying to gain status in a world where the victimization Olympics of intersectionalism has left her a couple of rungs short of the top of the ladder. She may be thinking that the best way to get to the top is to be over the top.

  12. We are part of such a tiny minority totally dependent on the direction of the majority wind that is still the white race in US. I do not need to compare myself with the most downtrodden of the white and think myself better off. I know what my kids who were born here, went through pure RACISM. I still had a frame of reference about myself that I brought from India- my children have none. So, yes I do think that a lot of republicans are repugnant for their racist behavior and Democrats more so for empty posturing. I understand a lot of what this psychiatrist is saying.
    If somebody can give senator Obama car keys to park his car when he went outside for a smoke, then who am I?

    1. “I know what my kids who were born here, went through pure RACISM.”

      i think this will resonate strongly with many indian americnans who did their schooling in US, or have kids going to school in US.

      i have said it before in this blog, and i will say it again. US is no place to bring up brown kids. for heaven’s sake do not ruin their childhood by making them spend it here.

      for a kid, growing up happy and knowing that they are loved and valued is much more important than mundane material comforts. years of constant, subtle and not-so-subtle racist bullying is sure recipe for growing into a neurotic maladjusted adult. in fact this khilnani girl displays the typical symptoms of someone who was bullied to the point of no return in her childhood, and now she is beyond repair.

      one solution is to settle down in heavily indian towns like edison NJ, irving TX or fremont CA. most schools there are > 50% indian, so your child will feel less out of place there. this sounds like ghettoization. this may go against the instincts of most desis, who want to bring up their kids in cosmopolitan environment, but believe me, your kids will thank you later in your life for your decision.

      another option, may be have a child in US and move back to india with a US passport and an OCI card. this will give the child an option to pursue their career in US later in life.

      1. Lmao. I was constantly subject to racism in India for being dark skinned. I have had zero racist experiences in the US. The average Indian should never cry about racism because he is the biggest racist bully to anyone even a shade darker than him. If anyone reading this has a dark skinned kid, stay the fuck in the US and don’t ever go back to India.

        1. “Lmao. I was constantly subject to racism in India for being dark skinned. I have had zero racist experiences in the US. The average Indian should never cry about racism because he is the biggest racist bully to anyone even a shade darker than him. If anyone reading this has a dark skinned kid, stay the fuck in the US and don’t ever go back to India.”

          When I was a kid we’d go visit India every 2 years. I’d experience more racism against me in the 2 weeks I was in India than I would in Canada for many, many years. And the vast majority of such racism in Canada was from second generation Indians, of course.

          Indian hatred for dark skin is difficult to make sense of. And just to be clear, when I say “Indian” with respect to the diaspora, I’m including other South Asians, as well.

        2. @Harry Jecs
          “..constantly subject to racism in India..”

          Serious question – like .. into adulthood? Or bullied as a child?

          Colour related prejudice is going to die out in India, while it won’t for a while in the US. The reason for the former is that people are realizing it’s just silly, when they have shades of people being born in the same family. This is NOT what’s happening in the US. Having said that, I still tell people to leave India – but for economic reasons.

      2. Speaking as an indian-american, I’ve come to believe the following. We americans (and even brits) have quite a few bullies among us. Its in the nature of a bully to sniff out weakness in people. If you are a brown kid in school and you have a subtle inferiority complex about your heritage, the bully in the group is the first person to exploit it and start extemporizing on ways of excluding you. Technically speaking, this is racism, but I doubt that its the most meaningful way of thinking about it. Many other cultures disapprove of homosexuality for instance, but it was a very american thing for bullies to roam around “looking for fags to beat up” in the 80s.
        The whole notion that white supremacy needs to be intellectually dismantled in order to correct this is misguided IMO. This is a function of a rude culture.

  13. Scorpion, how is this a case of past bullying? Do brown males who grow up in white neighborhoods display such type of hate against the majority race? Not that I see. I am sure they would have been a target of bullying as well.

    People are deflecting the blame to racism or bullying, when the root cause is modern *feminism*. I have met women who grew up in their home countries pre-university and they have the exact same views as Ms Khilnani. They were never bullied by white people yet they profess hate against white males because they internalized it due to the ideology they seem to follow. A lot of ”brown” women grew up in traditional households with traditional gender roles, but they don’t want to conform to these gender roles when they want to marry and have to fight off this type of expectation from family and prospective suitors. This results in their first acceptance of feminism, and some of them go down the rabbit hole. A couple of years later, they have combined leftist thinking with feminism, are discussing intersectionality and blaming all types patriarchal structures on the group they perceive to be the top dogs: white males (ignoring the fact that most white males these days are severely under privileged).. I have seen this trajectory so many times that there is no question in my mind that bullying has nothing or very little to do with this.

  14. “are chinese or indian americans who work their butt off to succeed in this country responsible for this?”

    I dont know about Chinese, but ‘working their butt off’ is by no means how any Indian I know here has described their situation. In fact, the constant refrain seems to be ‘yahan per kaam kitna chill hain’ (work is so chill here). Its a little different in the Bay Area, but then again everyone seems to be working their butt off over there.

    There is a lot of resentment about child care once children are born, but I dont think thats what Scorpion was going for.

  15. A few midwit thoughts…

    Facts most people will accept:
    – White working class (WC) suffers more than brown professional managerial class (PMC)
    – Brown PMC face discrimination when compared to white PMC
    – This woman is batshit crazy for fantasizing about killing people on the basis of race

    I think it’s reasonable for the brown PMC to demand equality when compared to white PMC. There is no other home for American brown PMC. America is their home. No point in just accepting the racism as some form of eternal gratitude or to not poke the bear or some such nonsense. And the plight of the white WC shouldn’t be used as a cudgel to stop the brown PMC from demanding equality vis-a-vis their peers. That lack of equality within class is due to racism.

    But these demands should be made in a sensitive manner that acknowledges that the WC of all races suffer far more than the PMC all races. That class angle should be acknowledged, as that’s the primary basis on whether someone is privileged or underprivileged. But it’s still reasonable and even good to demand parity with other races within your class, however privileged or underprivileged that class may be, as long as the class privilege is emphasized and acknowledged.

    “principia, most victims of murder are men. but nice midwitery”

    I think that statement lacks some nuance. It’s like saying most victims of murder are Black, or most victims of terrorism are Muslim. Good points, but there’s more to it that needs to be fleshed out. For example, I would want to know more about these murders. Most of them I would predict are gang-related violence and drunken bar fights. But if you are just walking home from work, I can understand why women are more apprehensive and ask their coworkers to walk them home. And of course, murder is not the only crime. Sexual assault, sexual harassment, etc. should also be considered.

    None of this justifies this lady’s batshit comments. She needs to see a psychiatrist.

  16. @scorpion eater,
    I agree with lot of what you write above esp about bringing up kids in USA.
    Much better to bring up kids in desi areas where Gujarati folks live, who may not have had the advantage of English medium education in India. I feel they have the most unblinkered views on racism, whiteness, wokeness whatever. Only problem is now the kids start competing with each other in high school to collective detriment of all. Maybe move to heavily white areas in high school.
    Also I disagree about her being beyond repair- you forget she probably has also come across a lot of patients and sees what they have gone through quite closely. Had it been somebody else, I would have discounted her. She seems to be very honest here where many folks will not say what they actually think.
    I also have made no attempts to socialize with white folks, having given up many years ago. Honestly, It seems too much effort to wear the “talk to white people hat” to do so. I do not find myself needing to do so with other brown or black folks.

    1. @Rohini
      Is it really any more complicated than shared interests? A lot of indians assume they have more shared interests with white amercians than is actually the case. Home improvement, gardening, whats going on with the school board (hyper local politics), skill-based recreation like boating, or firearms. Thats likely the reason why conversations are perfunctory. Americans distrust nerds. The best way to ensure your kids don’t get ostracized or bullied would be to cultivate their sporting excellence, something that americans respect greatly (and reinforces academic excellence). Within my own family, a nephew who’s a fairly elite athlete in the US south (and is quite dark skinned fwiw) is treated with such esteem by his peers and the broader community it softened my view that whites won’t yield adequate respect to browns. The kinds of social opportunities open to him are what my own peers would have attributed their exclusion from as due to racism.

      1. “The kinds of social opportunities open to him are what my own peers would have attributed their exclusion from as due to racism.”

        girmit, can you elaborate on what these social opportunities might be ? Asking because in the cohort of young Indian men slightly below my age (all graduate students who transitioned into tech work), there are more white American female – Indian male pairings than Indian – Indian ones. Note that all these dudes eat meat voraciously and are pretty globalist in outlook, but appearance wise very Indian.

        1. @vikram
          There are certain niches and types of females that wouldn’t be likely pairings for an indian guy. Common pairing would be white woman with a lot of higher education credentials and well attuned to other cultures. I’m seeing the guy dating in circles where south asian guys would largely be invisible. This carries over into internship opportunities, where he’s tapped into an old boys network of people that see ex-athletes as good part of the hiring mix with some bragging rights thrown in. All of this is happening in a social context that is fairly christian and dominated by settler stock whites. He’s not remotely white/west asian passing and I’ve asked him about racism when he was in high school and he gave a vaguely blank look as if to say he knows its an issue buts its something on TV.

      2. “Americans distrust nerds. The best way to ensure your kids don’t get ostracized or bullied would be to cultivate their sporting excellence, something that Americans respect greatly (and reinforces academic excellence).”
        @Girmit- I think we have established already that Desis with their small frame are not that athletic unless you count Chess as sporting activity. A handful do make it to Varsity levels but they are exceptions. These kids typically do enjoy high acceptance. So, I and many desi parents will not see much value in subjecting our kids to this torture. So one has to be more white-like to be accepted into the culture which may involve copious amounts of alcohol/drug usage in college, rushing etc. So, at some point kids have to ask themselves how important this white acceptance is? Can you think of more white like things to do? I forgot cheerleading, fundraising.
        These white kids in schools don’t become racist bullies out of vacuum- it is because their parents generally are. Teachers too.
        To a lot of comments above- I remember there was an article – when parents of south American children were asked in a survey if they considered themselves white, a huge % said yes. Same questions to kids- very few of them said yes. Labelling is very clear in American society. Money as a substitute will be Ok for the immigrants but not ok for the kids born here.

        1. rohini@
          I find it sad that we are accepting short frames -> lower athletic ability as something written in stone across generations. Engaging in physical activity and sports is good for one’s own mental and physical health. girmit@ was pointing to the need for having hobbies/interests outside of a narrow spectrum of “nerdy” pursuits.

          1. @bhumiputra
            I’ve also noticed that my indian friends talk about money/investments quite a bit. This isn’t normal among common american folk. In and of itself, nerdiness isn’t the problem, and it can be a point of bonding. But it feels like indians are always trying to get ahead, even when they don’t realize it. I knew so many “uncles” growing up that were desperately into golf because they were scrambling for social status congruent with their career positions as doctors or whatever.

          2. @Bhumiputra and all others who posted about sports,
            I was talking in context of Team sports not individual sports where one can play to their individual ability. An Indian frame also works in that context as the you only competing against yourself. We were conversing about sports as route to social acceptance. I wonder if any of you have dealt with the politics of little leagues and other team sports in school or even preschools. The dedication and involvement of white parents is remarkably astonishing. Nothing like street cricket played by our kids back home. Try breaking into this cult.
            It starts quite early -right from kindergarteners refusing to take Desi lunches when the white kids have made sufficient fun of Desi food. I would like to call this institutional racism too.
            I could not quite understand her lecture because the video was so bad, so I went to a couple of her clips available on the net. I am posting one right here- She does not sound so bad now, does she? Does anyone have a transcript of her complete Yale lecture as I want to understand the context instead of brief convenient clips.

          3. @Bhumiputra & others re athletics. I was replying in the context of sports as route to social acceptance that essentially entail team sports. Yes, lot of Desis do gravitate to individual sports as that works with their smaller frames and they generally are not in that competitive environment.

            White parents take team sports to another level starting from pre-K. I wonder if any of you have had your kids compete in Little leagues? The ferociousness of the white parents would have you scratch your heads. The kids do not compete, the parents do. Try breaking into this cult.
            This racism starts quite early starting from Desi kids refusing to take Desi tiffin with them as they have been scarred by white kids making fun of their food. I wonder what is it in their culture that does not generate curiosity inside them instead of attacking anyone who is different. These are little kids, mind you! I want to call it institutional racism too. Another reason to live in Desi neighborhoods.

            Also I was not able to listen to the video due to the quality issues. Does anyone have any transcript? I did google her to find her views. This should find resonance with many….


          4. ” I wonder what is it in their culture that does not generate curiosity inside them instead of attacking anyone who is different. These are little kids, mind you! ”

            This is not institutional racism. Children are mean little people. I was mocked at school in India for carrying my lunch in a round steel katordaan, the kind you get laddus in at Tilaks/Vidai. Northern children continuously mock South Indians for eating rice with hands, or being dark skinned. My own family-members routinely called me ‘Kallu-Karela’ i.e. Black Bitter Melon ? for my dark, ‘ugly’ complexion. Teachers at schools adored fair-skinned children but at NO poin in my life I was scarred or anything, I just tried to came up with clever comebacks.

            Indian Americans take school bullying too seriously, maybe a reason is that Indian kids fail to bully the white kids back as effectively. Children get bullied and beat each other up in India quite regularly. There was this one time a girl in our neighborhood was called ‘Bandit Queen Phoolan Devi’, a fight ensued between her older brother and the child who insulted her. Her elder brother beat the bratty kid, stripped him naked and threw his clothes on top of a tall swing. Obviously the fight escalated to parents. It is not clear to me why do you think India is free of these things?

            Random thoughts:

            Right around when I was 16 the cricket team fights were quite common, so were fights about girls. Mostly just verbal threats, tearing clothes and chest beating but a few times there was hand-to-hand combat (mostly three guys holding up some poor fellow getting slapped). Caste insults were quite common too. If anything I think teens in North India use the most expletive filled language of any people ever in history. One good thing about Indian teen street fights is the lack of fire arms so usually everyone comes out safe.

            One of my friends recount how severe IIT BHU ragging used to be in mid-late 2000s and how small riots would break out between young guys in IIT vs non-IIT (largely law) students at BHU.

            The point I am making is, look at this in proper context. Why expect White people to be elves of Lothlorien? They are just human.

          5. Yes. small frame only limits you at the elite levels of certain sports, not to mention soccer and and other sports that are indifferent to size. I’d question that there needs to be “return on investment” from sports participation. All of my athlete friends overachieved in their careers what brain power alone would have predicted, and if anything they were less likely to get into drugs and self-destructive behavior.

        2. @Rohini
          “Desis with their small frame are not that athletic”
          “So, I and many desi parents will not see much value in subjecting our kids to this torture”

          I think there is a lot of value in getting good at a physically intense sport. I did not have any playground, gym or pool (or sidewalk) growing up. But when I got a chance for the first time in college, I really enjoyed going to the gym, pool and track. Explored (and largely sucked at) a variety of sports. There are such amazing sports facilities and coaches available to Indian Americans.

          Things like weights, boxing, field hockey, or even running work wonders on mental health and stability. Getting punched hard in the face during sparring or losing a race are character building exercises that can’t be done by practicing music or reading.

          As @thewarlock had mentioned, rock climbing, bouldering, and cycling should be explored. Ashima Shiraishi is just 40 Kg and 5 foot 1.

          Also, there are individual Olympic sports like Badminton, TT, Golf, Shooting, Archery, maybe even diving and race-walk could be considered.

        3. rohini@
          yeah I also have kids and I am encouraging them to pick both individual (tennis) and team (soccer, basketball) sports. Infact an older african american tennis partner told me his regret about not putting his daughter in to team sports. As per him, lack of team sports did not equip her with tools needed to succeed at corporate life. While you may disagree with specifics I found some merit in that observation.
          ymmv about who is more competitive. As I said before, my goals are to encourage the kids to be active and healthy, not having the next olympians in my family :-). I have seen both desi and indian parents being competitive about sports but no overt racism other than petty cliques common among elementary kids. My spouse started volunteering at school and we do notice a difference in behavior before and after. We are among the few desi families to be active in PTA volunteering. But I am willing to concede that maybe on average american parents are more serious about competitive team sports. But have you thought why that maybe so? Anecdotally I have heard americans with WC(Working Class) background say that athletics is their only way to a College education and middle class life. OTOH have you seen the ferociousness of desi parents to get their kids in to early gifted programs? I am not kidding but there are gifted prep programs in pre-school and kindergarten.
          Re desi kids being embarrassed about taking desi tiffins, yeah we have also experienced this. We have handled it by giving them stock phrases on how to answer any food related questions and also giving them the freedom to eat hot lunch at School when they feel like it. Turns out giving them the choice increases their confidence in their own culture. I am not sure how they will turn out in the future though :-). But americans could also question why desi kids are not curious about american culture and food. We, desis are the ones who chose to come here. I agree staying in a desi neighborhood has its benefits. In fact that is my argument with my family for us moving back to India :-).
          On a macro social and economic level, I can see why american WC detests desi PMC(Professional Managerial Class). They have seen neo-liberal coalition of big money + PMC eviscerate their standard of living and that of their posterity. Desi PMCs are participants and beneficiaries of this coalition. Desi peculiarities about vegetarianism + aversion of physical labor + endogamy generate genuine fears of a new caste system being instituted in america and they ending up at the bottom rung permanently.

          1. “genuine fears of a new caste system being instituted in america and they ending up at the bottom rung permanently.”

            Indians are barely 1% of the population in the US, no part of the American society seriously notices us, let alone fear any impending dominance. And while we are over represented in the big tech companies, in the key industries of medicine, law and business, whites comfortably retain their share of the student and workforce. Whites made up 57% of medicine, 63% of law and 60% of MBA students in the US, and this excludes mixed race and white Hispanics.

          2. Vikram@
            The fear is that ideas from Indian PMCs will influence American PMCs to institute some form of caste system. I have never attributed the current desi pmc class of any high ambitions of being at the top of a pyramid. As usual the ambition is to acquire a rent seeking layer ?.

  17. A Psychoanalytic Skeptic Says Aruna Khilanani’s Anti-White Rhetoric Isn’t MUCH Worse Than You Get From The American Psychoanalytic Association

    The American Psychoanalytic Association is full of such rhetoric. The official Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association just published an entire issue [April 2021] with plenty of similar language. For example, an abstract from Donald Moss’ paper “On Having Whiteness”:

    Whiteness is a condition one first acquires and then one has—a malignant, parasitic-like condition to which “white” people have a particular susceptibility. The condition is foundational, generating characteristic ways of being in one’s body, in one’s mind, and in one’s world. Parasitic Whiteness renders its hosts’ appetites voracious, insatiable, and perverse. These deformed appetites particularly target nonwhite peoples. Once established, these appetites are nearly impossible to eliminate. Effective treatment consists of a combination of psychic and social-historical interventions. Such interventions can reasonably aim only to reshape Whiteness’s infiltrated appetites—to reduce their intensity, redistribute their aims, and occasionally turn those aims toward the work of reparation. When remembered and represented, the ravages wreaked by the chronic condition can function either as warning (“never again”) or as temptation (“great again”). Memorialization alone, therefore, is no guarantee against regression. There is not yet a permanent cure.

  18. This ‘whiteness’ stuff sees me constantly shaking my head. The lady in question is either putting on an act or actually a bit deranged (or both) but she’s acting within this framework of demonizing ‘whiteness’ that I can’t get my head around. Maybe it’s because growing up in India where identity colours and poisons every aspect of life I’ve developed a visceral dislike of any kind of identity politics but that seems to be on the uptick in the Anglo west.

    There does seem to be a very different outlook between immigrants who move abroad after becoming adults and those born abroad, as others have mentioned. The former have already formed an identity for themselves that’s rooted in the homeland and its culture, making them less susceptible to crises of identity. In my case, I’m obviously aware of the history of Brit colonialism and the sight of statues of old viceroys along Whitehall does still make me uncomfortable but I’ve made my peace with it. As a relatively recent emigrant I recognise that I moved to a country with a fully formed history and a strong identity that I respect and would support preserving even though it isn’t ‘my’ culture – only possibe because of the assuredness that comes with knowing that ‘my’ culture is safe and thriving in the home country. This isn’t the case with many among the second and third gen, people like Sathnam Sanghera for example who actively want to change the culture of the land they’re born into, because well this is the only country they have.

  19. Could this be where the wokes finally overreached?

    I followed the commentary on physician forums. Everyone is a Lefty ofc, but virtually everybody is also critical about the comments made.

    I then checked profiles of the “usual suspects,” hardline woke Twitter doctors who regularly post defamatory content about White people…they were silent.

    Probably a lot of them sympathize with the expressed sentiment, but are smart enough to know that sounding like the Interahamwe is not a tactically sound play.

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