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    1. https://archive.is/RoeA3#selection-4673.0-4695.461

      “Relative to other food sources, beef is uniquely carbon-intensive. Because cattle emit methane and need large pastures that are often created via deforestation, they produce seven times as many ghgs per calorie of meat as pigs do, and around 40% more than farmed prawns do. This makes beef a bigger outlier among foods than coal is among sources of electricity: burning coal generates just 14% more ghgs than burning oil, another common fuel.
      These figures may understate the environmental benefits of shrinking the cattle population. Methane dissipates relatively fast, meaning that past bovine emissions soon stop warming the planet if those animals are not replaced. Such a change could also raise output of plant-based foods, by making land now used to grow animal feed available for other crops. It takes 33 plant calories to produce one calorie of beef.
      The simplest way to cut beef output is for people to eat other animals instead, or become vegetarians. But convincing carnivores to give up their burgers is a tall order. Fortunately, lab-grown meats are moving from Petri dishes to high-end restaurants (see Technology Quarterly). Doing without beef from live cattle is hard to imagine, but the same was true of coal 100 years ago. Cultured meat could play an essential role in staving off a climate catastrophe”

      Let’s just hope that there isn’t any backlash against cultured meat in the next decade. Tbh I think that it is very likely that such a backlash could happen but if just enough demand is taken away to remove economy of scale from the industry (real)beef could become unaffordable for a lot of people and a cycle would start

      1. Is the environmental impact of beef consumption indexed on the cattle-rearing practices of places like Brazil or the US? It would surely be different in a place like India or Pakistan where beef is usually consumed from end-of-productivity dairy or draft animals.

        1. I wouldn’t be so sanguine about desi practices around animal rearing. For e.g. sheep/goat farming/rearing for meat has really picked up in north KA. In areas where beef is not taboo, I would not surprised if similar pattern emerges for buffalo/cows.

          1. Yes, I’ve seen the big pickup in goat farming, and its leading to a lot of over-grazing of bordering forest lands. Not sure if the economics of cattle ranching in places like Kerala will really workout with land prices. It doesn’t even seem very viable in SL or Pakistan. I know there are a few boutique ranches that supply to higher-end restaurants, but can see imports from Australia supporting growth in that market.

        2. girmit

          “would be the first and most reasonable idea to occur to an agriculturist—”buy poor cattle at a low price, fatten them for the butcher, and they give both profit and manure.”

          Unfortunately, the natural pasturage is not sufficiently good to fatten beasts indiscriminately. There are some few out of a herd of a hundred who will grow fat upon anything, but the generality will not improve to any great degree. This accounts for the scarcity of fine meat throughout Ceylon. Were the soil only tolerably good, so that oats, vetches, turnips and mangel wurtzel could be grown on virgin land without manure, beasts might be stall-fed, the manure doubled by that method, and a profit made on the animals. Pigs are now kept extensively on coffee estates for the sake of their manure, and being fed on Mauritius grass (a coarse description of gigantic “couch”) and a liberal allowance of cocoa-nut oil cake (“poonac”), are found to succeed, although the manure is somewhat cost”

          Excerpt From: Sir Samuel White Baker (1821-1893). “Eight Years’ Wanderings in Ceylon.”


  1. finally air india is sold. modi is looking potent, he will sell few banks too. next two years appears interesting.

  2. Beef is only a minuscule percentage of overall emissions. Making a big deal about its environmental impact is often a smokescreen to deflect from more serious sins (such as investments in the oil induatry).

    It’s like Californians being told to take shorter showers to save water, while agribusiness is draining aquifers for free. A ton of energy is going into meaningless campaigns that mostly just affect plebs.

  3. I’m in Canada and we’ve had a Truth and Reconciliation approach to coming to terms with Canada’s troubling history in terms of Indigenous peoples and Europeans. One of the key features of this history involved Residential Schools, places where Indigenous children were kidnapped, raped, killed, and ‘had the Indian beat out of them’ (i.e., cultural genocide). As part of Truth and Reconciliation, these Residential Schools have been designated as national sites of historic significance. I think they will be adding parkland, minor buildings and structures, and signage, to help explain the historic significance.

    Would such an approach help in India? For example, there is no real dispute about the history of what happened in Mathura — a temple on the site of Sri Krishna’s birthplace was destroyed and an Islamic structure (with a small Hindu shrine later appended to it on the back) was built there.

    Religious use can continue, but the site could be designated as a national site of historic significance. There could be additional green space, minor buildings and structures, and signage to explain what happened there. It could serve to remind all people about the evils of religious intolerance, and help people come to terms with India’s troubling history in terms of Hindus and Muslims.

    1. Hoju says
      I’m a bit partial to Toronto, it’s home.
      Now a lot of your comments make sense, re genocide of Tamils.
      Toronto, heartland of LTTE terrorist extremism.
      Scarborough, the LTTE fund raising capital even now.

      Obviously you would not comment on Kahalistan and genocide of Sikhs according to those living in Kanada.

      You can ask your Tamil Terrorist friends re the father of separatism, Samuel Joseph V? Chelvanayagam. His wife was Emily Barr-Kumarakulasinghe my fathers first cousin. SJV became got his break by marrying Maniygar RRBK’s daughter, Emily. Old, RRBK as the most casteist and racist among the five brothers of my grandfather.

      Eldest brother married a American Missionary, Kitty Wood. The whole family died off.

      I dont have children. There are few Barr-Kum’s all over the world. Will they care about our history, who knows

      Maybe thats why Sri Lankans assimilate, as against to quote “our family Brahmin” whatever.

      1. “You can ask your Tamil Terrorist friends re the father of separatism, Samuel Joseph V? Chelvanayagam. His wife was Emily Barr-Kumarakulasinghe my fathers first cousin. SJV became got his break by marrying Maniygar RRBK’s daughter, Emily. Old, RRBK as the most casteist and racist among the five brothers of my grandfather.

        Eldest brother married a American Missionary, Kitty Wood. The whole family died off.

        I dont have children. There are few Barr-Kum’s all over the world. Will they care about our history, who knows

        Maybe thats why Sri Lankans assimilate, as against to quote “our family Brahmin” whatever.”

        I’m so confused, what’s your point here?

        And yes, I have no sympathy for Khalistanis and some sympathy for SL Tamils probably due to bias. But also because in raw numbers of death toll, the two situations are not comparable; also not comparable in terms of the steps taken to resolve the situation.

    2. Hoju says
      Schools, places where Indigenous children were kidnapped, raped, killed, and ‘had the Indian beat out of them’ (i.e., cultural genocide).

      Hoju, you are occupying indigenous land. Land and resources that Europeans killed off the natives (genocide). Of course as a “coconut” you probably dont see genocide etc, because it benefits you personally.

  4. The cong+left push for caste census + more reservations in public and possibly private sector is articulated in this column. Although in typical neo-marxist fashion, it is disguised under rubric of market economy.
    Modi-Shah are vulnerable to charges of encouraging/tolerating monopolies.
    The cong+left coalition will align with woke MNCs against the bjp+right coalition aligned with “swadeshi” corporates. woke MNCs already have implicit quotas in west. Implementing the same in India will be no brainer if it buys them political protection.
    Compared to the EIC, this time there will be longer list of willing collaborators driving the price down :-). Our desi elite (business esp.) faces an unenviable situation of justifying their middle management position to india’s masses when the latter figure out they can get a potential better deal by cutting out the middle man. The recent afghan fiasco might provide a countervailing example. Interesting times ahead indeed.

    1. If reservations ever come to the private sector then India’s braindrain will worsen by an order of a magnitude.

    2. there are good number of obcs in private sector. this reservation in private sector is an election gimmick and will fail. i don’t think modi govt will agree to this.

      1. @brown,
        I think you’re substituting wishful thinking for analysis. Pols bring out issues on which there is ground level traction. Even modi is being cagey about caste census.
        Diversity and under represented minorities is a thing in US universities and companies. If US based MNCs start reporting the caste/religious demographics for their India offices, the “swadeshi “ business elite will have no place to hide. Same with quotas in education. If it works at top US universities, then why can’t it work in India?

        1. the entire reservation space can be divided into three parts.
          i) reservation to the former untouchables: this is generally not challenged except in promotions in government service.
          ii) reservation to the o b cs: which is a slightly later day phenomenon to balance the advantages the brahmins in south india and other forward castes in north india had in the government jobs and education. mind you, that the o b cs were well off than the brahmins in south india and at no point had a disadvantage in villages vis-a vis brahmins. infact the real day to day oppression of the untouchables was and still is by the o b cs.
          iii) since brahmins and the other upper castes were advantaged only in the social sphere and not in the economics, there was a lot of resentment of o b c reservation, to correct this an economically weaker section is now introduced. although it should be noted that this reservation was first instituted in karnataka by hegde in the eightees.

          what cannot work in the private sector are:
          i) promotions to sc/st over others, as is being done in the government.
          ii) identification of the creamy layer and verification of the incomes of the candidates. except sc/st reservations, all other reservations have an income bar.
          iii) in u s blacks are 13% of the population. in india sc/st + obc + muslim are 80%.

          1. Brown, affirmative action covers a lot more than just blacks. It covers all non-white groups + women + LGBT. Essentially, everyone except white heterosexual men, so that’s ~80%. Most of these policies are about giving prefential treatment at the margin and major companies still flout their targets regularly, especially in Silicon Valley, without major consequences.

            I do not think it would be much different in India, so I am not sure if it would be as bad as many think. Still, it would probably push a lot of people over the edge.

          2. You are laboring under illusion of facts, politics is not about facts, it is the art of the possible, it is often about creating an artificial demand, a perceived sense of injustice, a scapegoat to attack etc. Look at TN, this is the model they are now pursuing. Now that they have lost elsewhere . Had India been 10 trillion dollar economy by now, we might have escaped all these issues, it was intentionally subverted by these political caste groups that are now feeling threatened by politics where caste is not the organizing factor. especially the growing wealth of pvt sector is what they wish to infect themselves into so as to further themselves politically.
            What govt should do to pre empt this instead is to create incentive for inter caste marriages in every district to 5% to 10% by offering a them some money to start with for every marriage and homes, 3d printers are coming soon, govt should invest . Or make laws that require more than 2/3 majorities that govt cannot enforce their rules in the internal composition of companies. protect companies from govt interference.
            Much like secularism in regards to govt, there should be secularism with regard to professions as well, No pvt company can be compelled to take people on background of race, gender or religion.
            Make it clear that govt has no business in how companies are managed from within. Remove anti defection law and say individual mp’s should have robust freedom. If you have anti defection law, then it implies that group rights will triumph over individual rights. The job of companies are to its shareholders, that is the first and last rule of capitalism.
            Instead Govt can instead go down the path of giving funds for startups and entrepreneurship training and seats in govt business schools and colleges. Let them be given full opportunity to compete, pvt sector is all about competition. India has to compete with the world. And the avenue of social justice is through taxation. Use money from taxes to re distribute instead.
            Try to create internal competition within caste at govt level by including individual wealth and gender and geography , map geography interms of average wealth for seats in govt, to instill the individualistic competitive ethics, the more distributed the more one dilutes it and gets people to be individualistic and finally if it all ends then have inter caste collaboration teams at the top level boards of companies instead if it comes to it.

        2. phyecon1@
          you start off well but then get drift in to platitudes of capitalism/individualism in a country that nationalized whole sectors of the economy.
          Even in US, the cultural right tried to fight quotas for a long time but the cultural left + corporate/economic right got together and implemented holistic admissions and under represented groups. I am persuaded by Richard Hanania’s agrument that the cultural right would have been better off agreeing to explicit quotas. At least they wouldn’t have to deal with ever changing rules from HR mafia.
          In India’s context, having explicit quotas will naturally incentivize intra caste competition. The caste mafias will be robbed off their evergreen agitation point.

          1. America is 20 trillion dollar economy with over 66000$ per capita. Also, America is no where as bad as India is on this issue. We are distributing without creating wealth and this sort of distribution destroys the incentive to create wealth. Govt which has already become a place where meritocracy is dead. Govt should continue with PSU with higher employment ratio to wealth invested. It is a way to keep the steam off the pvt sector, absorb all the caste politics, its fine. But cutting it out entirely shall lead to greater demands on pvt sector. So, Modi is complete failure in his failure to understand this. yes, get rid off Air India, but keep other sectors to absorb and have employment. Give freedoms and cut regulations to pvt industries to create wealth. Use the taxes from that to distribute.
            Instead there is greater pressure coming on pvt sectors. And pvt sectors have to be efficient for India has to compete with china and the world. The rest of the world does not do this and to this degree. everyone has the right to create own enterprises. No one has right to others profits beyond what govt taxes.
            The caste mafias have to go. Way to do this is to bring inter caste marriages in every district by about 10% and give quotas explicitly to inter caste marriages and also reserve seats in politics for them upto 10%. Until quotas are given to explicit castes as opposed to inter caste marriages, this mania is self consuming and will consume India. We have already fallen far behind China and rest of the world.

  5. The WHO explained, “Each monitoring team has two members who visit homes in villages and remote hamlets to test everyone with symptoms of COVID-19 using Rapid Antigen Test kits. Those who test positive are quickly isolated and given a medicine kit with advice on disease management.”

    The medicines comprising the kit were not identified as part of the Western media blackout at the time. As a result, the contents were as secret as the sauce at McDonald’s.

    Just five short weeks later, on June 14, 2021, new cases had dropped a staggering 97.1 percent, and the Uttar Pradesh program was hailed as a resounding success

    On August 6, 2021, India’s Ivermectin media blackout ended with MSM reporting. Western media, including MSN, finally acknowledged what was contained in those Uttar Pradesh medicine kits. Among the medicines were Doxycycline and Ivermectin.

    On August 25, 2021, the Indian media noticed the discrepancy between Uttar Pradesh’s massive success and other states, like Kerala’s, comparative failure. Although Uttar Pradesh was only 5% vaccinated to Kerala’s 20%, Uttar Pradesh had (only) 22 new COVID cases, while Kerala was overwhelmed with 31,445 in one day. So it became apparent that whatever was contained in those treatment kits must have been pretty effective.

    On August 25, 2021, the Indian media noticed the discrepancy between Uttar Pradesh’s massive success and other states, like Kerala’s, comparative failure. Although Uttar Pradesh was only 5% vaccinated to Kerala’s 20%, Uttar Pradesh had (only) 22 new COVID cases, while Kerala was overwhelmed with 31,445 in one day. So it became apparent that whatever was contained in those treatment kits must have been pretty effective.
    In Sri Lanka invermectin is only available in the black market at huge multiples of normally a very cheap medicine.

    I wonder if any blame will be cast on those who d invermectin being illegal in US, UK and Canada where daily cases are approx respectively 120,000, 36,000 and 6,000.


  6. As Sri Lanka braces for a perfect economic storm, has China overtaken India in the race to provide a lifeline?

    Sri Lanka will almost certainly default without a massive bailout. The only speculation is if it will be China or the IMF that will play the leading role in restructuring their economy. Sad that India, being the obvious dominant country in the neighbourhood, is seen as too weak to play that role. Sri Lanka should be India’s sphere of influence.

    1. Pre July 2021, plenty of articles saying SL would default. Those bond payments of a billion were made. Similarly the Central Bank Governor says they will pay Bond payments coming due in 2022 Jan (0.5 billion) and July (1 billion).

      Govt says they are making about a USD billion per month on exports. Maybe true as they are allowing some imports. Previously Govt drastically curtailed imports, and have relaxed some rules now.

      This has been a wake up call to Sri Lanka to be less reliant on imports. More so to drink from the poisoned chalice, called Free Trade. Time to be self reliant, specially for staples like food and fertilizer by protecting or subsidies.

      Another point the West generally hate the Rajapakses as they tend to lean pro China. Try various methods to destabilize, like war crimes, push devolution (i.e. de facto client states) or talk down markets. Even the talking down markets doesnt seem successful. There are purportedly Deep discounts on SL ISB’s, however no big volumes available at those deep discounts.

      opposition (Harsha de Silva)says the only way to avert financial disaster is a bailout from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and the agency
      After Sri Lanka couldn’t service its debt in 2018, it lost the Chinese-built Hambantota Port to Beijing for a 99-year lease

      Harsha de Silva and PM Ranil Wickramasinghe from the previous regime (2015-2020) were the economic geniuses that begged China to buy/take the Hambantota port on lease. None of that money was used to pay down any debt. Money was used for consumption and to keep voters happy. Lost in elections spectacularly and PM Ranil lost his seat.

      Anyway so far, this govt has refused IMF bailouts that have been offered.

      China’s Sri Lanka links got a boost with the end of the civil war in 2009, when Sri Lanka was under fire from the West
      China links became stronger in 2005 when the Mahinda Rajapakse came into power. For 20 odd years the West kept saying there was no military solution to the terrorist separatist war. The Chinese supplied arms, no questions asked. And the SL govt won that war. That rankles in the west where US/UK have not won a single war of aggression since WW2.

      Even otherwise our govts have had deep ties to China and Russia, even some of the right of center govts.

      see next with links

    2. princpia
      Sri Lanka should be India’s sphere of influence.
      Thats like a red flag in front of a bull. Its like saying the the English should be controlled by the French and Germans. I would say the antipathy of Sinhalese (and some Tamils) to India is much worse than Pakistanis. Most Sri Lankans have not forgotten India and Indira Gandhi training and funding the LTTE. Imagine if you knew Germany and France had been training and funding the IRA.

      Neither have they forgotten all those invasions from India even though we are genetically mostly South Indian. However a distinct culture from India. No different from the dynamics of the English with Saxon, Angles and Norman Invasions.
      Lotus eater Sri Lankans smile and just go along, till they are under direct threat.

      There is a 500 million dollar issue due in January 2022 and a billion dollars in July.
      “We will consider buying back the ISBs if steep discounts continue,” he said.
      He (CB Governor) said though there were quotes at steep discounts there were no big volumes when someone tried to buy them.


      This was during a west oriented center right govt
      Prime Minister, Dudley Senanayake, however, fully backed his Minister of Commerce and was prepared to pay this price; he realized that the benefits to Sri Lanka from the agreement far outweighed losses consequent to the cutting-off of American aid.
      He argued:
      “Ceylon’s oil trade pattern has been knocked out by changes in the world market and we have to seek new markets for our needs of essential foodstuffs and for our exports”

      R. G. Senanayake: “We noted on the Chinese side the absence of the spirit of bargaining and haggling on comparatively small points. On the other hand, they gave us the impression of being large minded and forthright in their dealings

      Finally Mrs Sirmavo Bandaranaike welcome in China.

      1. > Most Sri Lankans have not forgotten India and Indira Gandhi training and funding the LTTE.

        I’m not at all familiar with India actively supporting the LTTE. I know that a Catholic LTTE person bombed Rajiv Gandhi in ’91 in a suicide bombing. I also know that in ’83 – or around that time – Indira Gandhi may have sent a peace-making force to Sri Lanka.

        I have no idea what you’re talking about.

        1. Not just u , no one in india really knew what was going on.

          My dad , a government employee during the early 90s when he first read about the news was like “We are in Sri Lanka? What for ?”

        2. Brown_Pundit_Man

          I’m not at all familiar with India actively supporting the LTTE.
          Indira took active interest in resolving the ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka, yet she also provided training to rebel Tamil youths. The Indian government convened a meeting of both sides in the ethnic conflict at Thimpu in Bhutan to thrash out a solution. While playing big brother, it also allowed the LTTE and other militant groups to set up base in Tamil Nadu. Tamil separatists received funding and weapons from private sources as well.
          The FirstPost article link in next post,

          I know that a Catholic LTTE person bombed Rajiv Gandhi in ’91 in a suicide bombing. .
          LTTE was mostly Hindu including the Thalaivar Velupillai Prabhakaran.
          The suicide bomber was a woman, Hindu I assume from her name Thenmozhi Rajaratnam (also known as Kalaivani Rajaratnam or Dhanu)

          Indira Gandhi may have sent a peace-making force to Sri Lanka.
          That was Rajiv Gandhi in 87 sent the Indian People Killing Force (IPKF). The Indian Army got chased out with their tail between their legs by the LTTE that were trained by his mother Indira Gandhi. Then the LTTE went on to assassinate to avenge all the murders and rapes the IPKF did to the Tamils

          I have no idea what you’re talking about.
          Well you know now.

        3. Indira Gandhi helped train Tamil rebels, and reaped whirlwind

          The raw truth: Real story behind the Rajiv Gandhi assassination

          The assassination was carried out by Thenmozhi Rajarathnam, also known as Gayathri Rajarathnam, Dhanu or Gayathri Born on 1 January 1974 in a small village in Jaffna called kupukullai.[26] And later moved to Kaidathi Nunavil, Chavakacheri,

  7. Visited Rishikesh this weekend.
    (Big mistake)

    Some observations:
    1. Indians are revenge traveling like crazy. Took us 6.5 hours for a 3.5-4 hour journey. Massive traffic jams. No masks anywhere. I hope the third wave doesn’t come but if it does then we are all dead.

    2. Rishikesh absolutely stinks and I don’t see what value people get there. It neither has any special religious fixtures nor is it very scenic and nor does it have the same hippie vibes as Benaras or Pushkar. There are better places for rafting and shit as well.
    The only advantage it has is that it’s close to Delhi compared to Nainital/Shimla etc.

    3. Hindus need to manage our pilgrim sites better. We just turn every holy place into overcrowded open trashcan.

    4. I ended up leaving Rishikesh and staying at a farm instead. The farmstay was pretty interesting. Run by a Sikh family who’s been in the area for 3-4 generations. They had an Ayurvedic vaidya from Allahabad and a Yunani practitioner from Dehradun in residence to guide them in making their place more natural and organic.
    This kind of milieu sort of gives you a glimpse of the erstwhile cosmopolitan high culture of the erstwhile UP before it became the hellhole that it is now.

    I am trying to cover as much of north India as I can while I am based in Delhi for the next year or so.

    1. Rishikesh was shit even when i last visited as a kid in the 90s. I liked Rajasthan better, at least they manage their touristy places better. On ur (3) one of my worst experiences has been Dwarika which , to my surprise, was even bigger dump than some of UP places. Which i didn’t know was even possible.

      ‘This kind of milieu sort of gives you a glimpse of the erstwhile cosmopolitan high culture of the erstwhile UP’

      Uttaranchal was just clubbed with UP during 47. It was as distinct as Jharkhand was from Bihar.

  8. Saurav/Prats/Ugra/Others:

    What is going on in Lakhimpur? There is a lot of misinfo, and Indian media has been totally biased and unreliable since Modi’s second or third year in power. Any TL;DR on what happened, and political implications would be much appreciated 🙂

    1. Farmers protesting and showing black flags to union minister. Hot headed first time minister and his equally hot headed son plough down the protesters. Protesters pull out the drivers etc from the car and kill them.

      Modi instructed yogi to not touch protesters till the elections. But eager to please high command jokers took matters in their own hand. Now yogi dispatches his top cop to arrive at a compromise with large sums of money for the dead. Minister happens to be a Brahmin so Tough to oust him for now. Meanwhile opposition sees a chance. Let’s see how yogi handles the fallout.

    2. @lurker

      Lakhimpur Kheri is your typical Gangetic Hindu societal phenomena – lack of any effective deterrent or mitigation mechanisms by the majority community.

      Political conflagration aided and abetted by forces exploiting the schisms in local society. Sikhs are less than 2% of that district and you can see how they are able to set the narrative involving national media and parties.

      However these guys are overreaching (second Jallianwala Bagh, Priyanka sweeping floors). MSP procurement is not very strong in UP and Yogi has done a good job at settling dues in the farming sector. Long term impact of this incident is in question.

      1. Thanks for the background, Saurav.

        Ugra – I am starting to see your point about the real “Hindi belt” (that is UP, Bihar). To have a 2% minority run roughshod is just another level of…. It does seem that Hindus of the area haven’t had any successes since Harshvardhan. All the stuff that Saurav keeps talking about – Puranic Hinduism or Shramana religions is from at least 2000 years ago.
        Gujaratis, Rajasthanis and I would say even Western MP folks seem to have thing much more under control.

        1. Lol. It’s ok. It will take eons for other regions to catch up to the cultural and religious output of gangetic plains. It’s time for us to rest and let our followers do some heavy lifting for a change.

          BTW the whole farmer protests in india is ran by Sikhs who also happen to be less than 2 percent of india. So pretty sure it tells something about india as whole as well…

          1. @Saurav

            For the record, there are no protests by farming communities in South India. Some political parties, yes. But no community has adopted any wholesale demand against the farm laws.

            Don’t pretend that “whole of India” is afraid of Sikhs. Your weakness is your shame alone.

          2. Bro let’s not kid ourself. There is a stereotype of Sikhs being fearless , nationalist, martial, Khalistan etc which runs in South Indian movies as well. And u know that too. This stereotype runs even across the border. How much of its true and all is beside the point.

            On farmer protests in north India. Outside of Sikh- jat belt there is no protests anywhere in north India as well. The bjp does not crush the movement , not because it fears them. It’s because the protests helps them politically like CAA did.

      2. Lmao do you realize that rest of Indians bashing Gangetic states seems like people from shitty regions being happy that shittier regions exist.

  9. Based on some media reports, the minister’s son was not present at the site. Would be surprised at how he got out when others were bludgeoned to death.

  10. https://indianexpress.com/article/explained/bjp-watches-warily-had-swept-lakhimpur-kheri-in-2017-elections-7552436/lite/

    BJP watches warily, had swept Lakhimpur Kheri in 2017 elections

    The largest district of UP, Lakhimpur Kheri is dominated by Brahmins, followed by Muslims and Kurmis among non-Yadav OBCs. It is 80% rural with a majority of the population surviving on sugarcane farming. Many of the farmers are prosperous Sikhs belonging to families settled in this fertile region post-Partition.

    A local BJP leader admitted the unease in the party. “The farmers’ agitation in Delhi had not much of an effect in UP. But the Lakhimpur Kheri incident has made farmers aggressive against us. They have also got the sympathy of non-farming sections. That is not good for the ruling party.”

  11. one more barrier broken. priyanka gandhi has been arrested and is in police custody. congress is hopping mad. now, this pattern will continue. next time rahul acts funny, he will be arrested and detained.
    this will make them mere human.

  12. TBH the whole issue might help BJP in the long run.

    Congress seems to gain visibility from these events, which is not entirely harmful for BJP. The stronger Congress gets, the weaker SP becomes and the votes are split more evenly within the opposition.

    1. on the contrary, s p leaders are hoping that congess will eat some brahmin and other upper caste votes currently in the bjp bag. this is supposed to help samajavaadis. but this time yogi will come back based on his shooting the criminal policy and big infra push.

      1. SP and BSP have been dreaming abt UC vote for the longest time. Its just like BJP dreaming about muslim votes. The UCs are in BJP kitty. The only folks who will split are muslims ( from SP) or Dalits (from BSP) or Jat farmers and such (from RLD) towards the Congress.

        If push comes to shove the BJP can also spin the whole event as Brahmins being attacked as the accused in a Brahmin minister. Though i think it wont come down to that.

  13. https://niccolo.substack.com/p/the-khyber-pass-interview-murtaza murtaza hussain admits what others say,

    Regarding the issue of assimilation, it is important to look at the religious component here. Islam is a religion that is very interested in preserving its particularity and resists being dissolved into any other ideology. In this sense Muslims are a bit like Jews who have fought hard to preserve their communal identity even in the face of highly coercive assimilationist pressure. But there is also the added caveat that Islam, like Christianity and liberalism, is also a universalizing tradition that aspires to win converts. Observant Muslims believe, very sincerely, that everyone else would be better off sharing their religion and uniting together with them under one universal community. Most of them are not going to completely shed their deepest beliefs in favour of liberalism, which to be honest doesn’t offer much to the soul. White Westerners feeling besieged by cancel culture should consider doing what the Quran prescribes and converting to Islam at this point in history (I’ve been reliably informed that most signatories of the Harper’s Letter have already taken this step), as it is demonstrably proven to be much harder to be driven out of liberal society for having ultra-conservative social views when you’re Muslim. The perceptively self-loathing French author Michel Houellebecq (May Allah be pleased with him) has written a handy book about how such a change would work on a sociopolitical level, and I encourage your readers to check it out.”

    1. I thought this was self apparent that Islam resists assimilation, rather it wants others to come into its fold (like Christianity).

      Author’s views on Canada and Toronto in particular are quite understandable. Usually only Canadians who shit on Canada (in favor of US) are ones who don’t own any property here. People who own property in Canada are laughing all the way to the bank, and living the high life not many in the US can dream of. This often invites the ire of those who aspire to own real estate but can’t afford it, and now they have been demoted to peasant class status.

      1. Toronto real estate is cheaper than tier 1 or in many cases even tier 2 US cities.

        Speaking from a lot of personal exp.

        Brickell in Miami for eg is 2x the prices of King West area in Toronto.

        Unless things have drastically changed recently.

        1. What are you talking about? Even far flung suburbs of Toronto 50 km from downtown are over $1 mill average price for a small detached house and prices keep rising.. we are talking about Single family homes, not tiny condominiums units that bring the average price down. SFH have gone up 35-40% just last year alone and there is nothing stopping further climb to the moon seeing that 400,000 immigrants yearly head to Canada, most of them to Toronto metro.

          1. I am familiar rents and prices for condos in trendy downtown type areas not suburbs.

            The most trendy area in Toronto is half the price of the most trendy area of Miami for an equivalent place.

            SF and NYC are in league of their own.

            Some Toronto “suburbs” are very dense and populated. Mississauga for eg. has skyscrapers. And is the 3rd most populous Great Lakes city in its own right.

            It’s hard to compare to smaller US cities for this reason.

            Also you need to convert CAD to USD.

          2. I was not talking about condos but even if you include them with SFH, the average price of a Toronto home, including condos, was $1,017,000 (about US$820,000). The median price of a Miami home is something like $450,000 US and a New York home is $800,000..

            SFH homes in Toronto now cost over $2mil in livable condition, detached over $2.5-3 mill.

            And condo apartments in US cities may cater to the rich, but in Toronto, the money flows to detached properties. Areas like Forest Hill, Bridle Path, Lawrence Park etc are where the rich live and buy property, not condos. Condo living is looked down upon.

            Also Toronto basically means = GTA, especially form someone with an immigrant background.. you are right, US cities don’t compare since Toronto suburbs would absolutely dwarf them in price. The average price of a home in Toronto suburbs (905 region) is now $1,086,000 (higher than Toronto city), very few subs of US cities are even close.

        2. That sounds hard to believe. Speaking from personal experience as well. Toronto and Vancouver both have very high real estate prices. When you factor in lower incomes in Canada, I think the only city less affordable in North America would be SF.

          What year are you talking about? The rapid increase in real estate has been moreso after 2010ish and got a further bump during the pandemic.

          1. Not factoring in incomes here just absolute costs.

            If we are factoring in income then I agree it’s expensive.

            Maybe 2016 -2017 for Miami vs Toronto.

            Every place has certain thought bubbles. Toronto has a certain exceptionalism that is basked in

          2. Also I was renting so maybe the actual home prices aren’t at different.

            I am not sure.

            But my rent in Miami was 2x what I paid in Toronto. For a similar condo unit.

        3. @Sumit

          taking into account that you’re focusing on condo rent; not considering lower wages in Canada; and doing direct conversion of CAD / USD… I see your point.

          But also hopefully you can see why real estate has become such a contentious thing in Toronto for locals when you do factor in lower wages & everything being in CAD (both the low wages and the nominal rent amount).

      2. People who own property in Canada are laughing all the way to the bank, and living the high life not many in the US can dream of.

        Wages in the US are higher and property prices are lower. I don’t see how anyone cope themselves to thinking they are doing better by living in Canada. The best opportunities are also in America. Canada’s real estate bubble is legendary, but bubbles are not wealth nor prosperity.

        1. Well most people who owned any form of property here, especially in Toronto/Vancouver, doing nothing at all.. have made more than many people slaving away in Silicon valley. I have family and friends in both Canada/USA.. and even I can see that the ones in Canada have done way better.

          The bitterness usually comes from people who were unable to board Noah’s ark and are now left behind. They are the ones who say how US is better for being a wage rat. Maybe it is, who cares if you owned a rental property in Toronto?

          And as for ‘bubbles’, you may enjoy this blog:


          Guy has a very rabid cult like following, writing about a Canadian real estate bubble since 2006, when the average detached house in Toronto cost $250,000 back then.. fast forward 15 years and average detached house in Toronto is north of $2.5 million.. annnnd he is still writing about a Canadian real estate bubble.

          People who talk about bubbles don’t understand the dynamics at play here. In our current monetary system, money = debt, not wages.

          1. I was always under the impression that Canada has both lower property prices and wages, than US.

          2. Both wages and property prices are highly dependent on location in both countries.. however generally speaking, Canada has lower wages for the top quarter of earners, while anyone not in the top quadrant or so, is earning more in Canada .. median household income is now higher in Canada.

            W.r.t property prices, they are not only relatively but now absolutely higher in Canada and just going higher and higher. So people who own property are getting quite wealthy quite fast by leveraging their equity, while people who missed getting on the property ladder feel quite angry about it.

        2. “Wages in the US are higher and property prices are lower. I don’t see how anyone cope themselves to thinking they are doing better by living in Canada. The best opportunities are also in America. Canada’s real estate bubble is legendary, but bubbles are not wealth nor prosperity.”

          I agree with this but at the same time it depends on whether it’s all about money. I think immigrants from India are a lot more go-getter and money-minded, and for that reason the US is more of an ideal destination.

          But everyone’s different. I had a high-paying job in the US but after a few years left it for a more moderate-paying job in Canada. Of course that’s in big part due to having more friends and family in Canada. But while Canada (the English speaking part) and the US seem very similar in many respects (with the US having higher paying jobs and more affordable real estate), there are other differences too.

          – I think there’s slightly better work-life balance in general in Canada, although this can of course change depending on industry / sector. There are many who fall in the category of working just as hard or harder than American peers but making less. But overall, I think there’s better work-life balance, and that matters a lot to me.

          – Lower crime rate, fewer ghettos, less extreme poverty. You can live work and play in downtown a lot more confidently in Canada, even with your family. Many American downtowns are a bit rough, though of course many prefer suburban life to begin with so this would have little impact on them.

          – Less race-obsessed. Wokeism is no doubt well entrenched in Canada but it still feels far less race-conscious. Part of it is due to different situation and history. Coming from Canada going to the US the racial stratification is striking. I remember going to law school and one of the most striking visuals is seeing most students & faculty being white, and most custodial staff being black. You take public transit and everyone is black; look out the window in the cars everyone is white. Of course, I don’t mean ‘everyone’ or that Canada doesn’t have racial differences in many ways, but the degree is different. Diversity in Canada is newer and a greater proportion are economic migrants, so the racial-economic differences are not as striking or as entrenched.

          – I like having the public healthcare system. I don’t think it’s nearly as good as rah rah Canadian patriots claim or that the US is as bad as the ubiquitous and petty anti-Americanism in Canada would lead you to believe. But I prefer it — far less things to navigate or decide, especially given how awful life is when you are in a position where you or your loved ones need healthcare.

          – I feel more comfortable with the demographics here. I’m not in any way suggesting that one group is better than another group. In English Canada, if you go to a metropolitan area, the two major minority groups will be Chinese and Indian. In the US, it is Black and Hispanic. None is better than another or whatever, but as someone of Indian origin I kind of like not feeling ‘different’. Being Indian in the US in many places feels like being a bit of a unicorn. Although of course you can go to places like New Jersey and parts of the Bay Area and feel more like ‘just another person’, and if you end up in Newfoundland in Canada then you’ll be a unicorn.

          But ultimately yes, Canada is not too different from its bordering northern US states, but with the US having higher paying jobs, a higher crime rate (which admittedly you can easily escape by living in suburbs or rich neighborhoods), slightly worse work-life balance (though this is perhaps more contingent on industry than national borders), different demographics (though with great variation within), a more complicated healthcare system to navigate (though in some respects superior).

          I just feel like it’s not ‘cope’ to prefer living in Canada over the US. But yes, certainly if money is the main concern I think the US offers better opportunities. But living in downtown Toronto, and having lived in multiple US cities, I don’t feel in any way like I’m missing out on things. Indeed, I prefer it.

    2. I’m a bit partial to Toronto, it’s home. But that interview has some very interesting thoughts about Toronto, some of which is on point. A bit surprising, too, given how ubiquitous and intense anti-Americanism and ‘rah rah Canada better than America’ mentality is here. Enjoyed the read.

  14. (a) This website template is awful.
    (b) No particular views on Lakhimpur, seems like an accident.
    Random thoughts:
    (a) Pilibhit and Lakhimpur-Khiri (the whole region including Shahjahanpur, Sitapur and Hardoi) has larger landowners (usually Brahmins) than rest of UP. Home ground of that rabid bitch Maneka Gandhi. Place used to be famous for train kidnappings in mid 2000s. Dudhwa Tiger Reserve with perhaps the highest tiger density in the world is near by, Sharda’s terai land is far more lush and productive than Punjab. Depressing, soul-crushing levels of poverty even among Brahmin/Rajputs but as expected the worst off people are the landless low castes. Only industries I saw were sugar and rice-bran oil making. Lots of Marwari Khandelwals run everything in the towns. Sikhs and Sindhis are partition time imports from Pakistan.

    1. SC has taken matter into its hands. Seems like an accident from theological perspective- cause ramming your car into random farmers is political and physical suicide.

      Eastern Rohilkhand region has dominant Kurmis too

    1. Kheri is way beyond the borders of Jatland. Tikait has some pull here because of the regular sugarcane MSP related agitations (extortions) by farmers. No one cares about or respects Jat, Jutt, Jaats there, Landowners are largely Brahmins and some Thakurs.

  15. Regarding UP Brahmins: met a Pandey at a realtive’s business in Mumbai. Low level office worker probably making no more than 20 k per month. Lives in a kholi in Mumbai while his family lives in the village in UP. I joked with him about doing kriya kand, rituals, etc and his reply was ” hum us Tarah ke Brahman nahi hai”. Really simple guy.

    Are these real Brahmins or people that have taken up the names? Asking given his reply about not being “us Tarah me brahmin”. UP does seem to have a very high % of Population that is Brahmin (10% ? 15%?)

    1. Pandeys are peak brahmins… I rate them above Chitpavans, or TamBrams.

      What I have seen is that the ones who practice priestly work and accept puja-offerings are looked down by others. Large Brahmin population means there is clear split: majority are petty office workers, welders, tradesmen, traders, businessmen etc., a small minority centered on Kannauj is landowning and a very very small minority of really poor ones pursue priestly functions.

      Puja business is increasingly competitive, the UP (Awasthi or Pandey? I forgot) Brahmin pundit (and his trope of three trainees) who presides over my family’s weddings etc is in great demand in Gujrat, Bengal and Maharashtra because he studied from some Gurukul in Varanasi and graduated from Gurukul-Kangri. He recently moved to Australia to take over a temple there. Nice guy, not the most humble but knows English.

  16. and now india also has a coal crisis. modi should use this crisis and privatise more.
    opposition is busy in ts own 80s politics.

    1. No one came to buy the Indian coal mines in the recent auction. Maybe another one should be organized.


      What’s up with the Pakistani and Sri Lankan Rupee? Does the fall make their exports more competitive?


      Air India privatization finally in sight. All hail Modi!! This is the biggest mess he has sorted after Kashmir. God bless him. NAMO Diwali Dhamaka offer also includes reforms in OFB. This is why sensible people vote for BJP in national elections.


      Taliban are being Taliban, restoring Pashtuns to their stone-age glory. What a shit show. Also now ISIS is being used as a convenient bogey as if some thugs calling themselves ISIS makes them Baghdadi’s ISIS.


      The wardi behind dehshatgardi i.e. the ISI chief has been removed. Is it a promotion or demotion?


      1. //The ISI chief has been removed. Is it a promotion or demotion?//

        Promotion. He may be slated for next COAS

    2. I think Modi’s strategy is to try to privatize anything and everything, and just see which ever ones creates the less shit show and privatize it. The whole Air India VS Farm bills are a good example.

      In the former case he just grinded down the opposition where even Commies would be like ‘yeah man , just sell this shit’ . While on farm laws, the first instance he faced roadblocks, he just suspended the whole thing.

  17. I don’t know how to quote here, but to this:

    Unfortunately, the European IE seem to share the words for chariot and horses with the Indo-Iranians. How is that possible if the European IE had already separated from the Indo-Iranians by 3000 BC and spread into Europe a few centuries later without any horses or chariots ? __ i think it’s pretty clear indo-iranians were the mediators of these technologies. i do think it is plausible that european indo-europeans had horses, but the chariot is CLEARLY an indo-iranian innovation (…) so the words must have been borrowed. is this an exotic theory? the mitanni were hurrian speakers


    From the Hayagriva being a Sintashta thread – the word for horse can’t have been borrowed from actual Indo-Iranian (or, as I prefer to call it, Old Aryan); all its reflexes in the assorted IE languages regularly reflect PIE *h₁éḱwos, with the exception of Greek, and the weirdness of the Greek derivation is even less compatible with Old Aryan.

    There is no IE word for chariot, though; Aryan Hrátʰas does reflect an IE root, but all the other cognates generically mean things like “wheel” or “rotate”. The other vaguely chariot-esque word in Aryan, Hánas (which really just means “wagon” or “cart”), has cognates that generically mean “burden”, and comes from root with those semantics.

  18. @Bhimrao

    Have you been to Kanpur lately?

    I heard that the area near Ganga Barrage is being gentrified and pubs and shit are opening up there. Is that true?

    1. I was there multiple times earlier this year, unfortunately it was the middle of the pandemic. Most of my family lives there. Will ask around and get back with the correct picture. That area is near IIT, HBTI, Kanpur University, all those agricultural research institutes, so makes sense that the young people would frequent these places.

      Work has started on a expressway parallel to the current road from Lucknow to Kanpur and a lot of activity is going on in developing ‘New Kanpur b/w Bithoor and the barrage. I think this would end up (in a good way) being like Gomati nagar of Lucknow.

      1. Wow….can’t believe that. All the gentrified places used to be near INOX in Kanpur. Where you could get Karaage or Wasabi flavored dishes. Although there were a couple of exclusive hangouts near Kalyanpur Crossing, really smallish, but ok crowds where the student junta used to hang out. Must travel back. Place must be upside down now.

        1. “Place must be upside down now.”
          Not really, Kanpur still sucks. The only place to have turned upside down is Lucknow. You should see their Golf City it has spanking new international cricket stadium, Dubai-sized malls, 1000 bed Medanta and a giant government cancer hospital, and what not. One of my cousins bought property there and I was blown away by what I saw. Rajnath and Gadkari are building roads around Lucknow like crazy.

          1. Enjoy till it lasts. Once Akhilesh Bhaiya comes back to power, we will put Tikait in charge of that cricket stadium so that he can protest there 😛

          2. Mulayam dadda himself lives in Golf city, I saw his Bunglow.

            But the pattern is clear: BJP/BSP spend on Lucknow and SP spends on Mainpuri-Etawah. A big reason for Yogi’s win is Gorakhpur+Varanasi have not been given anything for a long time.

      2. Work has started on a expressway parallel to the current road from Lucknow to Kanpur and a lot of activity is going on in developing ‘New Kanpur b/w Bithoor and the barrage. I think this would end up (in a good way) being like Gomati nagar of Lucknow.


        If Yogi wins then there is a potential to turn Lucknow-Kanpur into an innovation cluster in the next 10-15 years — in the tier below NCR, Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai. (Bangalore is in a league of its own)

        I know of some good startups at SIDBI in IIT Kanpur but once they become somewhat big they move out to Pune or Bangalore. There’s an opportunity to retain a few of them.

        IIT Madras has started doing a really good job of avoiding talent drain to Bangalore of late.

        1. IIT M is doing exceptionally well. Others should learn from them.

          Lucknow and to some extent Jaipur are unexpected failures. Parts of these cities are quite good, better than anything in Pune, or Mysore. The people are nice (unlike most of UP), crime is not a problem but nothing big seems to come up here.

          The core problem is the salary seeking culture of UP. Just like Bengalis, UP people talk a lot but can’t stop begging for government jobs. I cringe when I see even all the Yadavs in their 30-60s make up clearly BS caste-oppression stories to justify their right to get say 200 government jobs. The abundance mindset just isn’t there.

          1. @bhimrao,
            it is refreshing to see self-awareness on your part and @prats as well (assuming he is from gangetic north). Punjabis esp Jats are also guilty of rent seeking. Just like some other regions have resource/oil curse, the GT road belt also suffers from nature’s bounty curse.

  19. now hindus and sikhs are being selectively killed in kashmir. unless, the general muslim population in kashmir says ‘not in our name’, this will not stop. but the general population will never come out for such issues.
    is there a way to stop these type of killings?

      1. ” only viable option to scuttle or at least slow this process(i.e. Demographic change in Kashmir) is escalation of violence. The threshold of violence is to be kept above such a level to discourage potential migrants to make the hazardous decision. This will be the deciding factor whether this project will succeed or fail.”

        ‘Respected Pakistani Historian’ From:

        Live in the real world. Impose costs. We can afford it, let us find out if Pakistanis can keep up.

        Kshama shobhati uss bhujang ko jiske paas garal ho.

  20. Son of Afghanistan’s Former Defense Minister Buys $20.9 Million Beverly Hills Mansion

    He already owns a $5.2 million Miami Beach condo at the prestigious St. Regis Bal Harbour resort, but Daoud Wardak apparently also wants a West Coast outpost. To that end, he’s heading for Beverly Hills — records reveal the semi-mysterious businessman, who is a son of former Afghan Minister of Defense Abdul Rahim Wardak, has bought a $20.9 million mansion on a prime Trousdale Estates street.

    Built all-new this year and designed by local architecture firm Woods + Dangaran, the nearly 9,000-square-foot house was described in an off-market listing as a fusion of “modern meets midcentury.” The 0.58-acre property last sold in 2016 for $9.5 million to the Woodbridge Group, a now-defunct Ponzi scheme; Woodbridge demolished the original house on the lot, and the new structure was sold to Wardak on behalf of Woodbridge’s bankruptcy proceedings by Viewpoint Collection, a premier developer of high-end Los Angeles homes.


    1. Immigration is an understudied and underappreciation tool that the US empire uses to lure elites from 3rd world countries to do its bidding. The faustian pact is simple: sell out your country and get rich in the process. If SHTF one day, then you can always bail and lead a life of luxury in the West, together with your closest kin.

      That is what we saw as local collaborators thronged Kabul airport in the final days of the Taliban assault. A lot of the “refugees” that the West will take in, or have already taken in, are these local sellout elites.

      It’s a smart tactic, and one which other countries (e.g. China, India or Russia) can’t really replicate both due to being poorer and less open, especially China. While China can try to bribe them on-site, they can’t provide the same kind of back-up plan of emigration to the imperial metropole the way that America can.

      As these people have offspring, their kids will often be brainwashed to do the bidding of the US empire and try to influence politics from afar. Sometimes the US empire simply catapults them into their societies after a soft or hard coup. This is especially the case in Latin America, with Miami being a repository of local latinx elites that are full of these sellouts. Sometimes they get second chances, as US pushed expat sellout Juan Guaido as the “legitimate” ruler of Venezuela, even if people in that country had never heard of him.

      1. It’s a smart tactic with small countries like AFG, Saudi or Norway. With big-ass populations like India and China, the joke is on the US.

        There are some 4 million Indian immigrants in the US. Just a small city in India, one among 30 others.

        These emigres cannot outmatch the cultural or philosophical production of the rest. So they swim close to the shore.

  21. https://www.google.com/amp/s/m.thewire.in/article/economy/indias-export-led-growth-story-requires-a-free-trade-agreement-engine/amp

    India’s Export-Led Growth Story Requires a Free Trade Agreement Engine

    you do need to protect your local players for some time to help them negotiate the learning curve. The best way to do that is by lowering the external value of the Rupee, as discussed above and pegging it for a while until firms can adjust. This also helps eliminate tariff barriers, a prerequisite for joining FTAs like the RCEP. Tycoons can have their cake and eat it too.

    Recognising the need for export-led growth is very welcome; Modi can combine it with some of the reforms already in place to give FDI a humongous push.

    To bag the FDI required to make the doubling of exports possible, a currency realignment to access the FTAs is imperative. There is no way we will get any significant FDI that leaves an export dependent firm out of the RCEP. Single country markets, even as large as India’s, no longer enthuse global firms.
    You are either in the RCEP or you are out, as a global outcast

  22. The Communist Party used to believe that minority groups would assimilate naturally if given the space and enough economic assistance to draw even in development with the country’s dominant Han Chinese population, but Mr. Xi no longer believes in the viability of that strategy, Mr. Leibold said.

    “Not that economic development is not important, but that economic development alone is not going to solve the problem of ethnic affairs,” he said.

    The change has been driven by an increase in conflicts, particularly in Xinjiang, as well as rising resentment among Han Chinese at the advantages afforded minorities, and Mr. Xi’s own rhetoric in promoting a “China Dream” of national rejuvenation, scholars say.

    “It is necessary to promote the extensive exchanges and integration of all ethnic groups, promote the unity of all ethnic groups in ideals, beliefs, emotions, and cultures, and support each other and have deep brotherhood,” it quoted Mr. Xi as saying.”


    Ccp understands asabiya . They realize that economic reasons by themselves are not enough. A communist party that learns, is no longer communist classic.

  23. So on the American side of things, some Righties are talking about “national divorce.”

    It’s not a bad idea, so long as it can be done without ruining my 401K.

    But what’s interesting about it is that the same people talking about it…are the same people who are the biggest China Hawks! If you don’t believe me, do a Twitter site search on Dave Reaboi and “China,” or listen to some American Mind podcasts.

    I’m…not sure they thought that one through.

    1. From the right perspective, the American PMC is collaborating with Chinese manufacturing to oppress the middle America. Although there is some hyperbole and lot of anti immigrant sentiment, there is lot of truth to it as well. Angelo Codevilla is their intellectual godfather. Interestingly, Sarah Silverman on the left is also advocating national divorce so that liberal states can impose vaccine mandates.

  24. the recent killings of hindus in kashmir was by a pakistani infiltrator. i feel that such infiltrations are possible and cannot be totally eliminated.
    it will be good if all the army and bsf officers speak in one voice on this issue.

  25. Somewhere in the Middle of Tamilnadu (Cuddalore), a regular Indian Army recruitment camp.


    Only this video got recommended to a global audience by Youtube’s mysterious algorithm. It now has over 18.5 million views and 10k comments on the Indian physique.

    Commentators like Warlock interested in the Indian physique may find it interesting. The boys are all salt-of-the-earth, straight up from a farming life, no lardasses and eating good old carb-heavy rice/fermented rice diets.

    Americans cannot believe that the Indian Army insists on a minimum height requirement. Comments are insane. The video is a mishmash of Rocky-Rainmaker-Street vibes.

    About 160 years ago, the British used regiments from these regions (also Telangana) to dislodge and smash the Mughal/Oudh Nawabs/Bengal Khans into oblivion. William Darlymple records one common refrain from the Mughal Nobles – that the British allowed these “low-castes” to pillage the nobility.

    AASI powah made them Steppes boys kneel!!

    1. If you are trying to counter Saurav, here are my two cents. I think the weight of his point rests on the fact that Indian religious texts and epics decisively center around the Gangetic plain. Our high literature revolves around the stories of North. But there seems to be much less flow of culture and tradition from other places to the North. This is not about who won which war. California will remain the decisive influence on US culture, no matter how much interior US states hate on it. England will remain the source of modernity, a defining influence on today’s culture and literature no matter how many articles lamenting its ‘decline’ are written.

      But I dont think South Indians should waste their time dwelling too much on this. The Gangetic plains have always been the most populated region on earth, and even centuries of political control by alien elites hasnt really changed the core culture of these areas. Possibly the only non-Gangetic Hindu to shape the minds of Hindus there was Gandhi, but even his influence was contingent. It is a surprisingly robust culture, although not very attractive to outsiders these days.

      1. I think Ugra gets its, Vikram.

        It’s a separate matter that he won’t accept it. Bit like how Pakistanis in their mind think they are the “citadel of Islam”. Of course till they meet an Arab. 😊

        1. The Turks and Persians totally owned Gangetic Hindus – didn’t spare the rod at all! Even many generations later, their munna can only think about Hinduism in terms of Islam and Arabs. If this is not unqualified success, then what is! What is the solution? Catch a train to South India.

      2. @Vikram

        Your take was completely tangential. My intentions had nothing to do with culture but physicality.

        One of the advantages that early Brit regiments possessed was noticed by all and sundry, including French mercenaries. Brit regiments drafted in the South simply marched quicker, endured longer and were in robust physical health.

        Of course, the Brits fortified and held the South first – completely inverting the traditional route of ingress into the Indian subcontinent. The Southern springboard was virtually new for every player then – Marathas and Mughals included.

        1. //Brit regiments drafted in the South simply marched quicker, endured longer and were in robust physical health.//

          So why were the Southies so underrepresented in the British Indian military by the time 1947 rolls up?

          The real reason, is of course the inconvenient fact that the British conquered these regions first and had no other choices but to recruit from these regions. Once they took over Punjab however, they inducted Punjabis in mass numbers and got rid of what they deemed non-martial races. The Eden Commission reported in 1879 that the Punjab was the ‘home of the most martial races of India’ and that it was ‘the nursery’ of the best soldiers. By the 1920’s, southern Indian states constituted less than 2% of the new recruits..

          1. “The real reason, is of course the inconvenient fact that the British conquered these regions first and had no other choices but to recruit from these regions”

            LOL, I mean the Brits were initially so thinly stretched that they had to recruit Bengalis. But by 1857 itself, the Bengal army itself had turned into Bhumihars and Purbia corps.

            In one’s own mind every ethnicity think they are martial pro-max…

          2. years ago when in middle east i was watching a lively debate on a pakistani channel about the 1971 war. there was a lay man who in all innocence asked as to how short and dark hindus won the war. a wise retired colonel replied that modern wars are not fought in a khusti akhada and people will be killed by bullets from 100s of yards!!.

          3. This is not just true for modern wars but all wars that happened since the dawn of civilization. Small framed mongloids bulldozed most of Asia and Europe just because they had horses, and knew how to shoot arrows while riding. Physicality can be overcome with superior technology and strategy. However no war can be won without the will to fight.. which is absolutely essential; and I feel societies that have a martial culture usually don’t need to invent a new reason everytime they want to wage war which seems to me a huge benefit over societies that dont have that.

          4. “no war can be won without the will to fight.. which is absolutely essential; and I feel societies that have a martial culture …”

            Are there any historical Punjabi Muslim warlords other than Mir Mannu? Any noteworthy military achievements of Muslim Punjabis before the Raj?

          5. Every few years on Pakistani ‘martial races’ claim I rediscover this article from Aakar Patel.


            “Are Punjabi Muslims martial? Do they have a history of war and conquest or at least of resistance to conquest? I ask because there’s no evidence of their martial character in our history.

            No general, no subahdar, no thanedar, no wazir, no bakhshi of the Mughal empire was a Punjabi Muslim so far as I know.”

            Why do Punjabi Muslims consider themselves martial?

          6. @Bhimrao

            They claim it based on being slightly taller and larger framed. Studies point to relatively low lean mass in S Asians of all types. But those of the NW are the best among the worst basically. The data shows low lean mass of S Asians in the West, Indians and Pakistanis alike, whether it is Punjabi heavy Canada or more mixed UK/US. The ancient lean mass low lean mass paper even cites a study that shows at birth British Pakistanis babies, who are overwhelmingly Punjabi, tend to have low lean mass relative to White, E Asian, and Black babies. Even the most steppe heavy people of S Asia, are lightly muscled compared to bigger groups. People then jump to anecdotes of their 6’3 big framed cousin. But they don’t realize this is a game of averages not exceptions. On average, S Asians are relatively slight framed people. Being shorter, darker, and smaller framed is seen as a negative in modern global culture. Some racialist Pakistanis take pride in being less of those things on average, relative to Indians. They feel that makes them inherently racially superior. They also falsely believe that this automatically gives them massive advantage in war which is just laughable.

          7. I mean it is documented that they got more Punjabi heavy in large part because of the 1857 stuff and wanting to man the army with more frontier people who had on average less loyalty to the “heartland” of the empire. The martial race stuff is just convenience. And a lot of it was based on simply body measurements to justify things. Them being “more aryan” also was just a cover.

            This is obvious when groups like Gorkhas are also deemed marital. They violate the “aryan” and “height rule.” But they made up for it in their ferocity. In the end, the British just wanted loyal soldiers from the frontier. They used whatever justification they could to get that.

          8. And Q is correct about physicality being secondary. Look at how Homo sapiens probably knocked out Neanderthals. It was about strategy, teamwork, and intention. Also, looking at the their bone structures, Neanderthal women were said to be very strong, perhaps even stronger than the average homo sapien man. I surmise a good part of the “mating” was gang rape.

          9. @Bhimrao

            That’s a low effort article, I have read it before and it’s quite unconvincing. It’s quite clear to me that the Punjabi identity was not even there until the Sikhs became powerful and established it. Infact I would say the Punjabi identity is still not there amongst Muslims and Hindus who don’t like to speak Punjabi but Urdu/Hindi. Not only that, even the Islamic Identity is quite new in Punjab, with the province becoming Muslim majority sometime in early 20th century. Most inhabitants of Punjab identified with their biradari, not as Punjabi. Janjua, Gharals, Kakars, Bhattis and other Muslim Rajput tribes have long marital traditions of resistance or cooperation with the Mughals, Sikhs, Afghans and the British — especially the Janjuas. There was a Langah Sultanate that was quite prominent in South Punjab, likely of Rajput or Jatt in origin, which was ended by the Mughals.. Punjabi Indus nationalists love to talk about it.

            Anyway, I am not Punjabi, nor an authority on Punjab’s society. Better ask a Punjabi this question

          10. @thewarlock

            Height and frame apply a little differently here. Height difference isn’t as much as the frame difference, average height difference is between 0.3 and 0.4 z-scores. Average frame difference is a little over 0.8 z-scores between the regions.

        2. @Dathang

          Which regions? How did they measure frame? Do you have the original paper? Curious now. And yeah height doesn’t seem to be that big a diff. Hence why Kerela and Punjab are close enough.

          Regardless, frame is still small on global terms.

          1. I was comparing Gujarat (2009) vs NW India (2002) referenced from an Isan Thai paper https://www.researchgate.net/publication/316279982_Morphometry_of_Isan-Thai_Clavicles_as_a_Guide_for_Sex_Determination

            But the Karnataka results weren’t far off from Gujarat results. I am taking clavicle length as proxy for frame size.


            Gujarat paper.


            NW India paper.

    2. Urban Gujus are the worst. Some exercise. But most just eat jalebi. I think the Guju urban diet is the worst in India for micro/macronutrients. Rural one is still more balanced. And truly rural people who eat well are still strong. Urban gujus are probably the physically laziest people of India. I got so much push back about heavy lifting coming from a community like that. They have no muscle mass on average and wonder why they are all diabetic at a normal BMI. It is because they are a skinny fat 30% BF, with 0 lean mass from their high sugar/salt no protein diet and lifestyle of physical leisure.

  26. Feminism leads to societal collapse. The Oxford scholar JD Unwin studied the relationship between success of a culture and sexual restraint.

    A synopsis of JD Unwin’s “Sex and Culture”

    “Unwin concluded that the fabric that holds a society together is sexual in nature. When life–long heterosexual monogamous relationship is practiced, the focus is on the nurture of the family and energy is expended to protect, plan for, and build up the individual family unit. This extends to the entire society and produces a strong society focused on preserving the strength of the family. However, he found that when sexual opportunities opened the door to pre–marital, post–marital, and homosexual relationships, the social energy always dissipated as the individual focused more on self–gratification rather than societal good.”

    —Janosik, Daniel. “The Fate of Culture in J. D. Unwin’s ‘Sex and Culture’” in Christian Apologetics Journal,
 Vol. 10:1 (Spring 2012)

    1. Been lurking around here for quite some time. My first post here . So, here goes :

      An interesting thought (post by Mr Roy ↑).

      One finds that it (the thought, or something akin to it) seems to repeat across the years.

      John Glubb’s Fate of Empires says (among other things) :

      “ The works of the contemporary historians of Baghdad in the early tenth century are still available. They deeply deplored the degeneracy of the times in which they lived, … and the laxity of sexual morals. … The historians commented bitterly on the extraordinary influence acquired by popular singers over young people, resulting in a decline in sexual morality. ”

      (other reasons in the paragraph above are : (A) indifference to religion, (B) the increasing materialism, (C) corruption of the officials of the government, (D) the fact that politicians always seemed to amass large fortunes while they were in office) (What follows on the same page is even more interesting, IMO).

      Rudyard Kipling, in his poem “The Gods of the Copy Book Headings” says (again, among other things) :

      “On the first Feminian Sandstones we were promised the Fuller Life
      (Which started by loving our neighbour and ended by loving his wife)
      Till our women had no more children and the men lost reason and faith,
      And the Gods of the Copybook Headings said: “The Wages of Sin is Death.”

      Note : “ Feminian – a made-up term which sounds suitably geological. It refers to the emancipation of women, a lively issue at the time.”

      Closer home, Muhammad Iqbal says something similar, though it does not appear to refer to the structure of the family etc :

      “ maiñ tujh ko batātā huuñ taqdīr-e-umam kyā hai
      shamshīr-o-sināñ avval tā.ūs-o-raubāb āḳhir “

      Which is translated in one instance as :
      “ The destiny of nations I chart for you :
      At first, The sword and spear;
      the zither’s, the lute’s soft sighs at last.”

      Links : John Glubb, the Fate of Empires (I found it to be very interesting. 26 pages long). The excerpt occurs at Page 17. A very interesting page, in my opinion.


      Rudyard Kipling’s poem, “The Gods of the Copybook Headings” (again, I found it to be very interesting) :


      Explanation for ‘Feminian’ can be found on the ‘background’ link to the webpage mentioned above.

      Muhammad Iqbal’s poem :

      Third couplet in : https://salams.in/aflak-se-ata-hai-nalon-ka-jawab-akhir/

      One translation :

      Only the relevant couplet with word meanings is here :


      Lastly, I recommend a reading of the booklet by John Glubb (linked above). An interesting person, and a far more interesting booklet.

  27. https://m.economictimes.com/industry/renewables/view-solar-installation-surge-puts-india-on-track-to-cap-coal-fired-power-as-early-as-2024/amp_articleshow/86957361.cms

    View: Solar installation surge puts India on track to cap coal-fired power as early as 2024

    Coal has effectively become India’s swing producer of electricity, rising to new peaks in periods when demand is high and renewable power low, but slumping deeply when demand falls and renewable energy’s contribution rises.

  28. If you scuba plenty of wreck diving in Sri Lanka. Plenty of coral and fish too. Many wrecks too in the treacherous waters in the south of Sri Lanka. Over the centuries East to West shipping has to pass by the southern coast. A little too close to land, you hit rocks and coral reefs. A database of over 120 shipwrecks around Sri Lanka is presently available. However, there may be as many as over 200 wrecks.

    Arthur C Clarke Finding of Treasure
    was of a Muslim trader ship that had sunk in 1703 while sailing the legendary Spice Route – with a cargo of freshly minted silver Rupee coins, made in 1701 by order of Shah Aurangzeb, the last great mogul emperor of India who ruled from 1658 to 1707

    Probably the only place where you can snorkel and see coral in relatively shallow water is Pigeon Island. It was saved/survived because no one was allowed in the area during the civil war. Even now its the Navy that enforces the rules.

    In most other shallow places like Hikkaduwa all the coral is dead, just rocks and dead coral. Dead by mid 1980’s. Kerosene from glass bottom boats and breaking coral to sell to tourists. I have done it too as a teenager.

    The Shipwrecks Of Sri Lanka: Top Dive Destinations

    A wreck diving video

    Snorkeling in Pigeon Island

  29. i think mohan bhagawat’s ‘ muslims are hindus with different belief system’ is an attempt to wean away the non ashraf muslim population to hindu fold. all others will now sing this song. seems very interesting.

    1. Doubt it. in a Hindu vs Hindu fight , it will most likely turn into a UC vs backward fight. But in case of Hindu vs Muslim fight even Dalits become Hindu.

      Similarly a non ashraf will most likely fight as Muslim. Just like ravidasiyas will fight alongside other Sikhs.

      1. Agree, but there might be benefit in increasing the relative power of pasmandas within muslim community.

        1. Dont keep that high hopes on Pasmandas. They are just jelly that Ashrafs take the cream. Once Pasmandas acquire power they will act just like the Ashrafs do.

          Just like how OBCs like Marathas , Patidars etc act as ‘Hinduized’ as UCs do, once they obtained higher social status.

    1. Some allege that BJP is good at making socioeconomically backward Hindus into effective cannon fodder for the purpose of elections.

      1. You are right, but in this case the socio politico elite of the same communities are pushing their backward Hindus to their fate. So it’s not the responsibility of more hindu regions to rescue them. Have rescued them enough. No more. The churn has to come from within.

  30. This will interest some of you. Lokniti has done periodical surveys about asset ownership, which is an alternative indicator instead of looking at GDP stats (which are controversial these days anyway thanks to Arvind Subramanian).

    The results are summed up here.

    A few things caught my eyes. Sikhs are the most prosperous group in India, which is likely due to them being concentrated in Punjab and Haryana. Upper-caste Hindus are second and, interesting to me, Christians are very close to UC Hindus, which isn’t what you’d expect given stereotypes of dalit converts etc.
    Moslems have actually regressed. The poorest Hindus did see progress but are still at very low levels.

    Among states Punjab is in joint first place. Even West Bengal is above-average. Indian households which have all five assets (car, fridge, AC, TV and computer) are just 3%, but increased from 2% in 2014, when the previous survey was done.

    Owning a car or a laptop remains an elite marker, with 10-15% of households owning either one.

  31. Small scale, Pathan ( Immy) vs Punjabi ( Bajwa) in Pakistan. Pathan won , it seems, for now.

    Goes to show that the only Punjabi which can take on the Pathan is the Sikh Punjabi, not the numeric majority Muslim Punjabi, nor the economic healthy Hindu Punjabi.

    1. Deep state matters in Pakistan arent run like that , on ethnicity , also Imran is Niazi who are seraiki speaking Punjabi Pathans , culturally and by upbringing he is very typical educated middle class Lahori. Imran even speaks Punjabi better than Pastu.

      1. I largely agree. But don’t ya think ethnicity of top guy does matter?

        Like had Musharaff been eased out that easily, had he been a Punjabi? Would ZAB be hanged, had the roles been reversed? ZAB a punjabi, and Zia been sindhi. Well Mohajir Mushraff couldn’t come to that conclusion vis-v Nawaz.

        After all Zia had to die in a crash to be removed, while Ayub had a paralytic attack to step down.

        1. Musharraf became COAS because he was a Muhajir. Nawaz thought he would never do a coup because he was not Punjabi and would not get any support. But he was wrong. Ethnicity matters but not as much as people think.

  32. https://twitter.com/emilyschmall/status/1448530830498799620

    “An undercurrent of religion is everywhere here.

    IndiGo airline captain gives lecture on the Hindu festival of Navaratri, describes flight path from Varanasi to Kolkata as the city of Shiv to the city of Shakti: “India for me is not just a noun; it’s an adjective, a quality.””

    On the return flight they will have the captain quoting Marx…

  33. https://www.google.com/amp/s/theprint.in/diplomacy/as-india-china-talks-fail-tensions-rise-delhi-concerned-about-another-galwan-like-flare-up/750299/%3famp

    This is going to be ugly. China is preparing. They win the war first and then go to battle. Their resource advantage is huge. And they have Pak to rely on as well. India screwed itself by staying poor. Socialism is the death of India. Hopefully, India can keep stalling and hold position, until it can make some gains on the economic front so that militarily it can come to some resource parity.

  34. some how the sikhs are caught in the ‘ blasphemy whirlpool’. one ghastly murder in farmer’s agitation site in delhi.
    capt. amrinder had resisted this when in power.
    worry some.

    1. This is nothing more than a tribal rent seeker riot, one whose leaders feel that economic blackmail is the best way to get continued freebies

  35. https://www.npr.org/2021/10/15/1045954728/hindu-priestesses-indian-weddings

    “The Shubhamastu collective is part of a feminist push to make one of the world’s oldest religions more inclusive and appealing to younger and more progressive adherents. They are working in one of India’s most liberal states, West Bengal, but have won fame across the country”

    As i have said earlier, the Hindu schism is upon us. The Hindu VS less-Hindu regions.

    Just that the Heartland can claim/re-claim almost all the rituals and the gods of the less Hindu regions, since they either originated in the heartland, or are avatars of Heartland Gods. Who and what would be the spoils of war from this tug of war is to be seen…

  36. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mKcendj7TNM

    “India: The Country Building the Most Metros”

    By the end of this decade we’ll have 25 metro systems. I was surprised to learn that Kanpur now has a metro line.

    Infrastructure might be the most salient legacy of Modi. Much like the golden quadrilateral was for Vajpayee.

    Or perhaps the next BJP PM will outdo Modi as well. Bullet trains connecting all major cities in India by 2040?

    1. Work on Kanpur metro started ~ 5 years ago during Akhilesh’s tenure. DMRC with L&T, HCC and their side kicks have cracked the formula.

      I hope bullets will happen just like metro, the first (well technically second) one in Delhi took a long time because a lot of things had to be figured out. After that everything became routine.

      How will bullets make economic sense though? Kolkata to Delhi on Indigo costs ~ $40, while a 3AC on a normal train costs ~ $25.

      1. Indigo, Spice and GO have already taken over all the XYZ-Delhi type routes where XYZ are B/C-rung cities like Allahabad, Varanasi, Kanpur, Gorakhpur, Gwalior. Next frontier I foresee is increase in number of such flights, if UDAAN does well we might even see other even smaller C/D rung places like Pratapgarh, Ayodhya, Kota connected with Delhi. That is where I think a lot of money and effort will be spent. idk if any money will be made though.

      2. The target price for bullet train tickets is around 1.5x that of 1st class.

        I think bullet trains could be competitive with airlines on certain routes if you can avoid traffic and cab/parking fares.

        Bangalore-Chennai makes total sense if you don’t need to drive 40-50km to the airport. Can also skip the security theatre and the 2 hours it takes in India.

        Flight – 3.5k (lowest is Air Asia at 1.6k)
        1st AC – 1.5k
        Cab – 4.5k (4 seater)
        Bus – 800 (AC Sleeper)

        If it takes me 4 hours to get from Koramangala to Marina Beach in comfort then it’d probably be worth paying 2k.

        Delhi-Varanasi also makes a lot of sense to me. I wish the proposed route passed through Kanpur but it’s been getting the short end of the stick thanks to recent focus on Lucknow.

        Work on Kanpur metro started ~ 5 years ago during Akhilesh’s tenure. DMRC with L&T, HCC and their side kicks have cracked the formula.

        I wonder why we couldn’t capitalize on Kolkata metro this way?
        Thinking of this because there is the next generation of infra taking shape in the form of urban air mobility.

        Would it be a good idea to start work on this now in one city, perhaps Bangalore, and then use the learnings there to scale it?

        1. Reliance recently bought this: https://www.skytran.com/

          I do not think this would work, its too gimmicky like monorails.


          If I were in electric vtol air mobility I would target off shore oil platforms. These guys have a clear mission and already pay a lot of money for helicopters. Then I would go after Trans Maldivian Airways and its look-a-likes in other islands.


          For Urban air mobility:

          (a) India has zero chance to deploy any system within next 10 years. Prototypes at least five years away if ever. If it happens it will happen it the US with Joby, Archer,… etc.
          Remember Team-Indus and their promises?

          (b) India does need it. But we don’t have the ability.

    2. I guess the next BJP PM would have to first clear out the next non BJP PM’s mess before he can start on his work. Like the current one had to with Air India, Banks and retrospective taxation and stuff.

      I see a lot of blow back from the current regime, where we go back to more socialist, ‘farmers’, ‘Right to Job’, reservation in pvt sector, type of stuff in the next non BJP govt.

    1. Not to worry in good company.

      No measurement for US and west in general. In US 50 million (16%)

      In the week before Christmas, about 81 million Americans experienced food insecurity, meaning that one in four people in the so-called richest country in the world did not have reliable access to sufficient nutritious food needed for a healthy active life.

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