Episode 14: The Delhi Sultanate


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In this episode of the history podcast, Omar and Jay discuss the period of Delhi Sultanate with Jay and Gaurav. We go over all the major dynasties and also discuss the religious, economic aspects of this time.

As Omar Ali puts it, the legacy of Delhi Sultanate is the legacy of Islam in the subcontinent.


1. The Emergence of the Delhi Sultanate, 1192-1286 by Sunil Kumar
2. The History and Culture of the Indian People: Volume 6: The Delhi Sultanate
3. India in the Persianate Age: 1000-1765 by Richard M. Eaton
4. Medieval India – Vol. 1 by Satish Chandra
5. Advanced Study in the History of Medieval India: Volume I by J L Mehta
6. A Comprehensive History of India: The Delhi Sultanat (A.D. 1206-1526), ed. by Mohammad Habib and Khaliq Ahmad Nizami

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1 year ago

Good episode. Keep’em coming.

1 year ago

i feel so angry when communists and muslims say islam had nothing to do with muslim rulers like delhi sultante etc. it is like rubbing salt to hindu wounds. if the face of islam in todays world is this, it is hard to imagine what our ancestors went through those times. muslims must apologize for horrible crimmes..i heard in one show on barkha dutt show, gauhara raza was saying that we all are invaders, hindu muslims etc..what kind of logic is this ? doesnot that deamean the huge civilization which exploded from afghanistan to indonesia ? if aryans were so brutal as turks why there is no turkish dna , but all have steppe dna

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