What is Islamophobia?

One of the problems with “traditional” familial and cultural systems is the level of depravity they can mask. This is not a “slam dunk” argument against them, but it is a real thing. The suppression of the evidence of clear sexual abuse in a certain community in the UK in the service of preventing negative stereotypes seems to be a case where the lives and misery of young girls in these communities are not accounted for in the same way as those from more mainstream subcultures. You can see exactly how Rotherham happened, though in that case, the girls targeted were explicit outgroups.

(this not even an explicitly communal point, as Hindu women have routinely complained about the “perverted uncle” problem in joint-families)

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  1. ‘“perverted uncle” problem in joint-families’


    Lots of my friends (male and female) have recounted being groped, touched, kissed by ‘uncles’ in India as kids. Some take it very badly, some are strong. I have this straight married Bengali friend, now an engineering prof at a US R1, who was forced to suck dick by an ‘uncle’ as a pre-pubescent. This Bengali friend has zero trauma, does not give a fuck, and moves on with life, he really doesn’t attach any importance to this event. Know many other resilient ones like him.

    1. Prosecution needs to happen and sex education has to be improved. Child predators should be castrated and imprisoned.

    2. ‘This Bengali friend has zero trauma, does not give a fuck, and moves on with life,’

      Very non-Bengali traits, i would say…

      1. He is a Sanghi Bengali, grew up with Bharat Sevashram Sangha, and one of the main reasons I think (non-Bhadralok) Bengali Hindus can still be redeemed. His father is ex-BSF, ex-CPI goon, now BJP goon, has multiple charges, Bihari souls in Bengali bodies.

      2. I think there are ethnicities in India beyond redemption. The sooner we make our peace with it, the better for us.

    3. Believing people carry no trauma after child sexual abuse because they told you so is just retarded.

      Calling people who “have no trauma” more resilient is just plain retarded.

      1. ‘Believing people carry no trauma after child sexual abuse because they told you so is just retarded.’

        Statistics apply to populations not individuals. People are different, I do not pretend to understand psychology. If people convincingly say something about themselves, I believe them. Some commit suicide after failing exams, some go into drugs because they can’t get internship, some top the department after being dumped, some score centuries after cremating their father. I do not buy the everyone is trauma, everything is trauma nautanki especially when there are first hand testimonies.

        ‘Calling people who “have no trauma” more resilient is just plain retarded.’

        Resilience literally means ‘the ability to withstand or recover quickly from difficult conditions’. Why are you acting weird? Won’t even get you anything.

        1. What is weird is your stance on this topic; trying to intellectualise something that you have no real understanding or insight to speak about.
          You come across as having zero empathy. I’m not the weird one, I’m calling you out as you deserve.

  2. Thank God us Bengali Muslims don’t do that cousin marriage bs lmao I think even the Bengali Hindus don’t do that.

    Cousin marriage is some seriously messed up shi like that’s your cousin man………

  3. Thank God us Bengali Muslims don’t do that cousin marriage bs lmao I think even the Bengali Hindus don’t do that.

    a minority do, but it’s a small minority.

    outside of south India hindus are obligate outmarriers

  4. saw the tweet, chose not to post it. The language and grammer of rights has not been taken by muslims in an earnest way, only as an excuse to preserve right to fundamentalism. This has consequences on minorities of other faiths and many vulnerable women with in their own community. Funny thing is, even women do not speak out for the shame it brings to own community/religion. Add in burkhas ,hijab, restrictions on education and its the worst deal for women in modern world and they dont speak. My respect for women kind is therefore at a low point. It is clear to me, they have no true courage. They only speak in societies/ groups where that right is given by the community already. In communities that dont, even western women know well enough to shut up. I cannot fathom men ever accepting burkhas. It wont happen in this planet without seriously tinkering with genetics of men.

  5. Basically lambs to the slaughter to “protect” the “honour” of said community. The third Abrahamic abomination destroying female lives anywhere and everywhere it goes. All religions are anti-women to some degree, but this one’s just toxic hyper-masculinity on steroids. Gorilla in the world, nobody wants to cull.

    1. >All religions are anti women

      No – all surviving religions are patriarchal, which is quite different from being ‘anti-women’. Matriarchal religions did not make it far.
      I wonder why. /s

      1. The past dominance of patriarchal religions does not mean much. In pre-industrial agricultural societies the human upper body strength was the driving force behind many important political and economic activities like fighting, ploughing or transporting goods. Since women have lower upper body strength per kg of body-weight compared to men, this helped men as well as patriarchal religions. In modern societies human power does not play a significant role. So apart from suppressing women now patriarchal religions also harm the society as a whole by preventing efficient allocation of human resources.

        1. Er that’s a lame excuse that is overused. Human biology & psychology, and by extension social dynamics that evolved over millions of years of evolution did not change just because machines do most of the work now. A lion does not start eating grass nor does a gazelle start eating meat just because you put it them in a cage. There is no harm in patriarchy, it came about through quite an arduous process and is in sync with human nature.

    2. @Nivedita

      Hindu women had it worse with Sati, temple prostitution, breast tax and what not until Muslims banned them. You’re welcome!

      1. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, when muslim pretend to care for womens rights, of non muslims in particular, it makes one laugh. None of the progress made in those areas had anything to do with muslims at all. But since you are interested in progress, start with putting an end to burkhas and kidnapping non muslim women to be married away. You can start by criticizing and doing something about it. Till then, bye, but then again, one does not expect any intellectual honesty. Its ok, loyalty to allah comes in the way of humanity. Got it.

        1. @phyecho1

          You talk like you’re a white person from Western country. Look at yourself in the mirror. You’re an Indian, belonging to a religion that is far more patriarchal than Islam, until we banned those practices.

          I don’t deny that we are patriarchal too, but we have treated women far better than Hindus. Our treatment maybe harsh by 20th/21st century standards, and a Western white man may look down on it, but you as a Hindu man can’t hold a higher moral ground.

          Only a century ago your lot imposed breast tax on lower caste women until British banned it. Your historical treatment of women is horrendous.

        2. Whining about Burkhas and Kidnapping of non-muslim women is basically channeling beta male cuckold energy. Not a fan of burkhas but the root issue is that Muslim men are successful by and large in keeping their women in line, burkha is just a minor side effect of that, while males of others groups either resent them for it or have internalized their immasculation. Like how in the world would a minority group kidnapp the women of a majority group without a violent response. Even minority groups can protect their women if their men are willing to be overtly aggressive.

          But nah. We are treated to endless whining about Muslims not caring about human rights and all the baggage that comes with it. We – righteous, they evil yadda yadda.

          1. You cant seem to be capable of imagining what is coming for you . People who dont value human rights go about whining “hindutva”, fears of genocide, islamophobia etc. The people who whine the most are muslims themselves. The world’s tolerance has a limit and you guys sure want to test it. The consequences wont be nice. But then again, hitler and nazis also didnt learn lessons on human rights the easy way.

            The only betas are those who fiddle in deception. But then again, allah is the great deceiver. got to follow him. No?. If muslims actually have the courage to actually say this to the world, you will find out who the beta are by the next day itself. The only ones saving your ass is the delusional left.

          2. 20 more lines of whining: “y burkhaa omg. y leftist support Muslim.. u dun know what’s coming for you.. y triple talaq”. These things are a concern for “niceguys”. People who don’t have any control over their mother, sister or wife and know that they can’t do anything about it are the most concerned about the “rights of women” of another religion, country or ethnicity. If you don’t see how that is channeling beta cuck energy, we’ll what can I say except to keep at it.

          3. @S Qureishi you keep mocking all non-muslims for being cuckolded beta males, but can’t you see that all these genetic studies showing high level of incest within muslim societies actually point in the opposite direction? allah only knows what goes on behind those burkhas and purdahs. clean up your act man. these things are not good. live like decent clean human beings.

  6. gorillas are vegetarian, they dont force burkha on their mates. Will even tolerate some human presence . They are not as self aware as humans. Lets not compare human depravity to that of animals . Animals do not consciously commit such things. I will happily wish for a kingdom of gorillas in place of pakistan. It would make for a safer world, no terrorism, no hellhole for minorities and no threat of nukes spreading to terrorists, no grooming gangs after migration to other country . Totally harmless.

    1. Meant it as a metaphor! Nobody wants to discuss the elephant or the gorilla in the room.

      Gorilla in the room (plural gorillas in the room) A problem or difficult issue that is very obvious, but is ignored for the convenience or comfort of those involved.

  7. but the root issue is that Muslim men are successful by and large in keeping their women in line, burkha is just a minor side effect of that, while males of others groups either resent them for it or have internalized their immasculation

    Lmao, new Andrew Tate (pbuh) just dropped.
    Children are highly impressionable, it doesn’t take much to mold them. Why do you need to keep women “in line” though? Scared about what they’ll do if they’re given the choice? What level of “beta cuckold energy” should this be labelled as?

    Whining about Burkhas and Kidnapping of non-muslim women is basically channeling beta male cuckold energy

    Clowns will chat shit online all the time, but will go cry at the UN for “muh combat iSlAmOpHoBiA day” the second someone (merely) hits back.
    You folks legit can’t even handle BJP, imagine if a more serious party came to power.

  8. @s qureishi, Right now muslims are cucks of the world. pakistan and its army are beta cucks of china and america, pak itself is product of british. You are kept up for your nuisance value precisely because they know they can crush you guys anytime they want. That is precisly what they like about you.
    You can never challenge them, they actually see Hindu India, atheist/ china as future threats and attack more. As one british officer once predicted of pathans, in late 19th century, even after a century, one expects them not to change much.

    Future of the world is something you have less and less influence and are dependent more and more on others. Right now, even ummah are chosing India head by Modi of all people. Muslims have suffered defeats after defeats after defeats since 19th century. Because future is decided by people who actually create knowledge. And it just is the case that knowledge comes also ties with moral views because knowledge and doubt go hand in hand.

    You guys are losing every year since 500 yrs that others started creating knowledge. And worse, you cant do it, if you actually tried to create some of own knowledge, the fear is that there simply isnt enough theological resource in Islam to allow it without breaking apart, which is the real source of these problems. Pretending weakness as a source of strength. And mind you, all this on a topic of incest in muslim community. That right there is the height of beta cuck energy. The very definition of impotent rage. But it is good to get a confirmation from time to time.

    You think your unwillingness to change is because of controlling women, reality is because your theology has morally handicapped you as to keep limping and defending despicable things while others move ahead. And yes, smarter people both read more and write more. And dumber people find it hard to do both.

    1. Summary of the post: U Losing for 500 years, no future, West can crush u, modiji is leader of muslim ummah, muslim ummah is doing incest, morally handicapped, theologically limited, dumb people..

      Still doesn’t explain why you are so bothered about Muslims, especially the ‘rights of Muslim women’. I think I hit the nail right on the head when I was hinting you are portraying classic ‘love jihad’ anxiety. It’s a ‘niceguys’ sexual strategy, doesn’t work though. You will find out sooner or later.

  9. Indian right wing types are the most Islamophobic people I come across online. Like they actually at fear Islam a lot.

    Christians and atheist types may hate Islam but they seem less scared of it and more disdainful.

        1. European alt right fears Islam a lot, including young. Some middle aged Hindutuva uncles fear Islam a lot. Younger Hindutuva fears Islam way less. They almost are irrational about it. Hence why they get really angry at stuff like BJP apologizing for Nupour Sharma. They also do a lot of Malauna Modi insults.

          1. The European far right fears racial demographic change from Muslims or other races (not just Muslims). Muslims are the biggest migrant group and their biggest long term threat so it translates into attacking Islam as well.

            There is very little fear mongering of Islam in Europe from actual practicing Christians, some dislike or disdain perhaps for Islam, but generally practicing Christians get along with Muslims.

            Hindu far right hates Islam, because they have heavily internalized a narrative of historical victimhood which colors their present and future discourse. It also helps them that many core Islamic tenets are against Hindu beliefs.. although ironically Hindu extremists are usually not traditional and have incorporated the same core tenets from Islam into their worldview.

          2. I also think sub-continental Muslims also have a much greater animus towards Hindus than non-subcontinental Muslims.

            Fundamentally I think identitarian nationalist politics in the subcontinent is religious while in Europe it is racial.

            Sometimes Pakistanis make racial comments about hindus being darker etc. But I think that is mostly driven by religious sentiment as well.

            Some diapsora people not withstanding (who have a more radicalized world view)

          3. Sumit, racial/skin color comments are made by every group, and it rings much more when made towards Indians because Indic ethnic groups are quite sensitive about skincolor than other groups since they all want to have lighter skin. This is one of the things, that has no religious angle towards it, since racial insults are directly prohibited in Islam, in Quran, Hadith and other texts, so it would be cognitive dissonance. Otherwise, everyone makes racial comments against each other, this is common even within India.

    1. This is non-obvious to Indian Hindus who will incorrectly assume Muslims outside subcontinent give a shit.

      So then Hindu right wingers also start to give a shit about stuff like the Israel / Palestinian thing for eg. In reality Palestinians / Arabs have very little animosity towards Hindus and there is no reason for Indian Hindus to actively cultivate this animosity.

  10. cause Indic ethnic groups are quite sensitive about skincolor than other groups since they all want to have lighter skin.

    only europeans and to some extent africans don’t care about skin color. Iranians call Pakistanis blacks. chinese consider ‘black’ an insult

  11. @S.Qureshi – I am aware it is not sanctioned by Islam..

    I agree it is just one generic way to insult someone in South Asia (call them black)

    What I mean is the desire to hurl racial insult stems from religious animosity.

    Whereas in the west someone calling me a jihadi terrorist, or dot head or something is hurling a religious insult but it stems from racial animosity.

    Hope that makes sense.

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