Pakistan Crisis: The Arrest of Imran Khan

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In this episode I talk to Maneesh about the latest crisis in Pakistan. We start with a little background and then discuss what is happening right now and what we may expect in the future. Comments welcome.


I promised to link some good articles:

Best summary of how we got to this point: What Imran Khan’s Ascent did to Pakistan 

Good as always from Dr Mohammed Taqi (@mazdaki on twitter)

Probably the best news and analysis show on Pakistani TV these days (as in well prepared, logical, usually objective) is Shahzeb Khanzada. 

The corps commander’s peacock

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6 thoughts on “Pakistan Crisis: The Arrest of Imran Khan”

  1. Omarsaab is too critical of the revolution – saying look what Imran did before. I think that’s just a price people have to pay to get rid of Army hegemony.

    As for being dictator, I don’t think a civilian leader can be a dictator in any country if the Army is against him. Erdogan comes to mind though, but i’m not sure what’s was going inside the army of Turkey at the time of his ascent.

    As to what after, that’s easy peasy, say we are bankrupt and open trade, things will improve. Just have to take care of Labbaiks. Better if Imran changes his office to KPK or some deserts, punjabi mullas aren’t coming out of their homecountry, too risky.

    Another argument people give is that he is not against the army, he is just wanting them to support him …….. which is a smart move, he doesn’t want to alienate the whole army.

    As for him being on the gaddi in the first place due to army, Well as hasan nisar said in 2011, “Imran is nobody’s man, Imran is Imran’s man”. Army didn’t have much of a choice.

  2. At least SL did not get to this position despite Victoria Nulands best efforts. It will be great for world stability if a Nuclear Armed Pakistan law and order collapses. To connect the dots again, Islamic militants can get hold of the Nuclear Missile. Thank You US and Victoria Nuland for regime change in Pakistan.

    Supporters of Imran Khan are now attacking Pakistan Army,stopping army vehicles and looting weapons,in last 24 hours Lahore governor’s house was burnt,radio pakistan building was burnt,army headquarters was broken,Air force base was broken,more than 50 army vehicles were burnt

  3. Incidentally the second video ask is “Pak going Sri Lanka way”

    a) Protestors in SL never attacked the Army or Navy.
    b) The SL Army has never been in power, or a power broker unlike Pakistan

    c) There is still a lot of respect for the Army for winning the war against the LTTE. And the Army has not pushed the boundaries and tried to seize power.

    I dont really know anything about Pakistan politics. But I get the impression the Muhajirs are those mainly in power, including in the Army. Not a very stable situation in my opinion.

    1. Mohajirs are not in power in their own city (Karachi), how will they be in power in the country?

  4. Very poor and sketchy coverage of the crisis in Pakistan. Which media outlets are folks following for updates?

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