Major Amin on the current crisis, May 2023

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In this episode I talk to Major Amin, well knows to our listeners. Just a short chat about what is going on.

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Omar Ali

I am a physician interested in obesity and insulin resistance, and in particular in the genetics and epigenetics of obesity As a blogger, I am more interested in history, Islam, India, the ideology of Pakistan, and whatever catches my fancy. My opinions can change.

9 thoughts on “Major Amin on the current crisis, May 2023”

  1. The reference to agent provocateurs is interesting. Does this indicate a foreign element that is directing some of the actions such as targeting the Corp Commander’s residence, etc.? Or does it indicate that there is a split in the Army that is now out in the open?

    The Army certainly had the resources to fly Imran to a more secure resource, but this did not happen.

    Major Amin is asserting that the media – Twitter and WhatsApp are blowing up the scope of agitation and anti-Army sentiments in Pakistan. Is he whistling in the dark?

    Seems like the “establishment” – that which cannot be named – has tried to control internet access. I am curious if this has been restored.

    Interesting factoid that Maj. Amin comes from a family that is into soldiering for nine generations. This explains the oblique references to the establishment and reluctance to call out the Army which has been feeding off Pakistan.

    1. Sorry guys for posting off-topic.
      Lot of bad takes on Karnataka (KA) election results.
      This thread is more accurate

      TLDR; BJP lost vote share in its lingayat strong hold areas of North KA to congress. Gained some vote share in Bengaluru and Old Mysore but not enough to gain any seats.

      Although it will be convenient to say that no government has been won re-election since 1980, it is not an accurate picture. In 2004, 08, 13 and 18 BJP got consistently high vote shares in North KA. In 13, I am including Yeddyurappa’s(BSY) breakaway faction’s vote share in BJP kitty. This is first time when they lost vote share by 4-5% in North KA.

      One guy Modi has to thank for facing this situation is his Gen Sec BL Santhosh. The guy has never been comfortable with lingayat domination in state bjp. During elections, seek votes in BSY’s name but then team up with opposition to paint him corrupt. Replace him with another “lingayat CM” but try to remote control him that it is visible to everybody. BSY is no saint but he is not any more corrupt than other CMs. The electorate at large knows where to draw the line. The same “clean politics” guys in BJP never highlighted corruption in state congress.
      To get a glimpse of what is in store under Congress rule
      “Pakistan Zindabad” slogans in Belagavi during congress election victory rally.

      I will keep saying like a broken record. Modi can’t let his coterie run states from their delhi durbar.

      1. what did the north karnataka lingayaths gain? they had their caste man, son of soil ( native of north karnataka), in bommai. now they have a kuruba as cm and a south karnataka vokkaliga as sole dcm. they are bargaining for ministerial slots.
        it will be very difficult for congress to reward this group as bjp did.
        interesting times. this congress victory probably has saved karnataka as a single state for next 10 years at least. continued north karnataka lingayath domination would have eventually split the state.

        1. Main reasons are Congress winning north Karnataka—-
          1. Local MLAs perceived as not being connected/delivering
          2. The tussle between yeddyurappa and other lingayat leaders was known to everyone. Played out as Lingayat Vs Brahmin caste tussle. This was seen as reason for #1 above.

          BJP still got more than 50% of Lingayat votes but enough (3-5%) of them voted for congress or stayed home combined with increased turnout of congress supporters. The freebie promises also played a part.

          On ground level, you need someone who is seen as his own man not a puppet. Ironic that DK Shivakumar and Sidda were able to project this but not bjp leaders.
          Either way it is not going to be a good few years for Lingayats in general. The bigger problem is lack of good and capable leaders.

          1. there are other things which will pan out:
            1. the issue of ‘separate lingayath religion’ has got some fresh lease of life.jamadar has demanded that this govt. persue the matter.
            2. can congress take back the extra 2% reservation given to lingayaths ( and vokkaligas), while restoring 4% reservation to muslims?
            3. what happens to the panchamasali stir?
            4. it is very dangerous to neglect likes of shamanur shivashankarappa.
            5. vijayendra has already started syaing that congess is neglecting lingayaths!!!
            6. in all likely hood the leader of opposition will be a lingayath!, making the faultline very obvious.
            7. congress cannot undo the ban on cow slaughter or the anti conversion act.
            very interesting times ahead…

          2. Reason 2 above was mistyped. It was “tussle between yeddyurappa+other Lingayat leaders and BL Santhosh.”

          3. “continued north karnataka lingayath domination would have eventually split the state.”
            90s and aughts the demand for separate state had some traction in north Karnataka. The overall development in last 2 decades, partly due to increased power share for this region has subdued this demand.
            However, as you surmise south Karnataka(Old mysore region) may be chafing under Lingayat “domination “. Infact this has been an issue since the state reorganization in 1956. INC and devraj urs subdued Lingayat dominance with his low+high caste combination in 70s /80s. Siddu is latest incarnation of that. DKS may at best get 1 term.
            Lingayat as separate religion or panchamshali separate quota are different means to divide Lingayats and deny them power. The lack of credible and competent leadership will mean we will be picked apart in pieces. It is what it is. If Lingayats get leadership and emerge as consistent power bloc then OMR might be the first one to ask for separate state.

  2. agent provocateurs are not foreigners – as per the theory the state security apparatus uses them to crush opposition .establishment is off course the non civilian elements — always made this clear many times in previous podcasts . yes certainly twitter , YouTube much exaggerates the picture.

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