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  1. The only lead the upper caste have is education. Most Upper castes in India have had access to education for 2-3 generations more than lower castes. Most Grandparents of Lower Castes in India are pretty illiterate. Like most Indian, their progress up the economic ladder came from access to good jobs that became available through education. If there was a privilege among the Upper caste, it was just simply educated parents and/or grandparents.

    Also, the earliest Indians who could move abroad came from the Bureaucratic/Political class. They had privileged access to Forex, contacts who could set them up with scholarships (or preferential bank loans), preferential access to Police (for criminal background) and exit visa. Millennials don’t know about this, but until the mid-2000s, you had to apply for Emigration Clearance to leave India. This is why someone like Ro Khanna could emigrate in the 80s whereas his neighbour Ram/Radha had to traffick themselves to emigrate – they had to work around too many barriers to legally emigrate. So ya, your loudest Intellectuals are children of the Bureaucrats/politicians of the yesteryears.

    1. The emigration check for educated ones at least from late 90s onwards was perfunctory.
      UCs have a tradition of reading/writing literally forever not just 3 generations.
      Having said that, OBCs and Dalits can’t depend on crutches forever.

  2. with kukis getting international support because they are christian, hope ‘hindu’ meities will now sort of homogenise with the main steam hindus, similar to the assamese hindus.
    this needs to be seen in coming days.

  3. Bjp as a party, and Modi in particular likes to get to power through antagonism. It is a cheap political trick, true power is in unity of a society. That way, by creating a moral wedge, you will also blunt a schism that the westerners or others seek to utilize against your country for future regime change wars. Hindus should aim for institutions locally . That is what matters.

    1. this is how it was in manipur w.r.t hinduism. when the situation is internationalised because kukis sre christian, the manipuri meities look to mainstream hindus, and for once the mainstream hindus are responding in a sporadic manner.

  4. https://twitter.com/ArainGang/status/1683911200348999680

    Be thankful it was only the police who decided to turn up at your door, rather than aggrieved members of the community you were trying to incite violence against.

    Keep in mind that these degenerates made up a story about Hindu men trying to kidnap muslim girls (the irony of this demographic accusing others of kidnapping/trafficking girls) in Leicester and then attacked Hindus.

    Meanwhile when Hindus don’t buy the cops’ narrative of a very real incident (where Hindu girls were recorded without their consent), they should be thankful that they weren’t killed by islamists.

    With each passing year, I’m more convinced that a civil war is imminent.

  5. Does anyone here read Vivek Iyer’s “Socio-proctology” at Blogspot or Substack? Seems to be a highly erudite economic liberal who writes endless debunkings of media-academic punditry on topics like Indian politics and history. I find him fascinating.

    1. yes, he is smart and would interest people who are looking for a liberal pov in debunking other liberals but he goes to some ridiculous points on claiming that nehru/gandhi were responsible for genocide of muslims etc. He is therefore restricted to debunking other left/liberal pov while also subscribing to being liberal when most times it is easy to call out liberal assumptions as being straight forwardly wrong. you can touch your nose in a straight forward way or twist your arm around your head and then touch it.

  6. just found out the term ‘kutcha butcha’ from @whatever podcast (saying the half brown girl on the panel was one in the comments)

    1. For us ignorant of Hindi

      Kutcha butcha (कच्चा बच्चा) is a Hindi phrase that means “half-baked child,” and is used to refer to biracial people of (East) Indian and (white) British ancestry.

  7. Hindu Preference for males a major factor. Females 907 per 1,000 males a damning statistic.

    The National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) has released a fresh data on the number of women and girls that went missing in India. According to the Union ministry of home affairs, quoting NCRB data, 3,75,058 women above 18 years of age went missing from across the country in 2021 alone.

    India needs to fix its problems before it tells SL what should be done re minorities. In india females are becoming a minority.

    13.13 lakh girls, women went missing between 2019 and 2021: Govt data

  8. Interesting tweet purporting to show GST revenue from states for July 2023


    Maharashtra – 26,064 crore
    Karnataka – 11,505 crore
    Tamil Nadu – 10,022 crore
    Gujarat – 9,787 crore
    Uttar Pradesh – 8,802 crore
    Haryana – 7,953 crore
    Delhi – 5,405 crore
    West Bengal – 5,128 crore
    Telangana – 4,849 crore
    Odisha – 4,245 crore
    Rajasthan – 3,988 crore
    Andhra Pradesh – 3,593 crore
    Madhya Pradesh – 3,325 crore
    Jharkhand – 2,859 crore
    Chattisgarh – 2,805 crore
    Kerala – 2,381 crore
    Punjab – 2,000 crore
    Uttarakhand – 1,607 crore
    Bihar – 1,488 crore
    Assam – 1,183 crore

    I’ve manually calculated this on a per capita basis using the (now outdated) 2011 census.

    Delhi – 5,405 crore, pop 2 crore, 2,703 crore per capita
    Haryana – 7,953 crore, pop 3 crore, 2,651 crore per capita
    Maharashtra – 26,064 crore, pop 11 crore, 2,370 crore per capita
    Karnataka – 11,505 crore, pop 6 crore, 1,918 crore per capita
    Gujarat – 9,787 crore, pop 6 crore, 1,631 crore per capita
    Uttarakhand – 1,607 crore, pop 1 crore, 1,607 crore per capita
    Tamil Nadu – 10,022 crore, pop 7 crore, 1,432 crore per capita
    Telangana – 4,849 crore, pop 4 crore, 1,212 crore per capita
    Odisha – 4,245 crore, pop 4 crore, 1,061 crore per capita
    Jharkhand – 2,859 crore, pop 3 crore, 953 crore per capita
    Chattisgarh – 2,805 crore, pop 3 crore, 935 crore per capita
    Kerala – 2,381 crore, pop 3 crore, 794 crore per capita
    Andhra Pradesh – 3,593 crore, pop 5 crore, 719 crore per capita
    Punjab – 2,000 crore, pop 3 crore, 667 crore per capita
    West Bengal – 5,128 crore, pop 9 crore, 570 crore per capita
    Rajasthan – 3,988 crore, pop 7 crore, 570 crore per capita
    Madhya Pradesh – 3,325 crore, pop 7 crore, 475 crore per capita
    Uttar Pradesh – 8,802 crore, pop 20 crore, 440 crore per capita
    Assam – 1,183 crore, pop 3 crore, 394 crore per capita
    Bihar – 1,488 crore, pop 10 crore, 149 crore per capita

    Odisha, Jharkhand, and Chhattisgarh are impressive, ahead of Kerala, AP, Punjab, WB, Rajasthan.

    Bihar wow.

    1. oops, ignore the crore in the per capita column, that’s an error.

      Delhi – 2,703 per capita
      Haryana – 2,651 per capita
      Maharashtra – 2,370 per capita
      Karnataka – 1,918 per capita
      Gujarat – 1,631 per capita
      Uttarakhand – 1,607 per capita
      Tamil Nadu – 1,432 per capita
      Telangana – 1,212 per capita
      Odisha – 1,061 per capita
      Jharkhand – 953 per capita
      Chattisgarh – 935 per capita
      Kerala – 794 per capita
      Andhra Pradesh – 719 per capita
      Punjab – 667 crore capita
      West Bengal – 570 per capita
      Rajasthan – 570 per capita
      Madhya Pradesh – 475 per capita
      Uttar Pradesh – 440 per capita
      Assam – 394 per capita
      Bihar – 149 per capita

  9. Do South Indian Hindus like Hoju share this kind of videos with their Western Friends.
    High Tamil Hindu Culture in Jaffna

    Do North Indian Hindus have this kind of barbaric practices.

    Jaffna Nallur kandaswamy kovil Thukku kavady 20-8-2017 Video – 2/ நல்லூர் கந்தன் துக்கு காவடிகள்

  10. what are some potential challenges, if any, that a north indian (punjabi) and south indian diaspora couple may face in the long term

    1. One random thing is whose mom comes(girl’s or guy’s) for pregnancy/delivery ? 😄

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