Ertugrul is badass

I watched a few episodes of Ertugrul and it’s pretty good. I would prefer less of a Marvel-comics style character…Ertugrul and his alps basically are just killing machines who never get injured while taking down dozens of Christian knights. But it is good for what it intends to be, a dramatic rendering of the origins of the Ottoman mythology.

What’s the Indian equivalent? I assume a Shijavi TV series, but is there something with good production values?

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  1. Shouldn’t the actors look a bit more Asiatic and a little less European?

    What I see are a bunch of European dudes cosplaying as Turks with a solid oontz oontz Arabic dance soundtrack.

    Its like their version of RRR or Baahubali or something but in a TV serial format.

    1. Unfortunately I have watched quite a few Maratha history productions but I haven’t found something with the production qualities of baahubali or rrr. Hoping chandramouli and his protege will do the honors on shivaji and others icons.

  2. Combination of exagerations and an old epic sounds like the show Dharti Ka Veer Yodha Prithvi Raj Chauhan.

  3. It’s a really good historical fantasy TV show that portrays good Islamic values combined with Turkic culture, and has gotten really popular worldwide (even in Christian countries). The show was originally made for TV (not for streaming websites) so it sometimes drags on places, but overall still quite interesting.
    Obviously anything that glorifies anything other than western secular liberalism is not liked by the establishment in 3rd world countries.

    1. As a european. I love watching this show. Yes, some action is a bit ott. But values, betrayal. Integrity n stories are very enjoyable

  4. So, what would you like to see more of? Violent Religious bigotry of all shades and a world perpetually in conflict over religion, capitalism, race and fascism? What else do you have to reconcile people to each other than liberal secular values.

    1. And this is exactly the problem with people promoting the liberal secular world order, they not only make the mistake of thinking that different people/nations want to actually reconcile with other over values, but they also make the mistake of thinking that their world view is the best view and everything else is worse. And they don’t just stop at that, they want to force their world view on everyone, via carrot or stick. Not just that, they would never even bother to examine whether the real world aligns with their world view. Just force it down everyone’s throat to achieve utopia. End goal of communism.

      1. That is not the liberal secular view. It makes no value judgements about betterness over others except that it is better to get along amicably by keeping religious superiority and hatred out. You stick to your sectarian beliefs and you end up fighting each other.

        1. >It makes no value judgements about betterness over others except that it is better to get along amicably by keeping religious superiority and hatred out

          The part after the word ‘except’ is the part which is the problem. It’s just another supremacy play, and one that is more sinister than others because claims that to be moral you have to be inclusive, which is just against human nature. Not just that, people proclaiming its virtues are not really that inclusive themselves but claim to be.

          Fact is that people will fight each other no matter what. This is human nature, people are tribal, diverse and have differences in religion, race, tribe, caste that are very real. Societies will usually develop harmony between different competing groups naturally over time. Forces that seek to force disparate groups together and cause radical change usually end up causing more harm than good.

  5. In Tamil, Ponniyin Selvan is a dramatized rendering of 1950 hugely popular Tamil novel of the same name. It narrates the palace intrigues of Rajaraja and Rajendra chola and how someone becomes a king. I have read the novel which came a series in the weekly Kalki.

    That can partly rival Etrugul, though this is not an ‘origin story’
    Each country is producing ‘origin stories’. Have seen Sun King from France about Louis 14th, Wolfhall in English which describes the intrigues of Henry the 8th during English Reformation as seen through his right hand man Thomas Cromwell. I have also seen Russian production of Katharine (ie the Great)

  6. Well, the Indian equivalent was Ramayan on India’s national broadcaster in 1987. It produced empty streets during its broadcast and as liberal-secular critics allege, a national upheaval 5 years downstream.

  7. On Shivaji the best show is the 2 episodes of Bharat-ek-Khoj directed by Shyam Benegal.

    Bharat ek Khoj generally is great. Its “inspired” from Nehru’s book “Discovery of India” (which is a good introduction to all of Indian History.). However the show is much more detailed than the book.

    The Shivaji episodes above are pretty cerebral and not at all jingoistic. They are good history and they have great production values. Goes to show that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to make great historical shows. Of course you can’t do big battle scenes but battle scenes make me snooze anyway.

  8. Not sure about Indian production values, they probably wouldnt even be allowed to make such shows today, irrespective of the directors. So, it wont even happen, you get some trashy shows.

    But I would suggest, romance of 3 kingdoms made in china. Production values with regard to war scenes are perhaps not the best, but it is the best show I have ever seen. Far superior to game of thrones in terms of the internal politics shown. By far the best show ever in the history of tv shows on historical epics. Nothing supernatural, just politics and little war.

  9. Honestly the Baro-Bhuiyans of Bengal who put off the rebels for about half a century would be a good show too imo.

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