Browncast: Professor C Christine Fair on Lashkar, Khalistan, Palestine, etc


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In this episode Mukunda and I talk to Professor Christine Fair, Professor in the Security Studies Program within Georgetown University’s Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service. We talked about her upcoming book “Literature of the Lashkar e Tayyaba” , jihadist propaganda in general, and whatever else comes up. We also touch on Khalistan and Canada and even spend a few minutes on the Israel-Palestine conflict to round things off.

C. Christine Fair

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Omar Ali

I am a physician interested in obesity and insulin resistance, and in particular in the genetics and epigenetics of obesity As a blogger, I am more interested in history, Islam, India, the ideology of Pakistan, and whatever catches my fancy. My opinions can change.

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8 months ago

She blocked me in twitter. I can assume cause I prolly asked or commented about her outburst when a very old military guy was just commenting on the dialect of nowshera; this was chandigarh defence literature fest. The discussion was the f16/mig downing.

He was gentle and just saying the dialect is same as given in video.

African Shiva
African Shiva
8 months ago

Dr. Fair refuting any possibility of LeT joining Hamas to fight against Israel and yet I see this tweet. Some Lashkar guy got killed in Gaza. Why are our academics so outdated and smug about their claims?

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