Bangladesh’s War of Liberation-Historicising a Personal Narrative

The following is from a talk given by Colonel Nadir Ali at BRAC university in Dhaka in 2007.. Bangladesh’s War of Liberation Liberation War-Historicising a Personal Narrative December 16, 2014 0 2,619 Views |By Col Nadir Ali (Retd) , Pakistan Army| Former Pakistani Col Nadir Ali’s talks of his experiences from 1971 in Bangladesh at […]

How Pakistan Got Divided

Review of General Rao Farman Ali’s book by Major Amin HOW PAKISTAN GOT DIVIDED-RAO FARMAN ALI KHAN -298 PAGES – OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS-PAKISTAN –ISBN NUMBER 978-0-19-940698-2- YEAR OF PUBLICATION -2017 Reviewed by Major Agha H Amin (Retired) This is yet another disappointing book in the genre that Pakistani writers write to rationalize the separation of […]

A Historic Picture (and some reminiscences about 1971 BD War)

From Dr Hamid Hussain General Sam Manekshaw speaking to two Pakistani Air Force officers in plane bringing him to Pakistan for negotiations after 1971 Indo-Pakistan war. Gentleman sitting in suit is a public relations officer of Indian Ministry of Defence and gentleman standing in white overall is a sergeant of the Indian Air Force. Photograph courtesy […]

East Pakistan 1971

This topic comes up every year in December (for obvious reasons) and this year Dawn has published an unusually good summary of events (from a liberal/progressive/reasonable Pakistani POV) and Ahsan Butt has an excellent article about the thinking behind the genocide. You can read these, or read one of the many good books written about […]