Poems: climate, impeachment, climate

Scorched earth

Scorched earth used to be a military tactic —
Samson caught three hundred foxes,
and took firebrands,
and put a firebrand in the midst between two tails,
sending them through enemy fields —
but what if nature out-flames the foxes?
What if floods engulf
those waterboarding Khalid Sheikh Mohammed?

Hosing down used to be a police tactic —
against dissenting crowds,
with dissent almost a badge of honor,
police visor and shield
almost an admission of guilt —
ah, earth, water, air, mind — all ablaze!


For sure

No sense in wasting a poem on impeachment,
those things pass
like leaves in the wind,
Nixon, Clinton,Trump, and
by the time you read this
another fistful, maybe no doubt —
on second thought, poems too
are leaves in a high wind, sacred altitude at best.

Han Shan sent his poems floating downstream,
scribbled them on the walls of caves
and hermitages,
wrote them on beech-bark
on the off-chance someone would find them —
Pulitzer-winner Gary Snyder for sure found them!



Floods and firestorms:
the planet is not so much burning as oscillating,
floods, the element of water,
fire would evaporate them,
but only after bringing them to boiling point,
firestorms, wrathful,
water would quench them,
but boiling point is hardly the issue.

We are deep into future problems,
the courage of our blind denial
blithely fire-walking
with water-walking ability
granted us solely in scriptures —
prediction succeeds, prophecy fails, what next?

Brown Pundits