Sunny Narang in Conversation with Dr. Omar Ali.


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Sunny Narang, a Punjabi born and brought up in Delhi with ancestral roots in Pakistan, speaks with Dr. Ali on post partition Punjabis in Delhi; they also talk about culture and people who have and continue to shape the history of the sub-continent, from Jain bankers in Mughal India to the business clans of modern India.



Some of the books talked about on the episode.

Indiraji Through my Eyes: Usha Bhagat
The City of Hope The Faridabad Story L.C. Jain
The South Asian Papers” , a collection of 16 papers by Stephen Philip Cohen
All These Years: A Memoir by Raj Thapar
Civilization and Capitalism: 15th-18th Century by Fernand Braudel
Punjabi Century by Prakash Tandon




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