Kailasha and Soma central to Arya culture?

Please read the following: Historical Proof that Lord Shiva Resides in Kailash The mystery and secret of Mount Kailash Does fear of Lord Shiva residing on Mount Kailash Valmiki Ramayana Kishkindha Kanda [Book IV] Sarga XLIII Afghanistan’s History Ancient Egyptian Arya and Greek history part 2 Is the famous Mount Soma another name for Mount […]

Afghanistan’s History

Afghanistan’s History There are several perspectives on Afghanistan’s name. Afghanistan’s name might come from “Upa-Gana-stan”: “Upa” with a choti “a” at the end or “उप” means near “Gana” or “गण” I believe might be a reference to Shiva’s Ganas (gouls, ghosts, unusual looking beings . . . possibly a reference to non homo sapiens of some […]

Intellectual Dark Web

I would define the “intellectual dark web” as the confluence and convergence of leaders from classical European enlightenment, hard sciences, technology (including neuroscience, bio-engineering, genetics, artificial intelligence), and east philosophy streams. Among the intellectual dark web’s many members are Dr. Richard Haier, Jordan Peterson, Jonathan Haidt, Ben Shapiro, Weinstein brothers, Sam Harris, Glenn Loury, John McWhorter, Yuval Noah […]

Book Review: The RigVeda

How many fires are there, how many suns? How many dawns? How many waters? I ask this, O fathers, not to challenge. O Sages, I ask it to know (RigVeda Book 10, hymn 88) Full Disclosure: I have not actually read the entire RigVeda; all I did was read multiple hymns in each of the 10 books […]