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6 years ago

What did you like about it?

I am not completely sure what to make of it. Does he want to lead the Pakistani Army and nation to victory against the Islamists? A war not for India, America, China, Europe, Russia or foreigners; but a war for Pakistan . . . . because Pakistanis are a great, self confident and good people and the Pakistani soul demands justice. If so, then his rhetoric is a great way to lead this effort. A strong self confident leader with this type of rhetoric would be deeply respected and supported in India, US, Europe, China, Russia; by the entire international community. I think President Trump and PM Modi would do everything they can to help him succeed.

If I could change the topic a little; ISIS, AQ, Taliban and their allies have killed over a million muslims. They conduct several terrorist attacks a day all over the world. It seems that few nonmuslims around the world care or pay attention anymore. Including to the latest horrendous terrorist attack in Kabul:


Why is this? The only people who care appear to be muslims. With a special shout out to muslim leftists; who unlike their nonmuslim leftist counterparts have moral clarity on Islamists. Muslim leftists know that if the violent Islamists are not stopped, they are all going to die. And that is the truth.

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