The Rise of the RSS

Prashant’s made a fascinating that Pakistan’s constitution hates minorities so that Pakistanis don’t have to. However India needs the BJP to control minorities.

I find the Muslim minority in India to be perplexing. They should ditch the hijab, stop eating beef and integrate wherever they can. They should also only do the Azaan one Friday afternoon a week; beautifully recited by a qualified Arabic-speaker.

Of course however they must eschew Hindi whenever possible in favour of Urdu. I find it very problematic that Muslim children are learning an alien Brahminical script when they should be keeping to their Perso-Arabic heritage.

In some ways the West, Israel & India are under major strain between populism & liberal democracy. It may just be that liberal democracies work well in hegemonic majoritarian cultures not those that have large and growing (Muslim?) minorities?

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Razib Khan
6 years ago

RSS has been declining since the mid-2000s with the rise of twitter 🙁

Omar Ali
6 years ago

“an alien Brahminical script” LOL.
I know you aim to provoke, but this is a bit rich 🙂

Reply to  Omar Ali

Lol @ Omar

I think the crusade to reject “Brahminical” scripts should start with the largest single linguistic group of South Asian Muslims. Let’s see what they have to say…

Bloody hell! I forgot, they already did!

6 years ago

I greatly respect you Zach, but there is no reason why Indian Muslims need to give up the hijab and stop eating beef. Lots of Indian Hindus eat beef. This whole crusade against beef and in favor of “gau mata” is a new obsession of the militant Hindu Right. It wasn’t always this way.

6 years ago

I don’t think people should be forced to “Hinduize” themselves. If they choose to do so that is a different matter but assimilation should not be a condition for living in India.

South Asian Muslims already are culturally different from Arab Muslims. That is because we are not Arab. For example, Qawwali is a South Asian form, heavily influenced by the use of music in Hindu worship. You won’t find Qawwali in Saudi Arabia.

I have no issues with assimilation but forced assimilation is a different matter.

The fact that Indian and Pakistani Muslims have started to ape the Arabs is a whole another issue and I am definitely not in favor of that.

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