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  1. Your view of human nature is too harsh 🙂
    This is not such unexpected behavior. Especially when it comes to funerals.
    Maybe things have deteriorated to young people are surprised at this?

    1. I’m often accused of having too naive a view of human nature; so this is a relief!

  2. Is this really a surprise? People are usually on their best behavior at funerals. In addition, this comes on a the heels of a fairly successful diplomatic summit to end a war, typically a time when states are trying to embellish soft power by displays of magnanimity. I would expect no less from any other leader in the same circumstances.

      1. I’d say it will happen today as well. Nawaz Sharif was very mature when he joined other SAARC heads of govts. in Delhi for Narendra Modi’s inauguration, although the whole invite could have been interpreted as a backhanded way of projecting India as a regional hegemon. Sharif has consistently shown goodwill despite GHQ Rawalpindi’s advice, and even though it is clear that the current GOI wants to raise rather than lower tensions with Pakistan (in the belief that it is raising the stakes that will eventually lower it). I think Sharif (definitely) and even Modi (proably) will do the same today.

        1. Nawaz Sharif has been disqualified for life from ever holding a political position. He has been judged not to be “sadiq” or “ameen” (honest and trustworthy). This is ostensibly due to his corruption. But part of the reason is that Pak Army thinks Nawaz is too pro-India and he must be removed.

          Not sure what good disqualifying him will do. He will simply rule through Shahbaz.

          If the Army wants to destroy the Sharifs, they need to destroy the entire dynasty.

        2. I agree. And while I think both modi and Nawaz Sharif are genuinely interested in peace, I think even a true “Hinduphobe” like general Zia would have definitely done this.. It is “the done thing”, and there is a strong cultural bias in favor of such gestures (in most cultures, certainly in ours)

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