One designer’s brave decision to feature darker skinned modelst

Representation is so important and Mr Kejirwal should be applauded for his bold & unorthodox decision.

South Asia is probably the most diverse society when it comes to skin tones since every range is pretty much featured. However the systematic colour bias will only come undone when we reflect the society at large.

I’m reminded of my cousin who wanted to buy some cream in South East Asia. Every cream there had skin lightening formulas so it proved impossible in the end.

Clear and tanned complexion is the optimal type for any race; that look emerges in LA a fair bit since there is so much sun and it’s a prosperous society with lots of focus on aesthetics.

Of course Miss India this year is noticeably dustier than the previous ones so the aesthetic is definitely changing.


7 thoughts on “One designer’s brave decision to feature darker skinned modelst”

  1. Great post. The statements on the video screen said, people think if you are fair skinned you are instantly more beautiful and from a better background. It is also common to believe that one who is fair is also more intelligent. Don’t know why. America has overcome its color hang up by pursuing the slogan, black is beautiful. India can do the same with dark is beautiful campaign. Cheers.

  2. If there is something which unites India is its festiziation with white skin (host of punjabi actress in the South). I would say India in coming years will be more hospitable to Oriental feature, but never to people of dark skin tone.

  3. Shift from arranged marriages to normal ones will fix the color bias in great measure. When people arent allowed to choose their partners through normal interactions, which bring out deeper personality traits and interests, then skin color, income, family name are the only features left to choose partners.

    Simple fact is that 95% of Indians are dark skinned, and once the psychological effect of foreign domination wears off so will the color fetish.

    1. The color fetish isn’t just Indian. It seems to be a consistent preference across cultures. Women of many races are the most sexually picky against dark skin, the brown women try and project their guilt onto others.

  4. What’s the difference between not finding dark people physically attractive and not finding someone attractive for any other reason? For example not finding someone attractive due to their gender, height, facial structure, eye color, etc.

    Don’t get me wrong, I am against treating people unfairly based on their skin color when it comes to things like job opportunities, I just don’t understand the inconsistency here. When I see men complain about women not finding them attractive they are not treated with any sympathy, especially by south asian women in the west.

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