Post Modernist attack against muslims, darkies, India, America and the world

India is ranked 136 (behind many tinpot dictatorships with no freedom of speech or freedom of press) by Reporters without Borders in the  World Press Freedom IndexUS is ranked 43 (behind many countries with little freedom of press.) This is a post modernist hatchet job. The real criteria of ranking is how post modernist a country is and whether it conforms to post modernist politically correct thought police.

One reason India ranks so bad is because India protects freedom of speech of muslims to some slight degree . . . which is unheard of in the modern world. By contrast, Nordic countries don’t protect the freedom of speech of muslims (through the guise of Orwellian rubrics such as hate speech), which is a major reason the Reporters without Borders ranks them so highly.

India is the only country in the world that has a TV programs on a national network (hosted by Tarek Fatah) where muslims openly discuss and critique the holy Koran. Including taboo topics such as the Korans burnt by Uthman, the version of the Koran that was created by Ali, and how Uthman and Aisha assembled the modern Koran. They also openly discuss the ordering of the Koran and the context of verses. Many episodes of this show had over 100 million viewers as muslims around the world eagerly watched. While many muslim Imams and muslims scholars are eager to discuss this in private, they say it is too dangerous to talk about in public. This is indescribably sad.  🙁

India is a land of amazing freedom of thought and questioning, including on all the most controversial philosophical, existential, religious and spiritual topics.  The most ancient eastern texts are about inquiry, questions, answers, conversation. The East for thousands of years was a beacon of freedom of art and thought which was exported to Europe during the European Enlightenment. The only other country in the world with similar freedom of thought to India I can think of is the US. Some say Israel is another example. While Israel might be, I don’t know enough about Israel to validate if this is true.

The UK and most of Europe lack freedom of thought (if it is politically incorrect) and as a matter of state policy do not protect the freedom of speech of European muslims. Europe is heavily controlled by post modernist thought police.

Canada has more freedom of press, speech, thought than Europe, but less than India or America:

Canadian Senator Grant Mitchel is clearly a very dangerous sectarian demagogue who supports Islamists against muslims. It is hard to exaggerate how Muslims around the world–especially Indian muslims or minority muslims or liberal/reform/secular/agnostic/atheist muslims–cringe in deep fear and horror at this clip. He tried this against Tarek Fatah–one of the most loved and respected muslims in India, Pakistan and Canada. Tarek Fatah is one of the world’s greatest living Koranic and Islamic scholars.

Before every mosque service, there is a prayer in Arabic for the military victory of the faithful (or “real”) muslims against the nonmuslims and the minority (fake) muslims. Yes, this means twelvers, sixers, fivers, Ahmedis, Kurds, Sufis. The prayer doesn’t come from the Koran. Many muslims are well aware of this problem and want to remove the prayer . . . but they are afraid of getting killed (and their mosque blowing up) if they remove the prayer. This is what Senator Mitchel is talking about.

Freedom of thought and freedom of dialogue are everything for muslims. Reporters without Borders is opposed to muslims having freedom of thought and dialogue. Without freedom of thought, there cannot be dialogue between good muslims and Islamists. Without freedom of thought the fourteen century Islamic civil war that has killed over a 100 million muslims cannot end.

The post modernists are slowly taking over many very powerful global organizations such as the Southern Poverty Law Center (which until recently doubled as an anti muslim hate organization), Reporters without Borders,  Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International to harm muslims and harm the world as a whole. Perhaps the world will finally begin to awaken to the global post modernist threat. They are  no longer only targeting muslims, darkies and India, but are now attacking America too.

In May, U.N. special rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights Philip Alston released a report saying the United States has the highest rates of youth poverty, infant mortality, incarceration, income inequality and obesity among all countries in the developed world, as well as 40 million people living in poverty. Alston accused President Trump and the Republican Congress of deepening poverty and inequality in the country, citing the Republican tax law passed last fall.

“The policies pursued over the past year seem deliberately designed to remove basic protections from the poorest, punish those who are not in employment and make even basic health care into a privilege,” Alston wrote in the report.

Alston is a post modernist with little economics understanding engaged in a clearly inaccurate piece of propaganda, [which might be elaborated on in future articles] much the way the UN has engaged in dangerous propaganda attacks against many darkie countries all over the world for decades. Post modernism was created as an imperialist attempt to oppress European colonies. They colonize the mind in an attempt to divide and conquer, and reduce self confidence to create inferiority complex. They try to discredit, negate and replace all ancient cultures, civilizations, values and religions with post modernism. And they do enormous damage to poor people all over the world. Articles at Brown Pundits related to post modernism and nonmuslims harming muslims include:

Some of the people resisting the global post modernist wave are collectively referred to by some as the intellectual dark web:

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23 thoughts on “Post Modernist attack against muslims, darkies, India, America and the world”

  1. India is ranked so low on this list for one main reason (it is not a conspiracy theory as you allege): the number of journalists who have been killed simply for performing their jobs. Shujaat Bukhari’s assassination in Srinagar last week is only the latest example, but such killings happen in “mainland” India as well.

    “Over the years, several journalists have lost their lives while reporting about human rights violations, corruption and for doing their job. In 2018, three journalists have lost their lives, the latest of them being veteran Kashmiri journalist Shujaat Bukhari. This is one short of the four journalists who were killed in 2017. Last year, senior journalist Gauri Lankesh was murdered just outside her residence in Bengaluru.”

    “If it’s his work that led to the killing, Bukhari may become the 48th journalist who has been killed because of his work in India since 1992, the year when the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) started keeping records of journalist deaths.”

    A country in which journalists die for simply reporting the news deserves to be ranked extremely low on the list.

    Don’t worry, your position on this list is still higher than Pakistan’s (just barely). You all can sleep quietly at night knowing you’re still better than Pakistan at something. Cheers.

  2. During an interview on The Rubin Report historian Niall Ferguson said the following
    “Cowardice is the most powerful force in human history”.
    He was talking specifically about the invitation/dis-invitation of his wife, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, to a University commencement in 2014 but that quote resonates with me for the following reason. The progressive left clearly sides with radical Islam over the majority of Islamic people because radical Islam will target and come after those they feel threaten them. Authors, reporters, artists, politicians, rock bands and fans of rock bands are legitimate targets. Armed military encampments not so much.

    Being of Scotch/Irish heritage and a retired Marine there are few things in life I despise more than cowardice. That is why I enjoy this blog so much – you guys are not afraid to tell people what you think and why. Your message is counter narrative which means your logic must be clear, your rhetoric tempered and your hearts pure. Courage …. I love it.

    1. There is a defacto strategic partnership between extreme left and Islamists . Leftists think Islamists can be storm troopers for their goals. For islamists , it provides a modicum of respectability . Basically it is cynical on both sides; and it will pan out like Molotov-Ribbentrop pact.

      1. And how is Hindutva working out for you? India has been declared the world’s most dangerous place for women. Clean up your own shit first before commenting on Islam.

        1. Rape statistics of india per capita is much less than pak. Why don’t you check it out? And it is absurd to say that India is most dangerous. It is poll based on perception of 548 people(not on data) out of which 43 are indian. And most likely they r indians like teesta, rana ayyub, Arundhati roy etc.

    2. I saw the entire Niall Fergusan interview and enjoyed it thoroughly. I would strongly recommend that Kabir watch it.

      Since Maajid Nawaz got $3 1/2 million from the SPLC plus mia culpa; lets see if Ayaan Hirsi Ali gets a similar settlement.

      “Being of Scotch/Irish heritage and a retired Marine there are few things in life I despise more than cowardice.”
      Rah! Semper Fidelis. Thank you for your service.

      Mahatma Gandhi possibly regarded cowardice as the worst of all sins.

      Please watch this Bengali song composed by Rabindranath Tagore . . . one of Bengal’s greatest poets. It has english subtitles:

      1. Anyone who is married to that Islamophobe Ayan Hirsi Ali has serious problems and I would not waste a minute of my time on either of them.

  3. Serious question. Does anyone other than Kabir think Ayan Hirsi Ali is an Islamophobe?

    Kabir, you realize that some people who read Brown Pundits are one or two degrees removed from Niall Fergusan and Ayan Hirsi Ali, right? Please don’t write anything you wouldn’t say to their face.

    If you would say this directly to Niall Fergusan, please write a detailed explanation for why. Maybe in a stand alone article. Thank you.

    1. ‘Islamophobe’ is a bogus word giving pseudo-psychological nonsense. Phobias are irrational fear of things – like open spaces, closed spaces, snakes and many other things
      The phobia typically results in a rapid onset of fear and is present for more than six months. The affected person goes to great lengths to avoid the situation or object, to a degree greater than the actual danger posed. If the feared object or situation cannot be avoided, the affected person experiences significant distress. With blood or injury phobia, fainting may occur. Agoraphobia is often associated with panic attacks. Usually a person has phobias to a number of objects or situations.

      Islamophobe is a meaningless word : does it mean irrational fear of Islam induced in human beings – including Muslims , is it an irrational fear of Muslims or Muslim culture . Or is it irrational fear of Quran? or is it irrational fear of prophet Mohammed? The word is utterly meaningless

      1. Islamophobia is defined as an irrational fear of Islam and Muslims. The use of the word has been very well documented. It is analogous to antisemitism. I’m sorry that the word doesn’t meet with your approval.

        1. Oh, that is why Ayaan Hirsan Ali is an Islamophobe? From what I know , she was born and brought up in a Muslim family/country and eventually gave up Islam and became a critic of it . There is a rational development to her ideas and personality . Giving up Islam is an ‘irrational fear of Islam and Muslims’ ???? so many people give up the religion or ideology in which they were brought up in or part and parcel of some time of their life. That includes catholics, christians, communists, capitalists and what have you. Giving up something you are accustomed to a part of your life is one rational way . (there are other ways also) . To call it phobia is linguistic vandalism.

          1. I don’t care that she “gave up” Islam. Not my problem. But if you express bigoted views, you will be called out on your bigotry. C’est la vie.

            Islamophobia is a real thing and it leads to policies like the Muslim Ban. Sorry you think it’s a made up thing.

          2. VijayVan, Ayan has changed her mind and is now a self described practicing muslim.

            Kabir, you can’t accuse someone of “bigotry” and Islamaphobia without push back from their fans.

            I am glad we agree on FGM (you appear to agree with Ayan on FGM).

            “I don’t care that much about AHA (and nor does it make any difference to me that she is someone’s “beloved wife”. That’s between her and him” . . . legitimate.

            “Obviously, I’m not the only one who thinks she is a terrible person. Otherwise, whichever university banned her from speaking wouldn’t have done so. Enough students were upset by the very idea of such a bigoted person addressing them for the university to put a stop to it. Whether universities should do that or not is a separate debate.”

            Many nonmuslims are anti muslim bigots and engage in bigotry against good muslims such as Tarek, Imam Tawhidi, Ayan, Maajid etc. (I would add our very own Islamish atheist Razib.) This anti muslim bigotry and mistreatment of muslims by nonmuslims needs to stop. People of good will (muslim and nonmuslim) must rally in support of good muslims. This is what the article series is about.

            Nonmuslim university students can mistreat muslims . . . that is their choice and I respect their freedom to make their own choices. But muslims and the friends of muslims can make their own choices based on the choices of nonmuslim university students who mistreat muslims. I have no doubt about who will prevail on college campuses over time.

            Kabir, you can either retract the Islamaphobia charge . . . or you can expect indefinite push back by muslim and pro muslim commentators at Brown Pundits.

          3. I am not retracting any charges. I stand by my opinion that AHA is a terrible excuse for a human being. You don’t like my opinion, that’s your problem. I am the most “Muslim” person on this blog.

            You have no right to decide who is a “good” Muslim or a “bad” Muslim . There is a book called “Good Muslim Bad Muslim” by Mahmood Mamdani. Perhaps read it before commenting further so that you understand the damage you are doing by using such terminology


    2. I don’t need to write a detailed explanation nor do I have the time. BP is not my blog. I have a blog on which I write about English Literature, Theatre, and Music–subjects which actually interest me. I only comment on Islam here to rebut you.

      Niall Fergusan defends Empire (I believe Omar did a book review of his latest offering a while back) and Hirsi Ali is notorious for hating Islam. I am not wasting a minute more on such people.

      Anyone who hates Islam is not worth my time. Especially blaming “Islam” for things like female genital mutilation, which is not sanctioned by the Holy Quran and seems to be a cultural practice in Africa.

  4. Kabir you are mischaracterizing and oversimplifying Niall Ferfusan with respect to empire. But that is okay and I am sure he wouldn’t be offended. [It would require a very long detailed nuanced article to spell out my perspectives on his views point by point.] However Niall Ferfusan would be massively offended and protective of his beloved wife being falsely accused of Islamophobia.

    Ayan Hirsi Ali is a self declared practicing muslim with her own personalized nuanced theological interpretations of the holy Koran, six Hadiths and Sura. That is her right as a practicing muslim. Ayan Hirsi Ali has very carefully studied Islamic scripture and theology . . . far more than the vast majority of practicing muslims and virtually all nonmuslims. If you disagree with Ayan Hirsi Ali’s theology . . . all power to you . . . but if you are going to accuse her of Islamophobia . . . you need to back up your assertions with a very long detailed article. Once you do this . . . . I can ask her friends (or Niall and Ayan Hirsi Ali themselves) to respond to you in detail.

    The FGM issue is touched upon:

    I have thought of writing a detailed post on FGM and the holy Koran + Hadiths. For now please read:'an,_Hadith_and_Scholars:Female_Genital_Mutilation

    Very extensive heavy forms of FGM cutting are discussed and mandatory in Hadiths with strong narrative chains. However, my preference is the 1 basis point solution:
    Sunan Abu Dawud (Book 41) Hadith 5271 can be interpreted to give Shariah legitimacy to very slight forms of female genetic mutilation–which I define as cutting 1 ten thousanth of reproductive tissue. My hope is that this Hadith can allow muslim girls to technically be in compliance with Islam without fear of dangerous Islamist retaliation (to be honest this is the real reason hundreds of muslim girls have been heavily cut).

    FGM is a huge problem for muslims all over the world. The US and Canada prosecutes muslims who engage in FGM as they should. The UK has never prosecuted a single muslim for FGM. This is pure anti muslim bigotry for which the UK people should be strongly condemned:
    97.5%[218] of the surveyed females from Muslim [ Indonesian] families [are heavily cut]
    Indonesia is arguably the most moderate progressive concentration of muslims world other than Malaysia, Turkey, Indian muslims, US muslims, Canadian muslim.

    May God bless Ayan Hirsi Ali for standing up for muslim girls with respect to female genetic mutilation.

    Is there any other issue you wish to critique Ayan Hirsi Ali regarding?

    1. I don’t care that much about AHA (and nor does it make any difference to me that she is someone’s “beloved wife”. That’s between her and him, if they are fine with each other’s terribleness, who am I to get involved? ). If she is anti-Islam, then she is a bigot and I have no time for bigots. I have no interest in engaging with her or in having her “respond” to me. As far as I’m concerned, she should take a hike.

      Obviously, I’m not the only one who thinks she is a terrible person. Otherwise, whichever university banned her from speaking wouldn’t have done so. Enough students were upset by the very idea of such a bigoted person addressing them for the university to put a stop to it. Whether universities should do that or not is a separate debate.

      I don’t need to write detailed articles on subjects I’m not interested in just to please you. If you want me to write something, then you pay me money to write it. For the proper compensation, I will review books I otherwise have no interest in reading. If not, then mind your own business.

      For the record, I have never supported FGM or even male genital mutilation. Circumcision is a religious practice, but I don’t believe it is a decision parents have the right to make for a child. Irreversible changes to one’s anatomy should not be made without consent and a baby is not capable of giving informed consent.

      I really wish you wouldn’t turn BP into a referendum on Islam. But obviously someone has allowed you to write here and I can’t stop you.

  5. “I stand by my opinion that AHA is a terrible excuse for a human being. You don’t like my opinion, that’s your problem.”
    I have no problem with this statement. It is entirely legitimate and your honest opinion (goes for Niall too). All I am asking is that you not call AHA an “Islamaphobe” without backing up this charge with data, logic and different forms of argumentation.

    “I am the most “Muslim” person on this blog.” This has got to be a typo. Practicing muslims read Brown Pundits. Unless you believe minority and liberal muslims are not muslims . . . which I know you don’t. I am asking everyone else reading this thread to ignore this statement since I am sure Kabir didn’t mean it and mispoke. If you want, Kabir, this statement can be edited out of your comment.

    Thanks for telling me about this book. I don’t believe in calling people “bad muslims” and agree that this type of denigration should not be used. If you prefer I can replace “good muslim” with “authentic muslim”. Is this your wish?

    1. I am the most “Muslim” commentator on BP. Razib is an atheist. Zack is not Muslim. The majority of you are Hindu. Don’t lecture me about my own religion. It doesn’t reflect well on you.

      You seem to think you know a lot about Islam but if your sources are people like AHA, you are thoroughly misguided.

      Anyway, I have no interest in further discussion with you. Have a nice life. I will not be commenting on anything you write in the future.

  6. Do you mean “author contributor” versus person who has left comments at Brown Pundits? Let me assume this is what you meant. Even then there are at least two other muslims who contribute articles to BP . . . both wickedly smart, subtle, sophisticated and wise (at least I think so).

    You are also an authentic muslim Kabir 😉 This is much ado about nothing 🙂

    For the record, Ayan is a practicing muslim and not an Islamaphobe. I would ask anyone who wishes to assert otherwise to explain in detail why they think so. [It is perfectly okay to disagree with Ayan, including with respect to Islam and muslims without explanation. This is a reference to the Islamaphobe charge only.]

    1. I’m so glad you think I’m an “authentic Muslim”. I was just waiting for your certificate of approval. Now I can breathe a huge sigh of relief! Can you mail me my certificate so that I have it next time I need to prove my credentials? This seems like its a document even more important than my passport or diploma (LOL).

      Let’s just google AHA and Islamophobia. That’s a lot of people you are going to be asking for explanations. Have fun. Seems like it will be a time consuming task for you to defend your dear friend.

  7. I am here on BP for the first time and I’m impressed by its content. Full marks for being fair and impartial.

    But I must leave a comment for our dear learned fellow Kabir.

    Kabir, from your writing style it is clear that you are rational. But I somehow get the feeling that your religion is binding you in a strait jacket of false love of your religion. It almost seems that you want to tell the world how even you, the “Most Muslim”, want to speak of the horrible content in your book, but somehow you are afraid your community shall bar you from mosques and brand you an apostate and a heretic for your libelous charges against Islam.

    Open your eyes Kabir, why would you come to BP and leave comments if you didn’t feel the need to redeem yourself as regards your religion? Aren’t you yourself going against what you taunted about other countries? If you felt Shujahat was killed for his Free Speech, then what are YOU doing ranting about AHA?? Our religion teaches us to question everything. Yours asks you to SHUT UP and Accept Allah and its teachings otherwise one shall be killed for questioning him.


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