Why do nonmuslims treat muslims so badly (b)?

Canada’s parliament passed Motion 103 by a vote of 201–91 on March 23, 2017. The vote is nonbinding and some might allege that Tarek Fatah [an important leader of the global minority and liberal muslim movement] is over-concerned with it. This bill was pushed by the nonmuslim post modernist global intelligentsia in collaboration with the Arabist Lobby and soft Islamists as a way to support soft Islamists against moderate and minority muslims. Many of the Canadians duped into supporting Motion 103 are well intentioned useful idiots.

Tarek argues that Motion 103–which he believes is on the pathway to bringing blasphemy and apostasy laws to Canada–is precisely what most of Canada’s muslim immigrants came to Canada to run away from. I would add that this brings chills of fear down the spines of Canadian muslims and muslims who want to move to Canada. If Motion 103  ever became binding, it could be used to severely limit the freedom of art, thought, intuition and feeling of Sufis, twelvers, sixers, other minority muslims, moderate Sunnis, atheist muslims, ex-muslims; on the grounds that their practices, songs and sayings are Islamophobic and offensive to “muslims.”

Tarek Fatah said:

  • “it is almost as if you say Hindu or white man is an abuse now a days.”
  • when the muslims [Umayyad dynasty] tried to kill all remaining blood descendants of Mohammed’s pbuh family, the only country that protected the prophet’s pbuh family was Hindustan. For which Hindustan was attacked.
  • the holy Koran is not currently sequenced in the order Allah and Gabriel revealed it to the holy prophet.
  • Usman [and Fatimah] assembled the holy Koran in its current order twenty years after the holy prophet pbuh passed away.
  • Usman burnt three hundred copies of the holy Koran that didn’t exactly match his preferred written Koran.
  • muslims murdered the first four rightly guided muslim Caliphs.
  • the guys we are expected to follow got murdered by the very guys telling us we should follow them
  • my Hindu, Christian and Jewish friends make jokes . . . but when I do I can be killed
  • Hindus laugh all the time because Hindus have 50 million Gods so Hindus can pick a God and make fun of Him (the God they picked) because the other guy doesn’t even know that is a God.
  • [Hindus] have 50,000 books. No one can read them all. So no one knows how to get offended.
  • Just by holding the Koran [in a public talk] someone can get offended
  • Our greatest [muslim] saints . . .  are celebrated by Sikhs and Hindus, not by muslims
  • Hindus are too busy getting MBAs or becoming CEOs to notice
  • All Islamaphobes in Iran die
  • Mansur Al Hallaj was beheaded for speaking the truth in Iraq 922 AD.
  • Nizammuddin Auliya said I have two doors in my house, when the mullah and the king enter from the front door I leave because evil comes from the front door with the ruler and the mullah come together [I would strongly recommend that everyone visit his Dargah in Delhi during their next trip. It is a life altering visit.]
  • There is a fatwa against the same microphone which is used to broadcast the morning prayer across the world.
  • Holy Land Foundation trial revealed that the Muslim Brotherhood or Ikhwan internally said in 1991 that “these are our organizations that we run under different names”:
    • Islamic Society of North America or ISNA
    • Muslim Student Association or MSA that has a presence in every urban high school in Canada and the United States
    • The Muslim Association of Scientists
    • seven others
  • We are waging a civilization jihad against western civilization by infiltrating and destroying from within
  • Not a single Indian muslim volunteered to fight on behalf of the Mukti Bahini [this is unfair . . . they were asked not to volunteer by Indira so that the Bangladeshi freedom struggle was not discredited. The mistake is Indira’s if there is a mistake.]
  • War between Mullah’s Islam and Allah’s Islam
    • There was no “Mullah’s Islam” during the life of the prophet pbuh.
  • The middle east was the only part of the world to not side against the Nazis in WWII.
    • many Nazis went to Egypt and Saudi Arabia in 1945
  • Soviet muslims defeated Hitler in WWII
  • Islam owes a lot to the Eastern Orthodox Church, to the Zorastrians and to the Hindus
  • Islam is Judaism planted on pagan Arab culture
  • We will eliminate Jihad in India before we do it anywhere else.

    • India is the only country where a muslim can speak the truth and survive [I would add the United States]

  • Despite a bounty on Tarek Fatah’s head with an Imam saying I will slit your throat was conquered by a million Indian muslims protecting Tarek Fatah.

I love Tarek Fatah deeply. He is one of our species greatest respected elders and have learned a ton from him–which is why it pains me very deeply to have slightly different perspectives than one of the wisest and most knowledgeable muslim scholars and leaders in the world. Note that I agree 1000% with the vast majority of what Tarek says. Some examples of what I do not understand are:

  • We live in a world where the stark reality [is] that from all over the muslim world not a single muslim goes to a muslim country. [The point is slightly exaggerated. Turkey, Malaysia, Indonesia, Albania, Dubai, Morocco, Tunisia are exceptions. They are relatively nonislamists]
  • Tarek Fatah criticizes many Canadian muslim leaders by name, including elected politicians, for supporting Motion 103 and other similar soft Islamist policies. I would not criticize them so strongly. They are scared of being branded a sectarian Islamaphobic hegemonic imperialistic exploitative oppressive colonialist prejudiced bigoted racist the way the Southern Poverty Law center tried but failed to destroy Maajid Nawaz. They lack Maajid Nawaz’ broad name identification and support from the global muslim Ummah to fight such false charges. At worst most of them are guilty of cowardice before the very dangerous and powerful global nonmuslim intelligentsia. Should the primary blame be against the global non muslim intelligentsia versus muslim leaders?
    • “Chooluu bar Paani mey duub maroe”
    • Might it be worth trying to inspire them to risk their careers and reputations doing what they know is right? Inspire them to find their courage?
  • The Toronto Blue Jays rock! What is wrong with cheering the Blue Jays? 🙁
  • Tarek says not a single muslim is willing to say that the opposite of the Tawhid is the Christian. Isn’t this an exaggeration? Don’t many muslims say this?
  • I am uncomfortable with the criticism of Huma Mahmood Abedin.

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Congratulations Sajid Javid!

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Razib Khan
5 years ago

fateth is a marginal figure. he’s not a leader of many ppl. this is probably unfortunate….

Razib Khan
5 years ago
Reply to  AnAn

If this is so, can Indian muslims successfully lead global Islamic reform?

no. has to be an arab. perhaps a turk or an iranian person of sunni background.

south asian muslims are implicitly considered racially inferior servile races.


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