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  1. CPEC is becoming the mill stone round the neck for Pakistan – so much for the ‘unbreakable bond’ between Pakistan and China. China has invested about £60 billion ; it has loaned Pakistan most of it at higher than market prices ; all the supplies of equipment and services will come from China. Basically Pakistan services Chinese economy. To escape the Chinese debt trap, it wants bail out from IMF

        1. Yes, there seems to be a trend of posting anti-Pakistan links.

          If I posted a bunch of anti-India links to every thread, people would accuse me of all sorts of things.

          1. I was referring to the comment about CPEC, which seemed to come out of nowhere.

            You are not anti-Pakistan but some of our “Hindutva” commenters clearly are.

          2. This thread is about general happenings in the ‘brown worild’, let us say the subcontinent.

            CPEC is an important happening in the brown world since there is so little transparency about the whole business. CPEC is good topic for discussion and it is much under-discussed anyway. Chinese are not coming up with details of the dealings with Pakistan and Pakistani estab is also tight lipped about it. From Indian POV, as two enemy states are coming together , it must be seen it’s operations and repurcussions. Nothing specifically ‘anti-Pakistani’ about it as I am not trying to change the political equations or cultural sensitivities in that country or China

          3. I’m sorry, when an Indian (who seems clearly right-wing) is going on about CPEC, my hackles get raised.

            You guys don’t like the excessive scrutiny of the Hindu Caste system. I don’t like the anti-Pakistan tenor of your comments (not just on CPEC but also on our military and our democracy). Weren’t you the one who made a comment about “India delivering a coup de grace to Pakistan”? Don’t be disingenuous. It is clear from your history on this forum that you and your ilk hate Pakistan.

          4. “You guys don’t like the excessive scrutiny of the Hindu Caste system…”

            You guys?? I am a single person and give only my ideas . Personally I don’t care if anyone talks of Caste system in India – for better or otherwise.

            Anyhow , just labelling different ideas as ‘Hindutva’ or ‘right-wing’ or whatever is no good .

          5. Your history on this forum shows you support right-wing ideas. Therefore, I am calling you right-wing. Clearly, you don’t support the INC.

            I am done with anti-Pakistan people. It’s become very tiresome.

          6. If you don’t support the INC, you become right wing!! what a joke??

            Originally right-wing meant those who support private enterprise as opposed to left wing who support public ownership of factories. Anything outside this, is just name calling and shutting their arguments.

            Stamping down on separatist rebellions, restricting immigration , and any other policy matters does not come under any ‘wing’ . Nowadays rightwing-leftwing classification has become obsolete.

          7. Right wing and left wing actually goes back to the French Revolution. It has to do with the seating arrangements in the National Assembly. In general, left wing people are more interested in the welfare of the deprived sections of society and also more supportive of individual freedoms to live their lives the way they want. Right wing people are more into tradition. Restricting immigration tends to be a right-wing concern (as we can see right now with Trump).

            In India, INC is a center-left party. BJP is clearly a right-wing party. Right wing parties tend to focus on ethnic nationalism etc. INC tries to take all Indians along, including Muslims and other minorities. They have their own problems, but they are not interested in playing Hindus against Muslims or trying to get rid of Nehruvian Secularism.

          8. “Restricting immigration tends to be a right-wing concern (as we can see right now with Trump).”

            Is it so?
            Most Muslim countries refused to take Syrian refugees enmasse. Are they all right-wing? What about China or Japan or Russia or even Pakistan who have not offered to take Syrian refugees ? Are they all right-wing?
            Germany offered to take Syrian refugees en-masse. They ended up mostly non-Syrian refugees, which is a different matter . Germany is ruled by Christian Democratic Union . Are they supposed to be left-wing?

            China is ruled by Revolutionary Maoists – who can be more leftwing than them. They have no compunctions in snuffing out any Islamist movements in Xinjiang or any other place. They also give no quarter to Feminism or LGBT or any other popular movements – do they become right wing doe to that?

            Rightwing-Leftwing classification is obsolete. Leftwing is supposed to be very nice – so whoever you think nice for the moment become leftwing and conversely whoever is not nice in your outlook for the moment become rightwing by default . This label has lost it’s usefulness. It has just become a cuss word and an indication of the person who uses it .

          9. Germany’s CDU is a center-right party.

            China is an authoritarian state.

            I don’t think the left-wing-right-wing classification is obsolete. There are genuine philosophical differences between the left and the right.

      1. I like to analyse the strategic environment of India, South Asia , China and the world at large. International relations, war, strategy and history have always attracted my attention. China’s resurgence and aggressive positioning around the world and manipulate relations for its benefits is a great story of our time. Needless to say, I would like to know what’s India’s response to developing strategic situation.

  2. Zach, can you add:
    I am deeply disturbed by how Sean Rameswaram, whose heritage is from by far the richest and most socio-economically successful subgroup and religion in America, is claiming to be a victim, person of color, and suffering from massive discrimination, systemic oppression etc. I think all Deshi Americans need to check their privilege and be humble. If I had to write to him I would say:

    1) You might have been oppressed. But most Indian North Americans or more North Americans who come from an eastern heritage (Hindu/Buddhist/Jain/Sikh . . . etc.) are incredibly privileged. Indian Americans are by far the most socio economically successful subgroup in America, vastly outperforming Jews. Similarly Hindu Americans vastly outperform Jews and every other group. Indian Canadians and Hindu Canadians similarly come from great privilege
    2) You as an individual are oppressed (I take your word for it) and have suffered discrimination (I take your word for it). But this is your personal individual experience. Most Hindu or Indian North Americans have not suffered any significant discrimination or oppression . . . precisely the opposite
    3) You come from the one heritage that will not be accused of sympathy for Islamism by security agencies. By contrast many caucasion Christians and secular caucasions have been converted to join Daesh, AQ or other Islamist group. This almost never happens with people from polytheist Hindu backgrounds. This is an enormous privilege everywhere in the world . . . since almost every country in the world has a massive terrorist challenge.
    4) subliminal bias (racism or sectarianism) works strongly in your favor in I Banking, Consulting, Technology, Law, business. When people see you or read your name they are likely to consider you a genius nerd.
    5) Asian Americans go to prison or commit crimes at a fraction of the caucasion rate. Hindu or Indian Americans almost never go to prison or commit crimes. (wrote an article about this). This is privilege.
    6) I have heard from black Americans that it is insulting when very privileged successful Asian Americans try to claim to be a “person of color” and imply that they are oppressed when they really are not. And I agree with them.
    7) Other people have the right to be jealous, racist, bigoted, sectarian, prejudiced, mean, unfair to me (and to you since I assume you are similar to me). We need to respect their right to do so. That is what freedom means. We are free to make our choices based on the choices of others. This is “OUR” freedom.
    8) You are de facto drawing attention to the extraordinary success of our community. This creates jealousy. Isn’t it much safer to be quiet and low profile?

    I deeply enjoyed your interview with Peterson and look forward to watching your other content. You asked many good questions that I have long wanted to ask Jordan Peterson. I would deeply enjoy a long format 2 hour discussion between the two of you.

    However, I would have specified that someone of African ancestry might feel such and such without implying that Deshi North Americans have suffered anything even remotely comparable to what African North Americans have faced.

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