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    1. Trump’s poll ratings are at an all time high. Trump has 36% support among African Americans in a recent poll.

      Do you think the latest news will boost Trump’s popularity? If it does; will the US Congress try to impeach him?

  1. It seems every interest group will get its own blasphemy law to use against others that undermines rule of law and makes a mockery of justice.

    Anti cow slaughter legislations- essentially hindu blasphemy law enforced by a dedicated mob. Suspect the punishments will get even harder with time.

    SC/ST Atrocity act- even very reasonable restrictions to it mandated by supreme court has been overturned by parliament. So anyone can be locked up without bail if you can get one person from 25% of the population to make an allegation without proof and without any negative consequence (very easily done in India).

    Anti Dowry/Anti-Domestic Violence act- notorious for being used in the blackmail of innocent men but there has been some awareness of its misuse among police and the courts. And I believe it has been made gender-neutral as well. The least troublesome of the group but undermining the rule of law nevertheless. Suspect things with this law will actually improve, again an exception to the general trend.

    And now the new blasphemy laws in Punjab against desecration of sacred texts. Can be theoretically used by any group but we’ll see…

    1. Anti cow slaughter legislations- essentially hindu blasphemy law enforced by a dedicated mob

      I don’t advocate anti-cow-slaughter legislation as a matter of ideology, but this is straight up hyperbole. One action involves the killing of living creatures, and the other the ability to express certain thoughts. They are qualitatively different.

      1. Cow is tasty. Dog is tasty. Eating cow is banned in India. Eating dog is banned in America. What is wrong with these places????

        Love Pakistan. Can eat all delicious meat there, yay! #IslamFTW #FreeKashmir

      2. >They are qualitatively different.

        It just so happens that the goal of Gau Rakshak death squads centers around defending the life of a cow. The reasoning and outcomes of their actions are still the same as an anti-blasphemy law.

    1. I would agree. However the President appears to have the support of over a quarter of all African Americans. How will this affect the President’s support among Asians and Latinos.

      Quietly I have noticed that Trump has quiet acquiescence if not support from a lot of Asians. Including ones I have long regarded as far left.

  2. According to the New York Times:

    ” “I think impeachment is now squarely going to define the midterms,” said Rob Stutzman, a Republican strategist who has been critical of Mr. Trump. “It’s inescapable now that Democrats can legitimately raise that issue.”

    He added, “There’s a lot of Republican members of Congress sitting in tough districts that are going to have to really think hard about how they’re going to finesse this in the days ahead.”

    What makes it harder for Republicans, he said, is that this did not emerge from the Mueller inquiry. “This isn’t something from the deep state,” he said. “This is a classic B-team type of bumbling screw-up of covering up mistresses.” ”

    “Brian Walsh, a former spokesman for the National Republican Senatorial Committee, said that it was too early to say whether this would damage the president, but he noted he is already suffering with suburban voters.

    “I think the president’s most ardent supporters will continue to defend him with blinders on, but to any neutral observer watching this, it’s impossible to believe that Cohen would engage in this conduct without his client signing off on it or at least being aware of it,” he said.”

  3. Jaggu beef is widely and easily available all over India. A large percentage of the population (Hindu included) eat beef. India is also the world’s largest exporter of beef.

    Thanks for you wise commentary.

    Stan is the hood!

  4. Anything on the genetic origins of Menons? Read on Wikipedia they’re genetically close to Goud Saraswat Brahmins, but this is unsourced.

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