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Shafiq R
5 years ago

Where in the video it says Turan’s centrality in the world? The video just shows what a precarious position Pakistan is in. It’s like saying the most debt-ridden, failing company is the center of the business world. The title reminds me how many Bangladeshis like to think that they are at the center of the world. America, India, Russia, China, everybody is jockeying to control Bangladesh. If anybody controls Bangladesh, he controls Asia.


What is this Pakistan = Turan thing? The closest any S Asian has ever come to ruling Turan is ex-Naxal turned 3 times National Film award winner turned disco dancing sensation turned B-grade lech movie star Mithun Chakraborty.

Never underestimate the Bongo Bondhus.


5 years ago

Mughal empire ruled Afghanistan.

Chandragupta Maurya?

Durrani Afghanistan ruled North India and Pakistan 1747 to about 1800.

The bit about Indians never conquering people is a bit exaggerated.

5 years ago

Rajmikanth,the ageing Tamil hero is a hit in Japan

Snake Charmer
Snake Charmer
5 years ago

How dare you call Mithun Da a B-grade movie star?

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