Racism at its best

I just heard this story.

One of Cambridge’s best colleges has a pretty good bar. The bar did a Diwali special and accordingly the Indian girls wearing saris thronged the dance floor.

At that point one of the students (Coloniser ethnicity) whispered to another “this actually looks like Pakistan.”

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      1. I welcome the term Arya as the designation of a noble religious warrior in Buddhist Dhamma. Buddha civilized the steppe until the cult of the desert laid waste to that fragile civilization. I understand that now as I am in the sharan of the true Dhamma.

        Dhamma sadhu kiyam tu dhammay ti?
        Apa sinavay bahu kayanay
        Daya danay sachay shochayay

        I welcome Turks to the Dhamma. In Dhamma, there is no colony nor colonizer, just the Sangha.

        1. Aryaputra Sri Sayyid Jagguji Devasharma Saab, can you share your meditative experiences with the 31 levels of subtlety and depth in meditation?:


          [For those that don’t know, Jagguji’s spiritual tapas and punya has elevated him to Deva Sharma or Brahmin Varna from the perspective of the Arya peoples . . . oh great one who is permanently in 24 hour meditation and Sattva Guna.]

          All of Buddha’s top 500 Arhant disciples were Brahmins. [Many people who didn’t have Brahmin heritage were elevated to Brahmin status in the past and now.]

          Arya means noble. Nobility is rarely understood in the west now.

  1. The history of the term Aryan would be one good PhD theses. The original meaning was related to the Serbian god Arion (which Greeks later replicated as Orion) who was the protector of hunters. At that time (cca 2024 BC) there were no permanent armies but they were hunters who were organised to hunt big animals. Aryans organised expedition from the town Nish (today the 2nd largest in Serbia) led by Nino Belov (Belus) to Hindustan where they founded the city with the same name. This city visited Alexander the Great, the third Serb who organised expedition to SA about 1700 years after the first expedition (who knew about the first expedition) although they did not call themselves Aryans. Nino Belov was recognised in the Bible as ‘gigantic hunter, first before the God’, because he founded Babylon and ruled Assyrian kingdom. The second Aryan expedition was led by Serbon Makaridov (known later in Greek and Roman mythology as Hercules, i.e. Heracles) who founded the town Ninevah dedicated to Nino Belov. He was also named in the Bible as Asur. Since that, in new homeland, the term Aryan was getting new meaning as it was mentioned in previous comments. We should wait for someone to research this history in detail.

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