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Cambridge News picked up (and sanitised) my blog post about the incident two days ago.

For somebody who lives the simple life in the shores – drama tends to follow me everywhere. The Zavidés are Dramatis Personae since the three of us are all characters in our own right (we have been trying to do an arranged rishta for our puppy).

Best performing story on the site so far ?

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      1. Zavid(a) is an archaic Serbian name (e.g. the father of the founder of the strongest medieval dynasty). It means something as: vid= (eye)sight (or – vision), za=for (or – during, in favor of, toward, etc, depending of the context).

          1. BP has opportunity to be the first in the world to discover some common things from Serbian/SA ancient history. I must repeat again last week’s (I would say fantastic) discovery by Arjun and Anan about similarity btw Iliad (one day soon will be confirmed that it was a Serbian epic) and Serbian presence in Mahabharata.

            The meaning and use of the word VEDA in Serbian language requires much longer text, I will write some other time. For now, only in brief:

            pripoVEDAti = to narrate (pripoVEDAnje=narration) = telling the story (not any story than old story with higher meaning, knowledge or significance)
            zapoVEDAti= giving orders (like in army or as the authoritative head of family), etc, etc.

            VID is also one of ancient Serbian top deities which was much later accepted and continued by Christianity as st. Vitus i.e. sveti VID. Known also as Perun he is equivalent to Indra in Hindu mythology. Known and worshiped by all later Serbian offshoots (Russians, Polish, Czechs, etc).

          2. yes, many things in vedic point of view, is exactly that, “point of view” or “worldview”, / “weltanschauung” . “Darshana” is the view people used instead of religion. So the kind of fanaticism wasnt there, it was a point of view. To see.

          3. bharat, you are right, I haven’t seen this from such perspective.

            The full name of VID is actually Svetovid what exactly means ‘worldview’. This god (whom Christianity was forced to accept as their) is very important in Serbia. The battle against Turks on Kosovo was on the day of St. VID (28 Jun 1389). Austro-Hungaria wanted to provocate Serbs on that day in 1914 when F.Ferdinand visited occupied Sarajevo and got killed by Gavrilo Princip. On that day Nato decided to send Slobodan Milosevic to Hague to be killed there, again to humiliate Serbs.

          4. Latin videre is derived from PIE *weid (to know, perceive, see), as is Sanskrit veda and English wit.


            iyam visRSTi yartAbabhUva yadi va dadhe yadi va na
            yo asyAdhyakSaH parame vyomantaH so veda yadi va na veda

            this creation from where has it arisen, does he give (create) it or not?
            who’s its overseer in the highest heaven, he knows or perhaps does not know

            [Rg veda, 10th chapter (maNDala): concluding verse of the Hymn of Creation]

      2. Thanks Slaps, only small correction/addition. PIE (so as IE) is Serbian language. Language experts and better educated know this, it slowly coming down to masses. Cheers.

          1. Jaggu has not started yet Razib bro. If Milano is nuts then I am stun 😉

            Milano bro, eat pie and burp. Don’t worry abt serb.

            Desert cult has taken over the world. Srpskis lived 5 centuries under Turks. You know the drill boyz…

            Answer is dhamma. Better dhammed than damned.

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