Is Colored a bad word now?

I’m being hounded on Twitter because I use the word coloured.

I dislike sanitising words; I refer to myself as coloured or Paki simply because I believe in speaking plainly and owning our heritage.

The rest of the tweet is important coloureds have a choice to support the EU (white man’s club) or the Family of Nations that is the Commonwealth.

The Anglosphere is a remarkable entity united by a pervasive language. Indian doctors should have an equal opportunity to work in the NHS as German doctors..

6 thoughts on “Is Colored a bad word now?”

  1. Zack, I have seen you build up Brexit, and an alternative Commonwealth model. Why do you even think that Brexit will lead to commonwealth immigration, and a kumbaya movement for colored people? I am easily bored about English politics, but what I know is that Brexit is a John Bull anti-immigration response from regions away from London, and almost everyone believe that Brexit will lead to deflation and deindustrialization of whatever industry left in England. Once could argue that a rerun of Brexit poll today would easily result in overturn for leave.

    Do you honestly think UK is taken advantage in EU, and German doctors are crowding the NHS now; if anything I heard, most Indian doctors in UK hate the NHS for low salaries , and would prefer to be hospital consultants, and German doctors earn equal to or more than UK doctors. Where is evidence that once Brexit happens that commonwealth people will replace all the European white people? I cannot but suspect that your solutions for complex problems are simplified, and may not even be appropriate.

  2. It’s stupid, same with the anger over using “Oriental” for East Asians, or “Negro” for black people. In another 20 years we’ll probably have another round of complete turnover in ethnic labels.

    Just gotta wait for a sufficiently famous woke individual to claim that “PoC” is problematic, and that a better term would be “extramelanic”.

      1. TF is coloured ? Everyone is coloured in their own way.
        Why let others define and pick labels for you ?
        I don’t know what to make of your posts, their are bizzare and trollish.

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