Hindu genocide ongoing in Pakistan

Since there are some that insist that Hindu nationalists are as bad as Islamists, I want to share this tweet I stole from Omar:

Tiny communities tend to understand powerlessness. So when three dirt poor Hindu families arrived in lower Orakzai nearly two decades ago because they couldn’t make ends meet in Peshawar, the Shias decided to provide some shelter. The custodians of the imambargah in Kalaya Bazaar gave them some space outside to set up their secondhand winter clothing stall and charged them just fifty rupees in rent.

It was outside this very imambargah that a suicide bomber blew himself up on November 23, killing 34 people, mostly Shias, and injuring 56 others. Among the dead were also the heads of the three Hindu families, Mannat Lal, Amrat Lal and Saram Chand, who were selling socks and sweaters at their stall at the time.

Their families are doubly devastated, not just because of the deaths, but because they were all related. Amar Kumar has lost his father Mannat Lal, his paternal grandfather Amrat Lal and maternal grandfather Saram Chand. “What else can we do but leave,” he says. “There’s just my mother and grandmother left.”

I am sharing this important talk by Dr. Jain of Indus University:

The first 10minutes are about the humiliation and destruction of Multan’s Sun Temple, which till the 1000AD was one of the two most important Hindu sites in the Subcontinent.

The idol was covered in meat by the Arab invaders, held as hostage and desecrated (and is now in the British museum).

I relayed to LV the video and told her that she should never forget the Hindu blood spilt in the last millennia. Considering the parlous situation all religious minorities have in Pakistan; India must protect herself at all costs. I hope Congress don’t sell out India’s Hindu majority identity in their quest for power.

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  1. What good is “never forgetting the Hindu blood spilt” going to do anyone?

    India is a secular state thanks to Pandit Nehru and that is what Congress needs to remember.

    Hindu “genocide” is an inappropriate term. The State is not encouraging the killing of Hindus. The blast you have referenced seems to have been targeted at the Shia community, though it is of course a tragedy for the Hindu families involved.

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  2. Lies remain lies even if everyone says it. truth remains truth even if no one is alive to hear it. its not the numbers that decide the truth or lies, unlike ben shapiro and some others who think what counts most is who has been most influential (abrahamic religions as he sees it), thats an atheistic materialist logic I dont agree with. Its the reason why I think there is divine power out there for sure. For sake of truth.

  3. 1.) I never said Hindu Nationalists are any better or worse than Islamists, I’m not sure how one would go about proving that. I said the ideology of Hindu Nationalism is much worse than Islamism, and if you can’t see the difference between these two formulations, this convo may be above you (and I don’t mean that in a snarky way).

    2.) You don’t have a great grasp on Islamism in general if you are using ISIS attacks to prove something. If there are 100 Islamists in the world, maybe 1 is ISIS or an ISIS supporter, another 4 belong to the Jihadist groups who have repudiated ISIS, and the other 95 are the “mainstream” Islamists who hold power in countries and denounce ISIS and their ilk.

    This is an important point, because I don’t criticize Hindu Nationalists based on what their handful of crazies do (the rape in Jammu, or cow-lynching). I criticize them based on the reaction of their mainstream members (many of whom hold prominent governing positions) to these acts.

    For comparison, you would never see major members of government in Islamist states or parties saying its okay to kill non-Muslims, provided there’s proof they were actually doing non-Muslim things. Or that if they didn’t like it, they could fuck off to a non-Muslim country. Or that their very existence is a source of national shame and historical trauma for Muslims, and that they should curry favor with Muslims less they earn their wrath.

    These kinds of statements are REGULARLY made by conservative Hindu-Indians, both by everyday citizens, and frighteningly, members of government.

    3.) If you are actually interested in reading about historical Muslim interaction with India, I recommend scholarly works like Elverskog’s “Buddhism and Islam”, and anything by Richard Eaton. Your video is from the familiar Hindu-Nationalist mythos we’ve been discussing, based on a lot of feelings and conjecture (like the Aryan Migrations being a British-conspiracy), but not on critical analysis or fact.

    1. Lol. You can do N different kinds of modelling for each ideology and compare them to fit your perspective.
      Intolerant core + ‘mainstream reaction’
      Intolerant core + ‘mainstream reaction’ + level of guilt
      etc etc

      In any case, what you are doing is drawing false equivalences.

  4. Sorry but Zack is making ridiculous assertions here! There are many things to like about Hinduism and India but Hindutva is not one of them. Maybe being Pakistani, he fundamentally misunderstands how Hindu extremists come across in India. Unlike in Pakistan (or maybe even under a Muslim ruler in the past), Hindus are not a cowed-down, poor, powerless population in India.

    It is an artifact of the internet and globalization that “Hindus” and “Muslims” in India and Pakistan are considered similar sociopolitical entities, despite their huge power differentials. The appropriate attitude is to despise majoritarian power-trips and extremists in each country, not provide fodder from one country to feed into the other. What you are doing is a much milder version of Sunni extremists in Pakistan attacking Hindus and temples, post (the justifiably wrong) Babri Masjid demolition in India.

    Poor, powerless Hindus in Pakistan are similar to poor, powerless Muslims in India, and subject to similar depredations (you can find below shockingly identical experiences such as those you describe in the post):

    1. no one wrong can justify another. India is a secular state, Pakistan is not. This already makes things very clearly different. religion of false equivalency has a lot of adherents it seems.

    2. Pakistan is running out of Hinduism; there is a day we may see Hinduism extirpated in the land of its birth.

      By whatever metric Muslims have only grown in India. Demography ultimately does matter.

      Hindus in India will most likely encounter Muslims in their daily lives; most Muslims in Pakistan will almost never encounter a non-Muslim.

      1. Mostly agree- excellent reason to oppose Islamism and majoritarianism in Pakistan. But not a good reason to endorse majoritarianism in India. In fact the latter emboldens majoritarianism in Pakistan, if you needed another argument against it.

        1. Yes but what the case of Hazrat Asia has taught me.

          Muslims demands to be treated with Respect when they are a Minority but they do not bother to treat their Minorities with Respect.

          This is now an almost entrenched belief of mine after the shameful treatment of Hazrat Asia. The rank hypocrisy was what I was trying to articulate in podcast #2 and as to why I “exaggerate” the Islamic threat because I sense deceit and ill-will.

          Israel understands but India does not..

          1. Bringing in Israel here is not a good move, considering the way they treat the people (Muslim and Christian) that they are Occupying. A country that constantly breaks International Law is not the best example.

          2. This “Islamic Threat” you seek to impose on all Muslims, accusing them of “deceit and ill-will” is disturbing.

            Even more disturbing, is your description of Israel as “understanding” and somehow calling for India to do the same. By what, committing some of the world’s most flagrant human rights abuses?

            Its clear from your comments you are steeped in hatred for Muslims. I’m not sure what the reason is, but its clear you aren’t able to discuss these topics in any thoughtful manner, due to personal issues you are dealing with.

      2. I mean this is just untrue.

        Pew projects the Hindu population going from 1.9% to 2% by 2050. So, slightly growing, which is astounding considering the cultural/economic draw of bordering India, and the incentives offered to emigrate.

        Also, about 3.6% of Pakistan is non-Muslim, which isn’t a lot, but not on the level of, “never seeing a non-Muslim”. Canada has a lower percentage of Muslims, but nobody would argue most Canadians will never encounter a Muslim in their life.

        1. I am being emotional and polemical.

          I am actually Pakistani, for my sins, so I understand these things and I grew up Minority in the Land of the Pure (though I passed as Muslim when it suited, which most of the time outside of Bahai Hall lol).

          Most non-Muslims urban Islamabadis will interact with is their Christian servants.

          Hindus are only in Sindh; Lahore is a “Pak” city (only People of the Book though it was a Hindu and Sikh town like so many urban centres in the Indus).

        2. wonderful, a whole 1.9% , I mean thats so great that it deserves applause that we are even talking about it. You mean to say its ok to invest in company where the loss has been down to 1% and grew by 0.9% more. I guess thats the company every one will throng to invest in with their trust.

          Also if you are saying there is no difference between hindu nationalists and islamists, I think you have invalidated yourself already because people care about that more than the carefully constructed theoretical constructions. But then again, this is a subtle point which might be over you.

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