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  1. I am a huge Mongol fan! Look forward to seeing the Mongol video!

    Mongolia wants to become India’s best friend. India hesitates. India should stop being afraid of Ms. Roy and become Mongolia’s best friend forever. So should Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, USA.

    Mongolia as far as I know is the only country to significantly train the Afghan National Army in using artillery. Afghans love Mongolia. Go Mongolia! [The US did not train the ANA in using artillery. Needed to keep our beloved deep state and Gulf establishment happy.]

  2. You should check out this movie called Gully Boy that’s releasing next week in case global hip-hop is your thing.

    It’s inspired by these rappers who came out of Bombay slums and have become decently popular over the last few years.

  3. Not rap, but I like the CD “Letter From Mongolia” by Sedaa. Yat-Kha has some good songs, my favorite is Oi Moroz (oh frost).

    For rap I like Kid MC and MCK from Angola.

  4. Dr Dan Schueftan who is the Director of the National Security Studies Centre at the University of Haifa in Israel argues that Arab cultural disfunction at the popular level is a larger cause of Arab psychosis than the governments that rule the Arab world:


    I think Dr. Schueftan is onto something. How to protect Pakistani and Bangladeshi muslims from Arab dysfunction and irrationality?

    1. As a matter of urgency – to introduce the subject: History (or increase the number of classes).
      – Historia magistra vitae est!

      Reading only comments at BP is not sufficient. Observing longitudinally some species here I noticed that the levels of his(their) dumbness and bigotry remain steady with a tendency of slight increase.

      1. PS. It is fair to declare the certain limitations of my research. There is only one specimen in my research portfolio, it means that the research sample is not representative but it is indicative. So, as in so-called ‘Aryan issue’ I don’t mind to be proved the opposite of my research hypotheses.

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