Two phases of Brown Pundits

No idea what happened in Feb of 2018. But that’s when engagement/traffic really went up to a new plateau.

5 thoughts on “Two phases of Brown Pundits”

  1. The Indo-Pak tensions ratcheted our views dramatically..

    Oops I realised you meant 2018! Yes I think Momentum built up around that period; the comments and posts were just interpolating with one another..

  2. Anan & Kabir showed up around then, and started their mutually reinforcing escalatory trolling that added a comedic element to the blog.

    1. Anan is one of the biggest intellectuals on this blog and probably someone who is the most tolerant and with the most extensive general knowledge about various topics. Kabir? Well, Razib’s descriptions are the most concise and the most accurate.

  3. Did you guys start posting more frequently then? I recall a time (perhaps 2-3 years ago) when days would go by without a new blog entry.

  4. i certainly would go weeks or months without posting. for a long time BP was omar’s project.

    started to get back into it when brown genetics became my thing a few years ago at the new job.

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