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  1. EGYPT signed a $ 2 billion deal with Russia to buy more than 20 multi-purpose Su-35 fighters. According to the agreement, Russia will deliver Cairo missiles and bombs which use those planes that will boost the power and shift overall capabilities of Egypt’s air force to a higher level. Cairo has already bought 24 Su-35 from Russia over the past four years.

  2. Hasan Minhaz take on Indian elections left lot of desi friends on the left unsatisfied, they felt it didn’t go deep enough. I am not sure how much of it connected with the american non desi audience. One of my white woke friend felt all this information felt a bit overwhelming and dis-jointed (she couldn’t understand the whole RSS subplot also as to why dalits are simultaneously called minority as well as hindu on the episode)

    Her question was “Who are the Daleets?”. She felt they are like Yazidis or something.
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