Sajid Javid finally *owns* his Pakistaniness

This is a very powerful video – regardless of one’s politics. It’s such a powerful evocation of the Immigration and Asian experience in this country. The *hidden* history so to speak.

Ordinarily I stayed away from supporting Sajid since he seems so white-washed (at Conference he made an awful Punjabi-Welsh joke) but finally I felt that he owned up to his Pakistaniat, which moved me.

8 thoughts on “Sajid Javid finally *owns* his Pakistaniness”

  1. Thirteen seconds in, his daughter even says “don’t forget samosas!” as he walks out the door. Incredibly staged, but nice to finally see him own his brownness and to have a brown running for the top job. Could even end up being the last prime minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland 😉

  2. Zach, how much chance do you give him becoming the next PM? Or does Khan have a better chance?

  3. Khan has said he has no interest in being anything other than Mayor of London and hasn’t made any moves to position himself as a national leader.

    Javid won’t win, he is too much of an uncharismatic stiff to win a general election. There is also the suspicion he is a shallow, focus-group driven careerist who doesn’t really have political convictions. His decision to strip Shamima Begum, the ISIS bride, of British citizenship was another example of him playing to the gallery.

    My own choice would be Rory Stewart (walked 6,000 miles across Nepal, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India, deputy governor of an Iraqi province, can speak Dari, former lecturer at Harvard, was an officer in the Black Watch).

    If Boris Johnson wins, I will probably switch my vote to the Lib Dems. The man is a slob.

  4. Don’t know anything about UK politics, or who this guy is, but that video is making me crave some samosas and pakoras.

    BTW, when is the Islamicate Samosas vs Indigenous Pakoras post coming ?

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