Rahul Gandhi Resignation

What a powerful resignation letter; Pappu’s quite the wordsmith!

Jai Hind indeed🇮🇳

Even though I’m not feeling very charitable towards India or England for what they’ve done to Pakistan in the World Cup..


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  1. “Even though I’m not feeling very charitable towards India or England for what they’ve done to Pakistan”

    Lament of every Pakistan from 47 😛

  2. Good riddance to bad rubbish.
    Academic fraud as reported by black journalism practitioners CBC must be exposed: r there degree mills within Glorious Grand, nay Wondrous Pakistaniasthan?
    It is not just chinee who cheat; note personally I have never encountered a chinee fraud academic but according to internet all sorts of fraud in academia occurs by chinee— certainly Korean r violent.
    Will conduct research as my aim is studying Ancient most form of Beloved Angreji. DhanVadji

  3. Goodbye Pappu, I wish you many fruitful adventures with Goose and models in St. Tropez.

    In my opinion, INC doesn’t have much of a USP without the Gandhis…they’ll lose ground to the regional potentates, or they’ll become a regional potentate themselves.

    BJP’s near-medium term future looks bright…it will eventually lose of course, but I think it will lose to a United Front rather than a new UPA government.

  4. 1. BJP may not need Maneka and Varun. They may not get BJP ticket next time. Cogress will ask Varun to lead it.

    1. He is far too soft while his mother (Maneka) has real bad blood with Sonia for usurping the party which she felt was her inheritance from Indira rather than go to Rajiv, Sonia. Sonia would veto anything to do with that part of the family.


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