Hindutva jumped the shark

I am fucking speechless.

I am shocked on so many levels. This chap believes he can speak to the Muslim condition because his children’s nanny is a Muslim.

This reminds me of that film with Emma Stone, the Help, where she is the wonderful white woman speaking about the black help (one of the black actresses later said they always regretted making that film).

Wow just wow; the level of denial floods the Nile. I’m sorry people take exception to my constant banter about Urdu-Persian (languages are not peoples especially in a South Asian context where caste, creed and community is hyper-operative) but this is just so wrong.

Hindutva either accepts Muslims who either works for them or kowtows to them. This just repulses me.

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  1. Is this @BurntOutCase someone I should know or care about? He only has 700 followers.

      1. “Some of my best friends are x” is a stupid argument whether used by Hindu nationalists or anyone else.

        Singling out some rando on the internet who offended you just makes you look petty and sensitive, though.

  2. Am I the only one who is completely clueless about this situation?

    A general comment…..it’s really unhealthy (from a mental health perspective) to get so distressed by random strings of 140 characters. Why not exit the platform?

    I never bothered to sign up on to Twitter (Praise the God I don’t believe in!), and hardly ever log into my Facebook account (which is either a popularity contest or a forum for posting baby pictures; serves no other purpose whatsoever!)

    1. You should be on Twitter with the right attitude — to have a laugh. The more anyone gets abusive on Twitter the more I find it hilarious. The only abuses I take seriously are ones hurled in Sanskrit and to those drApa-s I respond in kind 🙂

      (PS: I follow twitter accounts for work as well and I have found that very tangibly useful in the past)

    2. Agreed – good mental health is as important as spiritual and physical health..

      I do 7.30am boxing sessions to discharge any frustrations in the gym; I can always tell how I feel by how long it tells me to “zone into the session.”

      Finally yes it’s symptomatic of a mindset that fails to understand how complex the Muslim demand is. The same chap went on to quote Naipaul.

      My point remains that being intermarried means one’s biases do tend to be checked. For instance if my Hindu wife doesn’t find what I write offensive (she happily extols India’s superiority over her neighbours) then I think I’m pretty safe.

      My rather unique life experience can be brought to the table in my analysis.

      I agree that it’s a bit murky as then I’m sensitive to the personal attacks that follow but it’s a fine line..

      1. Are you saying “My wife is …” is better than “My nanny is …” ?
        Just kidding. Take it easy. 🙂

      2. How religious is she? I don’t really get offended by comments about Jainism that easily because I am areligious.

        Do you think it is a bit presumptuous to assume you are safe just because you haven’t offended one Hindu?

    3. I was suspended from lousy twitter after I condemned veganism. am eternal milkveggie no egg.
      warning to wayfarers watch out for criminal albinolike motorists who target anyone Cultured enough to cover head and hairs kesh even nominally
      I no longer care for socalled eurocide. they deserve eurocide after abusing their middle Saturn finger with their infamous but stupid attempt to utilize f word with finger.
      these freaks of zog need osho no lol
      bad doctor must be sued to max.
      they don’t care about their own females let alone any females of supposed different community. I love Persian by the way.
      Religion is more important. Great man states ” when whites become religious they become Hindu. When blacks become religious they become Muslim” lol
      Fortunately I am Scythian part of Aryan family.
      Strip dangerous motorists of their licence. Worst invention are negro traffic lights. nonsense

  3. What wrong did BurntOut Case say?
    How do you know he’s “Hindutva”?
    How does saying that 200 million Muslims are Indians equate to saying that he proclaims himself capable to speak of their situation?

    1. It’s like how liberal white Irish people will proudly go on Twitter to state that Leo Varadkar (the half Indian Taoiseach) is as “Irish” as they are.

      It’s patronising and condescending.

      The gentleman in question is taking me to task for my comments on TNT and then makes these awfully patronising comments.

      It is profoundly insulting to the Muslim condition in South Asia.

      I would not comment on the Hindu condition in South Asia had I not actually married a Hindu and see what a Hindu household + society feels like.

      1. White liberal Irish people are the worst. Especially white half Irish liberals, or plastic paddies, they really disgust me.

        They are a dirty mongrel people with weird names.


  4. You could comment on Hindu condition even if you hadn’t married one.

    Its not like majority of us have married muslims or anything.

    Just feel the topics on which you (rightly) train your guns, are bit 80s and 90s. Which places you in a unenviable situation, which makes you right and wrong at the same time. The Indian/Hindu society has clearly moved forward (enough) for UC hindus to retort that these problems dont’ exist. But you have many examples that it hasn’t moved (enough) which you point out (in my view correctly)

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