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  1. Not a huge deal, but a woke half-brown nutjob is not good for India. Won’t be as bad as Hillary and Huma Abedin would have been, but still not good.

    1. Yes, and she will be under pressure to proclaim woke talking points on India to prove that she is not beholden to her upper-caste/Indian background.

    2. I think worse than Hillary and Samantha Power.
      Those two with their R2P and to prove they have cojones bombed Libya back to the stone age. Obama did not have the cojones to oppose or veto, trying prove he was an “real American”

      Kamala also to “prove” will support wholeheartedly bombing or starting a war somewhere, maybe Iran.

      1. Haha no way, she is way too assertive and self-assured (to the point of arrogance) to have that sort of chip on her shoulder.

  2. I just hope this centrist pick alienates the progressives and they don’t come out to vote so that we can have a Trump 2.0. I literally couldn’t care less about her Indian roots.

  3. Why do so many Americans of Indian origin on this blog support Trump, how would they/America benefit compared to a Biden/Harris administration? Is it over taxes, migration, centralization, affirmative action, what’s going on?

    1. I principally supported Trump in his first term over being strict on illegal immigration(also sets a precedent for India to be strict on illegal Bangladeshi immigrants), not allowing Syrian refugees and of course because of his stance on China. Now that China is a much bigger international threat and Trump looks like the only one capable of giving it a fight, I favor Trump again. I don’t care about the global image of the US because of Trump’s antics.

      1. Under Trump the United States has the worst Covid outbreak in the world, is in the top 10 when adjusted for population, and has revealed how fragile the country really is. Not to mention that we’ve alienated almost all of our allies, and even if he loses we probably will never regain our global standing. Why would you want more of this?

        1. “Why would you want more of this?”

          Everyday i wake up thinking about this question, and then i go on twitter and my mind changes.

          1. So you consider Twitter SJWs to be a greater existential threat than a sitting president who’s essentially handed the global order to China on a silver platter?

          2. Holy fucking shit…SJW wokism is a symptom of Trumpism, not an alternative. Biden and Kamala will don the right ideological clothing, but in the end will likely implement center-right policies.
            Seriously, are you guys high? Competance >>>> ideology

        2. Trump the United States has the worst Covid outbreak in the world

          That’s primarily the fault of individual states and their governors rather than the American federal government or the president.

          There’s very little authority outside of the individual states in a federal system regarding health measures.
          Also, the Covid outbreak in America is by no means the worst in the world.

          1. There was no national strategy, no help from the feds. In fact, the administration was positively giddy that the outbreak (initially) was concentrated in blue northeastern states. Yes, the states have a lot of autonomy. But there was still a lot the federal government could have done. They did nothing.

            We have less than 5% of the world’s population, but have 25% of all covid cases and 20% of all deaths, and neither of those look likely to end any time soon. Even when you adjust for population numbers we are in the top 10 worst outbreaks in the world, and lag every developed country except for possibly the UK and Israel.

        3. Democrats are using groups like BLM to encourage and justify rioting. Don’t appease the thugs.

          Could have done a better job on the pandemic but it didn’t help when Democrats encouraged hundreds of thousands of people in states where COVID was picking up to gather together in close proximity and yell loudly.

          It didn’t help when “experts” started playing fast and loose with words, calling things like “systemic” racism a ‘public health emergency’. It didn’t help when they lied about masks. It didn’t help when they said some protests are ok but others are not.

          How the Democrats have treated Trump is shameful, even if Trump is an incompetent fool (which he is).

    2. I wouldn’t support him, but Trump at least likes the US, which is a nice quality for a US President.

    1. Man where are u gujju patels at? If any Indian ethnicity would have been VP, i would have much preferred the pro-Indian gujjus. You folks have let me down 😛

  4. No need to get excited, she is just a different variant of Pramila Jaypal and Kshama Sawant . Tamils can get excited though for whatever its worth

    I see her the worst VP pic for Indians among all the candidates, as she has to constantly prove her ‘loyalty’ . If Biden steps down after 1st term and she wins Presidency we are fucked.

    1. I don’t know about all this. She has to worry more about being seen as African American enough rather than too Indian.

      Right now seems both left and right are concerned about China. No one really worries about India too much, except…

      Guess which country in Asia is a natural ally?

      Guess who can benefit from some of the manufacturing decoupling?

      To me India seems very well positioned to benefit form international trends, if it plays its hand well.

    2. I doubt Tamils will get excited once they find out she is brahmin.

      And I don’t think it makes any sense for any Indian to take pride in someone who almost exclusively identifies as Black because it is politically convenient for her. That’s all that her ethnicity means to her; just another tool in this power hungry person’s toolkit.

  5. She doesn’t see herself as Indian. She always identified as black.
    If you want an Indian American as POTUS or VPOTUS, go for Maharashtrian – state/military culture so will be tough on China, knows business is a means to an end (national power) not an end in itself (greed), belief in family first family last, tough on Islamists, assimilationist (half of Marathis are marrying non Indian Americans), and most are conservatives to moderates and not liberal/progressive loonies.

    Please don’t take this too seriously.

      1. Frankly anybody from the North would have done for me. Kshama incidentally is married to a Maharastrian, but originally she is , u already know from which part of India, considering her politics

        1. Ugh Sawant is a woke Tamil Brahmin. She isn’t Maharashtrian she was just born there. I know it’s weird to say that but somehow it makes a difference. Her birth surname was Ramanujam.

    1. “If you want an Indian American as POTUS or VPOTUS, go for Maharashtrian – state/military culture so will be tough on China, knows business is a means to an end (national power) not an end in itself (greed), belief in family first family last, tough on Islamists, assimilationist (half of Marathis are marrying non Indian Americans), and most are conservatives to moderates and not liberal/progressive loonies.”

      Have u heard abt the current ruling part of Maharashtra? So woke they have put the Bengalis to shame

      1. You’re talking about Shiv Sena They are an embarrassment to a lot of Maharashtrians even those who are conservative. I’m talking about your average Marathi.

        1. Maharashtra Govn has no mandate to be clear. The mandate was clearly for continuation of status quo with BJP-SS.
          What SS/NCP/INC have done is that they have put survival over ideology or ethics.

  6. So, Kamala doesn’t need Indian Americans for votes (CA, NJ etc are heavily democratic anyway) or funds. But Indian Americans/India have an interest in limiting SJW/Ant-India-woke-left influence on her.
    She is going to be President as Joe will go completely senile or just fall off dead in his first or second term.
    What are the options of India/Indian-Americans in mitigating the situation?

    1. Why can’t u damn Gujjus win VP having been here for so long, then Modiji could have home cooked White house made Dhoklas.

    2. I too am curious about the Indian support for Kamala Harris. I have a hard time imagining any Indian who cares about Indian identity liking her for being Indian, though our typical silicon valley cattle may be decoyed into mindlessly following what the news cycle trains their neurons towards following. Her alleged appeal to Indian identity was weird, seemed as it to be primarily based on: (i) She likes masala dosa, and (ii) Her grandfather who happens to be Indian cared about equality of human beings or something. Oh my God, how proud as an Indian I should be that someone’s Indian grandfather cared about equality.

      On most of the grounds that appeal to people who buy this, most Pakistanis would qualify better to be considered Indian.

      On the other hand, the nature of the Indian support that the non-Indian Tulsi Gabbard received was genuinely and unabashedly Indian. Brown solidarity and considerations of language, food etc. are so so superficial compared to questions of civilizational identity (and one issue where liberals take skin color based identity more seriously than conservatives).

  7. Good. She was better than the other options in particular the severely overrated Elizabeth Warren. Hopefully she becomes the first Western leader who knows how to make biryani.

      1. Actually she did a special with Mindy Kaling (ugh) and they were both trying to make dosa I think. She was bad at it.

      2. Excuse me. Her mother was. Not her.

        Caste is patriarchal, no? Generally speaking…Her mother was tam-brahm. And she lost it the moment she married out of caste. She didnt give a fuck about her caste when she married out, but mom and daughter want to hold to the caste tag alone?? I think VS Naipaul was a similar wannabe. Are tam brahms such deep cucks? She is part jamaican. Part Indian. Caste is *generally* obtained via the father.(minus the minority matriarchal groups. If nairs wanted to claim brahminhood on the basis of y-dna, they’d have to dig up their history of sambandhams, etc, and even then, you can never be sure of the outcome :P. They’re probably hyper-sensitive about it)

        So lets ignore the minority matriarchal groups and generally say that caste is obtained from the father. Therefore, KH’s mom was casteless, and KH is broadly a Jamaican Indian, ONLY

  8. Her Indian background is irrelevant in this contest, I mean for votes and money. But my co-ethnic will be the next Vice President of the USA, and a strong candidate for President, for what it’s worth.

    I disagree that she doesn’t identify as Indian. I don’t really identify as Indian either if you ask me, but after all I have a strong influence. And she grew up with her Tamil mother, not her father. I wouldn’t want to work for her from what I’ve heard, but salute your next Vice President and possibly in the near future, President. Like Ireland but 1000 times more important.

    1. Oh god I can’t salute her. She is terrible as a politician and civil servant. And she doesn’t really acknowledge her Indian heritage much unless it wins her “brownie” points tbh. But what really rubs me is how CNN just simply doesn’t acknowledge her mixed ancestry. It’s only her black heritage that matters and personally that’s bullshit but it is telling where America is going in terms of racial demographics. It seems to me that the Left are very wrong in assuming that by 2050 we will be a majority-minority nation. It won’t. It will remain a white majority but the white population will be more multi-ethnic/multi-racial and there will be a black minority which also be partly multi-ethnic/multi-racial. Case and point Kamala and Barrack. Both mixed but seen as just black. Progeny of White-Asian, White-Hispanic identify as white. And if I had to hazard a guess, those who are not of mixed ancestry Asian and Hispanic families will identify closely with those that are near in terms of socio-economic status and skin color. I could be wrong but I think that’s our future. I just wish the media and politics would stop washing away certain ethnicities to fit a narrative and accept nuance in American demographics. Especially their assumption thatA there is some solidarity among POCs and by 2050 they will triumph over the white devils. Pathetic.

    2. The only thing that defines her is her hunger for power. She will pretend to be any ethnicity if it gets her votes.

      She considers herself Black. Taking pride in her for being Indian is like a White person taking pride in Obama winning because he is half-White and was raised by his White mother / grandparents.

  9. Wonder what Sbrakum thinks of her nomination.

    We are coming for ur island Sbrakum ! But unlike last time when we came with the flying monkey, this time around we will come on Air force one, to emancipate our Dravidian brethren! All hail Periyar!

    1. Kamala Harris,

      I like to give extra cred to brown/black, but have been burned by Obama.

      Kamala Harris:
      Well for a start many dont seem to be aware of her rise was by taking care of Willie Brown’s willy.

      Her tough on crime was tough on African Americans. She was DA and then Attorney General of CA. Not getting support from African Americans, at least my African American friends.

      My personal opinion, Susan Rice would have been a marginally better choice.


      An African American view

      1. Unfortunately for the world Susan Rice and Kamala Harris have exactly the same terrible foreign policy but I do agree with you that Susan Rice probably would have been a better electoral pick because her long experience really speaks to people. It seems to me that Kamala Harris was just chosen because the oligarchs that run this country know that they own her and know she is someone that they can trust (Rice is also someone that they can trust but they don’t own her like they own Harris).

  10. Couple of US Paks on my Facebook feed have realised Kamala DEVI Harris is INDIAN and will therefore promote the anti-Pakistan INDIAN LOBBY so they will definitely not be voting Democrat.

    1. That’s funny they emphasize DEVI.

      In noticed a few Indian Americans doing that as well to emphasize that she is half-Indian.

      Thing is Kamala is a very Indian name.
      (Means lotus in Sanskrit)

    2. This is good news for sure. I don’t want to see male Hindus being attacked in a Kamala Harris vice presidency so we need to peel out as many votes from the Biden-Harris ticket as possible.

  11. I am not sure what is happening with this discourse- all I can think of is misogyny and inability to empathize cultural complexity. I am horrified, the worst has come out in the Brown unPundits. It is the very same complex perspectives my half Indian origin 19 year old daughter faces when she meets many male Indians in the US.

    1. Out of curiosity are you white or black? Also, where is the misogyny my post that was deleted was harmless?

    2. Totally agreed. BP has become a toxic Hindutva cesspool.

      “Taking care of Willie Brown’s willie” was particularly disgusting and misogynistic.

      1. The guy who wrote that comment is a Sinhalese Buddhist. How does that comment show that Brown Pundits is turning into a Hindutva cesspool? Plus it is true you know, both of you should just continue fantasizing about female Hindus since that’s what you’re good for. Peace out.

        1. Way to make assumptions.

          For all you know, I’m not interested in female ANYTHING.


          And sbarrkum is neither Sinhalese nor Buddhist. His family is Christian and I believe he’s at least half-Tamil.

          1. Still, how can a Christian be a Hindutvadi? You just call everyone you disagree with that including me whose family saved Sikhs during riots.

          2. “whose family saved Sikhs during riots”–it’s not about your family, it’s about you. You have said vile things about Gandhi ji. If you don’t like the word “Hindutvadi”, you’re certainly a Hindu extremist.

            And they weren’t “riots”. It was an anti-Sikh POGROM. “riot” and “pogrom” mean very different things in the English language.

          3. I apologize to the Sikh community for getting the terminology wrong but it still stands that the Trivedi family was there for you when you were attacked by Nehruvian Secularists.

            Also, if you start calling me a Hindu extremist that would be fine, I would prefer to just be called a Hindu traditionalist, but Hindu extremist is certainly better than Hindu Nationalist.

          4. Anyone who expresses the view that Gandi ji should have been murdered at birth is an extremist.

            You don’t want to be called “extremist” don’t say such things in public.

          5. He is not sympathetic in any sense to his Tamil side if he has one. He is not Hindu. He does not support Hindutva. Not everything bad under the sun is Hindutva.

  12. Harris is the textbook example of someone with no principles willing to do anything for power. That her husband’s Jewish is no coincidence either. She ignored blacks her whole life but suddenly became a “sistah” when BLM blew up. Blacks hated her and saw her as the fraud she is. She didn’t care about being half-Indian either.

    She will be the perfect foil for the Israel lobby. Anyone expecting her to do favours for India are deluding themselves (though she will play up the part when the establishment wants closer relations with India in order to contain China).

    1. I agree with you that she probably is a shill for the Jewish lobby and probably married her husband to pick up political points with that community but to say she’s ignored blacks her whole life is patently inaccurate since if anything she’s used ADOS (American descendants of slaves) her whole life. Her father is Jamaican and she grew up in Canada but somehow aimed to go to Howard University her whole life- that isn’t someone who is just using blacks now but has been aware of their usefulness for some time now.

      Also, given the fact that the VERY powerful Muslim lobby hates India (unless the government is extremely anti-Hindu), I don’t think they would use India to counter Chinese power. If anything I could see them trying to use Pakistan or some other Islamic states. Also, the Democratic Party has a lot of ties with China through their dependence on Silicon Valley money so I’m not sure that they’d ever do anything to counter Chinese power.

    2. Why bring up her husband’s religion?

      This is getting dangerously close to anti-semitism.

      1. Judaism isn’t just a religion, it’s also an ethnicity. Also, if you read my comment you will understand more about why her marital choice was so relevant.

        1. Anti-semitism is never acceptable.

          Senator Harris’s husband’s religion is completely irrelevant to anything.

        2. the husband’s identity is irrelevant. you people are kind of stupid sometimes, google the getty’s. harris is a creature of the SF oligarchy.

          but Kabir is the police of everything. sign of his mental illness he gets this god complex

    3. She seems very desi in her desire to toss all competing loyalties aboard for the sake of her career. See Sajid Javid and Priti Patel in the UK.

    1. I wonder how many of the Hindu Indian Americans would vote Republican if they weren’t so in your face about their Judeo-Christianity.

        1. The main reason I’m not registered as a Republican is because of their Judeo-Christian stuff otherwise I’d be out there with all the other folks.

  13. I couldn’t care less about American politics.

    The only thing I am worried about is that urban deracinated Indians will take even more enthusiastic interest in this year’s election. They are already insufferable with their Trump and AOC and John Oliver inspired takes as if any of it matters here.

    American politics is probably one of top-3 spectator sports in metropolitan India.

    1. It gives liberal Indian solace that as bad as situation is in India, someone is doing even worse.

      1. “It gives liberal Indian solace that as bad as situation is in India, someone is doing even worse.”

        Except things are never as bad in the US. It’s just projected as such for entertainment.

        I am in a WhatsApp group in Bangalore where people like to discuss ‘politics and society’.

        There was legitimate discussion on how we should defund police in India and how US is so far ahead of us on that ‘discourse’.

        These people don’t realise that you first need to fund the police before you can defund.

        1. Exactly. Living in the US is very different from watching their sensationalized cable news networks constantly shove their hate for the US down everyone’s throats.

        2. These people don’t realise that you first need to fund the police before you can defund.

          ouch. Lol

    2. You’re right about urban deracinated Indians. The thing is, there are 2 types: 1. the ones who genuinely adopted mainstream American culture and lived mostly in white majority neighborhoods and 2. those who actively self hate and project on to others usually those are desi women. Seen them since college. Thinks any nonwhite men are inferior and no nonwhite friend in sight. Good example Tara Narula. She lives in my neighborhood, clings to her husband like he is some trophy/achievement. Distance herself from desis and try’s to pass for white it’s hilarious. It’s people like that I worry about because they vote for other self hating Indians/south Asians so they look good to whitey. Think Mindy Kaling and her Netflix show. It’s palpable. They are so embarrassed of their heritage. So they will go Kamala Harris even if she terrible for the nation and exudes woke virtues to keep their privileged status among white liberals.

      1. “ Distance herself from desis and try’s to pass for white it’s hilarious.“

        Is she jatt?

        1. Not sure. Possibly. Another reason she is problem is that as a medical advisor on CBS she tells everyone to wear masks and social distance but I see her and her husband walking around without a mask and not giving shit about social distancing. Again the cultural elite think they operate under a different set of rules.

      2. You’re being unfair to Mindy, Tara etc. I don’t see any problems with American Desis trying to assimilate into American society.

        My concern is with Indians in India who think they’re living in the US and act as such.

        1. Of course there is nothing wrong with assimilating but what they do isn’t assimilating. It’s virtue signaling to be accepted by white liberals because they are embarrassed at who they are. For example, if a woke desi starts preaching about caste is terrible and how they have caste privilege/evils of colonialism that’s simply just signaling to the cultural elite that ‘I’m like you!’. Deep down they are afraid of being rejected by elites so they denigrate parts of desi culture in order to appear ‘I’m not one of those Indians’.

    1. She is our sleeper agent, she will talk abt Kashmir during the election to curry favor with Pakistani diaspora, and once she in the office , Boom!!!

      Checkmate mothafuckas!

    2. I’m sure she will speak on Kashmir. The Democrats are strongly allied with the Islamists.

      1. You don’t have to be “Islamist” to believe in the right to self-determination or the fact that Kashmiris should not be treated as colonial subjects. Mainstream political leaders like Mehbooba Mufti are still under house arrest after one year.

        The fact is that the Indian narrative on Kashmir doesn’t convince non-Indians.

  14. Wow, the so called racist Rajapakes have appointed Ali Sabry as Minister of Justice.
    Not even elected, selected on National List.

    Ali Sabry has been personal lawyer to Gotabya (President), and worked tirelessly during campaigns.

  15. Wow I just found out Kamala Harris as Cali district attorney was involved in a case denying a Sikh man a job in the California prison system. She fought for the right of the state to discriminate against him. She is no friend of the desi community. I wish desis would wake up. The skeletons are coming out of the closet!

  16. Kamala Harris is desi to the core. Once elected, she going to be a great friend of India and the Hindus. With her, wokeness is a put on act. She is smart and amoral enough to hide her real nature in order to win.

    There was a video on youtube where she was preparing Dosa with Mindy Kaling. Both looked very comfortable (almost revelling) in their Indian-ness.

    1. I agree she is power hungry and amoral. When I saw that Dosa video, I didn’t see someone who was comfortable. It was all an act because she does a fake laugh similar to HRC. Mindy is an actress so it’s easy for her to hide her true feelings but there is ways to tell especially through her Netflix productions.

  17. She almost always identifies as Black. This is like saying Obama is White. Technically, sure, but if they rarely ever identify as such then I don’t know. To me she’s a Black candidate and that’s a big part of why Biden picked her.

    1. she identifies as black. but obama made a really proactive effort to be “not white.” i don’t see harris doing the same with her indian/Hindu background. she does the standard “i’m baptist but went to hindu temples as a kid” thing. pretty clear she deemphsizes the indian aspect, but i think it’s mostly because being black is advantageous for Obama probably had to do with his personal psychology. being Indian is something that needs a lot of explanation in america

      1. That’s fair but I guess to me it’s more about what you identify with than the genetics. I think Tulsi is a lot more Indian in some ways than Kamala. It kind of feels weird to take pride in that part of someone’s identity that they de-emphasize, but I get that she’s not actively trying to be ‘not Indian’.

        But also I just don’t like Kamala that much so it’s probably my bias clouding me.

        1. your mileage varies. i agree that tulsi in many ways is the most ‘authentically’ indian person in congress. her cult is in the gauida vaishnava lineage. ironically i think she is more likely to have dual loyalties than any of the ancestrally indian American people in congress!!!

          but though kamala devi harris is low-key about being half-indian, she doesn’t hide it or lie about it. so no reason to go high dungeon on this

          1. Yeah, as far as i know never dissociate herself, she just didn’t champion it. Understandable , considering she has a better ace up her sleeve.

            U are correct that Tulsi is more Indian, but i wont go as far as dual loyalty though, LOL

            Perhaps one of the reason for Indian american not showing their dual loyalties is they themselves come from regions that have a sort of love-hate relationship with India. I think that if we have a true blooded Gujju/N-Indian Hindutva senator that could change though.

        2. Hoju,

          I think Tulsi would have been a better choice for President, regardless of VP.

          He active military service and pro active Anti-War is what is needed for the US.

          However, I doubt that a real peoples President will get elected (or Nominated) barring some kind of revolution. Revolution needed to have proper campaign finance/lobbyist laws and reign in rampant corruption of the political establishment.

  18. DMK (Dravidian Party) leaders were celebrating Kamala nomination on Twitter, a Dravidian party celebrating a Tamil Brahmin! (For context, all Dravidian parties had their origin in anti Brahmin politics in the early 20th century). Oh my periyar!

  19. I think there is more chatter about Indians celebrating her nomination than actual Indians celebrating her nomination

  20. https://theprint.in/opinion/democrats-have-a-loyal-base-in-indian-americans-but-trump-is-fast-pulling-them-to-his-side/480219/

    “For the first time, the Democrats may have to fight for the Indian American vote, especially that of the older generation. The younger generation remains firmly with the Democratic Party. It is in fact in the forefront criticizing India, something that also deeply irks the “uncles and aunties” as the first generation is jokingly called.

    Younger, left-leaning, social justice Democrats have made India and Modi’s policies a special target. That Indian American members of the House of Representatives – Pramila Jayapal and Ro Khanna – are in the forefront of the attacks has angered many community leaders.

    Democrats defend the spotlight on India’s human rights record. They say friends should be able to have frank conversations with each other about differences. They remain confident that a majority of the 2.5 million Indian American voters will go for Biden in keeping with the tradition.

    But there is no question that today the Democrats have an “India problem” just as Modi has a “Democrat” problem.”

  21. An explainer for white Americans (such as I):

    “Kamala, Goddess of Wealth Creation: It’s ‘comma-la,’ and don’t mix her up with the late pro wrestler.” By Tunku Varadarajan | Aug. 12, 2020 | https://www.wsj.com/articles/kamala-goddess-of-wealth-creation-11597249029

    How do you say Kamala? It’s an Indian name, proof that Ms. Harris’s dual ethnicity can’t be written out of the script in the racially absolutist politics of the U.S. Her mother … was an Indian immigrant. The senator’s given name, Kamala Devi—Goddess Kamala—is a synonym for Lakshmi, the Hindu deity of wealth and fortune. The word Kamala literally means “she of the lotus,” the flower on which Lakshmi is said to repose in the Hindu heavens.

    … Ms. Harris’s progressive economic beliefs sit awkwardly with her being named for a goddess of wealth creation. And her mother, Shyamala Gopalan (her first name is pronounced “Shyaa-muh-lah”), was an Iyer Brahmin, at the pinnacle of the caste structure of her native Tamil Nadu, a state in south India. The complex politics of that region have caused many Tamil Brahmins to seek their fortunes elsewhere, including Silicon Valley. Gopalan, who died in 2009, was a medical researcher at the University of California, Berkeley.

    … For an ethnic group that is more successful materially in the U.S. than virtually any other, Indian-Americans are a strikingly anti-Republican bunch: 84% voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016. Ms. Harris doesn’t need to play to that ethnic gallery, especially as it is a tiny fraction of the electorate.

    Instead, she must play up her paternal side—African, via her Jamaican father. The Democrats are a party of ethnic hierarchies, in which smaller ethnicities—such as Indians—must efface themselves and wait their turn. It is ironic that the party many Indian-Americans disdain is the one to have given this country two Indian-American governors (Bobby Jindal of Louisiana and Nikki Haley of South Carolina).

    It’s not inconceivable that in 2024, America could have to choose between Ms. Harris and Ms. Haley for president. Which will it be, the Tamil Brahmin or the Sikh?

  22. I am not sure why a lot of BPers think Kamala is bad choice for India. Sure, her track on criminal record has been sketchy, but anyone who worked as an AG would have a similar track record. This is like judging today’s politicians by tomorrow’s standards. One of her advertisements openly showed her pictures from India. I am not sure how many politicians would air such an ad (even from second generation European immigrants).

    She is not one of the squad and she is not a full throttle SJW. She is moderately decent politician and obviously an opportunist. She is astute enough to realize that she had a chance at VP and contested in primaries. Reg. China, she will two the neo-lib line and even if Trump wins, his policies would be highly tempered by the neo-lib winds. Overall, I see her as neutral. If she posts anti-Indian rhetoric (like 90% of Dems and 90% of Reps), it is purely a failing of Indian state and brown diaspora in the US or victory of the Islamic lobby.

  23. Why Biden-Harris are disastrous for India

    On balance, it is obvious India’s interests are better served by the Republican Administration under Trump, which is ideologically and viscerally at odds with Communist China than by the Biden-Harris combo eager to regain the normal as Beijing sees it. All right thinking Indians must hope Trump returns to power even if that mightily screws up the internal situation in that country and roils the American society. But that’s for Americans to worry about.


  24. Sri Lankan American, Rohini Lakshmi Kosoglu is Chief of Staff for Kamala Harris.

    whose parents, Dr. Wijeyadevendram Ravindran and Shobhana Ravindran hail from Jaffna

    Ravindran went to my old school, S. Thomas College Mt. Lavinia. He played cricket for the school in 1969 and was on the team for the Royal Thomian (S Thomas lost after 18 years).

    So I doubt Dr. Ravindran actually lived in Jaffna, most likely in Colombo. My guess is also that the family left Sri Lanka because of the 1983 anti Tamil pogrom


  25. https://www.indiatoday.in/news-analysis/story/how-indian-is-kamala-harris-1711190-2020-08-14

    “First things first. Harris is not running to be the vice president of India. She is in the race to be the vice president of the United States. She will represent her country, promote US national interest, and, if Joe Biden wins, she will figure out where the US-India convergences are and how the two countries can work together. That’s just basic Foreign Relations 101.

    Kamala Harris doesn’t have to agree with the government of India simply because she is half-Indian, although that seems to be the underlying expectation of some in the Indian-American community.

    It is not only unfair but self-defeating. Yes, Indian-Americans may sometimes be more critical of India’s policies because they want to prove their impartiality — some analysts in Delhi assume that is the case — but a professional policymaker is generally hard-nosed about costs and benefits.”

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