Welcome back Mahathir Mohamad, Hero of Asia!

Welcome back Mahathir Mohamad, our favorite 92 year old PM of Malaysia! Malaysia was one of the centers of the great Arya civilization for thousands of years; now enriched by Confucianism, Taoism, Chinese Buddhism, Islam, and expats the world over. One of the most diverse and immigration friendly countries in the world. One of the most pro business, pro capitalist, pro globalization, pro neo-liberal, pro enlightenment values, and pro moderate Islam countries in the world. A country that fought against the full might of the Soviet Union, China and the global communist block and won. A shining city on a hill. A self assured, self confident Asian Tiger without inferiority complex. One of last great bastions resisting the global post modernist wave.

Mahathir Mohamad helped transform Malaysia from a poor country into a developed OECD rich country with an education system envied by the rest of the world. Mahathir is one of the world’s great and respected elders. I have greatly admired him since childhood, and for many years read Malaysian and Singapore journals and newspapers. Mahathir at times gave constructive feedback to other countries, but his “criticism” always had a wisdom to it; even when I didn’t fully agree. Mahathir always fought against European, Americans, and Eastern block post modernism and explained how they had infected global NGOs and global human rights organizations. He pointed out the muddied confused mixed up self contradictory sermonizing of Americans. Fought against Islamism and very conservative interpretations of the hadiths and Sharia while being friends with oppressed muslim minorities and moderate muslims. Fought against marxism and socialism. And was one of the most effective critics of post modern confusion.

I quoted Mahathir Mohamad in my undergraduate humanities courses, especially anthropology and history. There was no better example of how “darkies”, “Asians”, “muslims” were indescribably more powerful than the worst nightmares and most wondrous dreams of the post modernists. Never victims. Never oppressed. Never weak. Never needing the help of post modernist “allies”. Never needing pity. Never apologizing for choosing economic development. Never apologizing for academic, economic and social success. Never apologizing for being a made up “oppressor”. Never apologizing for having privilege. Never apologizing for resisting marxism, communism, socialism and post modernism. Never apologizing for resisting Islamism and extreme interpretations of Shariah. Mahathir did what needed to be done to stop Islamists–even when America, Europe, and global “human rights” organizations savaged him for being evil. Mahathir was able to prevent Al Qaeda from destroying the Petronas Towers (the two tallest skyscrapers in the world for many years).

Mahathir offered good advice and help to the Philippines–which has fought a war with Islamists since 1899. And a tough war against Al Qaeda/Daesh since 1993. Similarly Mahathir offered advise and help to Thailand–which has lost thousands of her citizens to Islamist terrorism, many linked to Al Qaeda. Mahathir understood the need for dialogue with extremists. Mahathir  was skilled persuading Islamists to become conservative muslims who didn’t impose their views on others or moderate muslims.

Mahathir’s brave Malaysian Army soldiers in their Condor infantry fighting vehicles rescued American special forces in the First Battle of Mogadishu:

Malaysian troops served alongside Kiwis in Bamiyan province, Afghanistan and many other theaters around the world serving their fellow human.

Here is a recent comment from Mahathir on Sharia:

majority of Malaysians now favor strict implementation of Sharia law and hardline Islamist parties play an increasingly prominent role in politics. What role do you see Islam playing in the future of Malaysia?

There was this formation of an Islamic party which is something that is quite wrong because you cannot take Islam for yourself. Islam belongs to everybody. This Islamic party tries to make use of so-called Islamic laws in order to gain support. But it’s not even Islamic law, it is far more severe. During my time, they had this proposal to impose Sharia law. I had to fight against them. The moment I stepped down they came back with this proposal. Najib found it convenient to entertain them because he was losing grip over the Muslim Malays. So he backed the Islamic party and their demand for Sharia. And because of that, we are now more divided than ever.

Mahathir Mohamed was at once best friends with the Palestinians and best friends with Israel. An example the whole world should follow.

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    1. Israeli newspapers think everyone is an antisemite so what’s new?

      Note: I am not familiar with Mahathir or Malaysia. I saw on FB that this is the first time the ruling party has lost in 60 years or something, so that is kind of interesting.

        1. “Renowned liberal” ? He perfected the racial system in Malaysia where the all benefits are overtly twisted in the favour of ethnic Malays. Housing, business, universities , political power, you name it . This in spite of the fact that his grandfather was a Malayalee – playing racial politics is a paying proposition in Malaysia and he did it well.

          1. Vijay
            Was looking at your blog. Cannot read a word of Tamil.

            Send me an email. handle here @ gmail.com
            Got a bit of Poetry in Tamil by my grandfather etc and other info.

      1. I wish that were true, don’t you?

        A poem for my dear qaid-e malaysia:

        Sparkle sparkle dear mahathir
        How I wonder how great u are
        Standing up to the zio so sly
        Like a mujahid with imaan sky high

        1. For the love of god (or no god whatever floats your boat), please stop.

          When you start destroying “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” is when it is time to seriously reconsider how good you think you are at satire. You’re no Lewis Carroll.

          If you must satirize, you should be at the level of Swift on the eating of Irish babies.


          This is why an education in English Literature is worthwhile.

          1. Allah (swt) floats my boat. Please do not use God’s name in vain. Also it is offensive to my sensibilities when “God” (rabb-ul alameen) is referred to with a lower case “g”. Also desist from asking me to stop presenting my minority views. This constitutes micro-aggression against my faith. And I have no safe space here other than the public loo, which is occupied right now.

            Please show some consideration.

          2. Your attempts at satire deserve the public loo. Stand up comedy is clearly not your forte 🙂 I wouldn’t have anything against your “minority views” if they were at least well-written. Please try again. Maybe take a creative writing course? Like, you could actually be funny if you used your time to do actual writing instead of trying to make fun of Islam. Work on your jokes, dude. Just the same old joke about being a janitor for Windsor Castle isn’t going to cut it.

            Ok, I’m really done now.

          1. I know, right?

            Kabir miyan is too highfalutin. Who asks a janitor to produce creative writing or satire?

            Aala afrad ki aala baatayn… Ham to chhotay aadmi hain yaar. Happy with the occasional doggerel and bayt-bazi.

          2. “High falutin” is your phrase. I would say educated.

            But let’s leave it there.

  1. Zach, Marina Mahathir rocks! Go girl!

    Najib Razak, outgoing PM, is less than ideal. This is why many are cheering. Didn’t want to muck up the post with intra Malaysian complex raw gutter politics–Trump style. In general Malaysia has leaders the rest of the world would kill for.

    V.C.Vijayaraghavan, Malaysian bumiputeras affirmative action scheduled classes requires a few articles by itself. Bumiputeras means Bhumi (earth) + Putra (sons). Keep in mind that it was designed to fight the communist insurgency and somewhat disconnected riots that practically destroyed the country. Malaysia did what she needed to do, including implementing hate speech laws about blaspheming Islam that restricted free speech. Now Malaysia faces the long term difficult task of gradually dismantling them. Life is tough. I think Malaysia will try:
    I deleted a discussion of how Mahathir was trying to improve the ethnic Malay race from the above article because I was not sure everyone would understand the context. I completely agree with Mahathir on his desire to improve the ethnic Malay race. Mahathir was trying to reduce inferiority complex, inadequate self confidence and victimology. Trying to transform ethnic Malays into victors. Pray Mahathir succeeds.

    Mahathir will not stand for reelection because of his advanced age and plans to hand over power to his coalition members in two to three years. So most of this will be for Mahathir’s mentees to accomplish.

    1. That sounds very nice. Do you have some thoughts on how Mahathir bhai will achieve de-ziofication of Malaysia and wider region?

      I am very interested to know.

      1. Jaggu, Datuk Mahathir is too old to do this himself, he is retiring in two to three years. This will mostly be up to his mentees and the Malaysians he has been inspired.

        The mere fact that a respected elder who happens to be the elected PM is pushing this narrative is something. Similar to Bill Cosby (the actor and public statesmen, not the abuser of woman) advocating traditional values in 2004.

        Jaggu, Datuk Mahathir deeply admires Jews and said many very positive things about Jews too. When he is accused of “attacking” Jews, he usually does so in an attempt to inspire fellow muslims to learn from and follow the Jewish example. Sadly Datuk Mahathir is not politically correct and often expresses himself in harsh Trumpian language.

        Israel only has two close muslim allies, Malaysia and Turkey. There is extensive travel, trade, investment, product development collaboration between Israel and Malaysia. Datuk Mahathir has never been anti Israel. He is pro Palestinians and pro Israel and is offering what he regards as constructive feedback to Israel. This is the act of a friend. A sycophant is an enemy.

        Kabir, do you support the Datuk Mahathir model of being pro Palestinian? It is a lot more effective than most who claim to be pro Palestinian.

        1. I don’t know enough about Mahathir to intelligently comment. To me, “pro-Palestinian” means listening to what the Palestinian people want– their land back and a State of their own with its capital in East Jerusalem. We’ve been over all this ground before and we don’t need to go over it again.

    2. When he had all the opportunity in the world to dismantle the racist system with many decades of power , he did nothing, why is he going to do now ? Racist systems rarely get dismantled by it’s makers since they have benefited from it and will continue to do so.

      1. Vijay,
        From what I gather there were two types of Indians (mainly Tamils ) in relatively large numbers in Malaysia . One were the plantation workers and the other the educated Tamils. The two do not intermix at all.

        A majority of the educated Tamils appear to be Ceylon/Jaffna Tamils and Christian. They seem to have worked around the whole Bhumiputra thing. If they marry out of the community they marry Chinese. Insight from relatives, found thru the Internet; same last name. Marrying Chinese might have to do with choice being limited to non muslims.

        Here is a relative in Malaysia , my paternal grandfather and her paternal ggrandfather are brothers.


        1. The Bahai converts in Malaysian stem entirely from the non-Muslim community (Indian & Chinese / Persian founders of course).

          Same as with the Eritrean Bahai community; derived from the Christian community, not from the ~50% Muslim pop..


  2. “India was unique because of violent resistance to Islamicization. This is patently false.”

    While violent resistance to Islamication cannot explain everything , Hindu political and military mobilization against Muslim rulers cannot be ignored in preventing wholesale conversion to Islam. In 1336 Vijaynagar kingdom was established , later Maratha and Sikh kingdoms came into being which checkmated growth of Muslim power . They came into being with the express intentions of bulwarks of native population, religion and culture against what they saw as the foreign i.e.non Hindu rulers and their atrocities.

    A case can be made out that had the British military power not grown in the subcontinent in the 18th century at the expense of Muslim and Hindu rulers , remaining Muslim nawabs and sultans would have been overthrown by Hindu armies or at any event Muslim rulers would have to come to an accommodation with Hindu rulers and population. At the very least, they could not have carried out Jihadist wars with impunity.

    Force of arms is not a sufficient condition for a spiritual realm , but it certainly helps especially against another spiritual realm which has grown by force of arms

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