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  1. Oh, while i’m here, could you recommend a good book or two about the establishment of the state of Israel and the circumstances surrounding its relationship with Palestine? Preferably without bias for either side. I want to learn about it, but I can’t tell who is being truthful.

    1. LOL Cool J, love your chill handle!

      You can read scores of books and study till the trees come home. The more we study the less we know.

      I think it is a mostly unsolvable challenge because of mass dysfunction on hundreds of sides (not just two). My solution for what it is worth is the $2 trillion dollar solution. Palestinians:
      –get $2 trillion dollar bribe from the world
      –take blood oath to protect Israelis from their enemies or die trying even if every last Palestinian dies in the process
      –agree never to ever complain about this ever again (that goes for Israelis too . . . the world is sick of hearing them whine)
      Where does the $2 trillion dollars go? Part goes to fund:
      –40% of all Israeli undergraduate, graduate admission openings get filled by Palestinians in a type of affirmative action schedule system for the next 50 years
      –China, India, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Latin America, South Africa, Arab League, Europe, Canada, Russia all similarly provide large numbers of affirmative action schedule system admission to universities for the next 50 years
      –the world issues millions of work visas to Palestinians to work in their respective countries over the next 50 years
      –All Palestinian students and workers go through extensive security vetting . . . any ideologically brainwashed Palestinian young people are put through rigorous reeducation camps for de-radicalization and psychiatric treatment.
      –Palestinian Authority Palestinians, Israeli (mostly Sunni) Arabs and diaspora Palestinians are given freedom of art, freedom of thought, freedom of intuition and freedom of feeling and other classical liberal rights (PA can call their law “Shariah” if they wish but it should be Shariah consistent with European classical englightnement values [or eastern values if someone prefers to call them that])

      1. Please never provide any solutions to Palestinians. Your solutions make zero sense and are frankly offensive to the Palestinian people.

        No Palestinian needs to “protect Israel from their enemies”. Israel needs to cease the Occupation of the West Bank and Gaza immediately.

        But hey, no chance of that now that the US has withdrawn from UNHCR because of “anti-Israel bias”.

          1. leopard, Palestinians have three major political factions:
            1) Fatah (many Palestinian Christians support them)
            2) Islamist Palestinian branch of the Ikhwan (Muslim Brotherhood), also called Hamas (Palestinian Christians are scared out of their minds about Hamas)
            3) Mustafa Barghouti (some Palestinian Christians support him)

            The big wild card is Fatah’s Marwan Barghouti languishing in Israeli jails. He has a lot of support and if he gets out of jail everything might change. Marwan was convicted of brutally killing many civilians.

          2. leopard,

            If your question was directed to me, the answer is that Palestinian Christians are as Palestinian as the Muslims. And they hate the Zionist Occupation just as much. Ever listen to Hanan Ashrawi talk?

        1. Kabir, we have mutual friends in the pro Palestinian blog you forwarded me too (+972).

          Ask your Palestinian friends who live in Gaza and the West Bank what they think of my ideas about:
          –large scale affirmative action scholarship admission to all Israeli universities
          –large numbers of day work permits and longer term work permits to work in Israel proper
          –complete freedom to export goods and services to Israel
          –complete freedom to own Israeli assets, conduct business in Israel, collaborate on product development with Israelis
          –universal basic income for Palestinians
          –full market compensation for all property domiciled in Israel proper for which Palestinians have equity claims that were confiscated for below market prices

          These are extremely popular positions in the West Bank and Gaza. Many rich naive spoiled Palestinian diaspora kids attending elite global universities who don’t ever have to visit Palestine are out of touch with Palestinians who live in the middle east.

          What was the name of the other Palestinian organization you told me about that you use to work with?

          1. The first issue is for the Zionists to leave Arab land. Everything else can sort itself out later.
            The Palestinians I have on Facebook are a bit busy dealing with the fact that Israel is brutally shooting people in Gaza. They don’t have time for your half-baked ideas.

      1. I would highly recommend you don’t read this. It is a total and utter waste of time.

    2. Glad to see young people thirsty of knowledge and ready to research. Considering that the land is the key thing in this dispute, there are a couple optional guiding questions which may or may not help while researching this problem. One may or may will not conclude that the ancient past has never been closer. These questions cannot be found somewhere else.

      Who lived on this land before Palestinians and Jews?
      Who took Jews from Eufrat to Egypt?
      When and why they were expelled from Egypt (Exodus)?
      Where they went? What was the name of the peninsula at that time and who lived there?
      Who else in the same time escaped from Egypt slavery and where they went?
      What was the name of the mountain peak where Moses got 10 commandments from the God (still the same name)?
      Which alphabet Jews used for their first written documents?
      What is the one possible reason for today’s massive migration from this region to Europe?
      Why Palmyra was destroyed by ISIS?
      Who built Palmyra and who lived there?
      Etc, etc…
      Bon voyage!

      1. Please share. You know an awful lot. And please put your correct e-mail address on your comment handle!

        1. My email is correct. I have noticed that unorthodox views (i.e. which you can’t find in wiki) are rejected or received with deep reservations. Because, I will leave those interested to find answers by themselves. Even by using only wiki and reading carefully, sometimes between the lines and connecting rocks from different headings one can make a mosaic and see a big picture… Btw. one addition to Dunavada (=Danube river island) from last time, there is a nearby village Govno (=shit). Later, I’ll tell you a thing or two about Amy C from Yale, many years ago I sent her a comment on one her infantile text but she has never responded.

          1. Can you leave a comment on the Amy Chua thread? What was your comment to Amy? Some read your views with an open mind, myself included.

  2. May be someone can do a post on health and longevity of South Asians?

    Does the prevalence and age of onset of type 2 diabetes change based on caste and if there is less prevalence of it with higher Persian ancestry or steppe ancestry?

    Also it seems that diabetics in India have greater longevity and lower incidence of co-morbidities compared to diabetics of other races. I wonder if it is just because doctors in India have greater experience handling it, or because of cultural factors (diet etc) or just genetics. Can anyone comment or share their experiences?

    1. I was diagnosed as a severe diabetic 500 mg/dL in 2013.
      As far as I know my paternal cousins are not diabetic. I am the youngest in that generation (60). The closest of my paternal cousins are at least 7 years older than me.

      Does not appear that maternal cousins are diabetic either. Quite few more closer to me in age give or take 5 years.

      Did not know any one in my parents generation who were diabetic.

      That said many of my classmates (of 120) are diabetic.
      So what are we doing wrong. In my case it was the 6+ beers on a daily basis after work. Parents generation plenty of heavy drinker, but liquor/sprits not beer.

      My diabetes is under control without medication.

      1. The same issue with my mother Vs. Grandma generation in terms of prevalence. I was thinking it is greater exposure to white rice rather than hand-pounded rice.

        Is there any dietary difference between Pakistanis and Bangladeshis in UK? In general Bengalis supposedly eat more fish than others. But I thought fish was better for prevention of Insulin resistance and onset of diabetes.

      1. The success and rise of Kashmir and Kashmiris would be good for India, Pakistan and the world in the long term. India and Kashmir share almost identical values and long term interests, a common soul and a common heart.

        1. “India and Kashmir share identical values”. LOL! We are Muslim and you are Hindu. You are killing us, crushing our young men under tanks and raping our women. Please say some more nonsense about “identical values”. There are no takers for that in the Valley. The last 30 years should have taught you that, unless you are painfully slow.

          Pakistan was until recently being ruled by a Kashmiri-Punjabi dynasty (The Sharifs). Kashmiris are doing quite well in Pakistan, thanks very much.

          1. Kashmiri Pandits were ruling India until quite recently- it seems they do quite well.

            Let’s tone down the hyperbole all around please

          2. We are not discussing KPs. We are talking about KMs (my people). KPs are on India’s side and as such as very much part of the problem. Ever hear KPs talk about KMs? It’s disgusting.

          3. Just go on TimesNow or Arnab’s new channel and hear what Sushil Pandit et al say about Kashmiri Muslims (basically calling for them to be killed or sent to Pakistan). Polarization between groups is intense. Reality is a bitch.

          4. As far as I know Sushil Pandit isn’t on BP; we need to collectively rachet the tone on BP.

            I won’t have the natives going amok on my watch lol

          5. Considering that someone basically told me to die, I’m not the problem here thanks very much.

            But yes, please. Apply your policies evenhandedly by all means.

          6. Yes and that is wrong – I do apply all policies evenhandedly.

            I removed two comments as I thought they were overwrought; you write very intelligent stuff and you are a valued commentator but it can be done in a calm, collected way.

            I also removed a comment just now by someone else where I thought the language was overwrought.

            This is not life & death; these are simply opinions

          7. It’s life and death (quite literally) for some people. Kashmiri Muslims die every day.

      2. Thank Allah/Bhagwan. Please let Kashmiri Muslims be free. That’s all they want. Give them autonomy (National Conference) or “self-rule” (PDP). Those plans don’t even require you to alter your so-called borders. Just get the hell out of the Valley.

        But the fascist party known as BJP wants to get rid of Article 370. Good luck with that. That is all that binds Kashmir to “India”.

        1. Kabir who is they –

          And let’s not call the BJP a fascist party – you know we have BJP supporters on the blog. How would you feel if someone said Islamofacism.

        2. Its alright. BJP is perceived as a fascist party by many people. The forum to me shows that we have some diverse view regarding India/BJP but unfortunately not from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal etc (apart from 2 to 3 members). Would love to have more contributors/view points from other countries.

      3. Losing Kashmir would be good for India in the long term.

        Dont know about India, but it will hurl us at a grater pace towards “Hindu Rastra”

  3. They means Kashmiri Muslims.

    The BJP is a fascist party and I will continue to refer to them as such. They lynch Muslims. You can ban me from your blog if you wish but I will not hide from the truth.

    People say “Islamofacism” all the time. This blog is filled with hatred towards Islam. I dealt with it. I can bloody well give as good as I get. These people need to be shown the mirror.

    1. I don’t see why BP has to be so confrontational to be honest..

      At any rate my patience is wearing thin; the natives are running amok and I have no time for the internecine Indo-Pak threads.

      I’ll simply prune all emotional + stupid comments

      1. It’s confrontational because Hindu nationalists love to insult Islam and the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and glory in the fact that they destroyed the Babri Masjid. If Pakistan is insulted, I can insult Bharat Mata right back. We all know I have superior verbal skills and a better command of the English language.

        Excuse me if I’m a little pissed because Shujaat Bukhari was murdered and Governor’s rule has been imposed in Held Kashmir.

        “The natives are running amok”. LOL, I love that, as if you aren’t one of us 🙂

        For your sake, I won’t use the “f word” to refer to BJP. Doesn’t change the reality though.

    2. You’ve lost it, buddy :). How many Muslims have ‘they’ lynched?(I suppose ‘they’ is not BJP since they don’t support these acts) 4/5/6? How many Hindu girls have pakistanis abducted in Sindh? So that means the PPP/MQM are fascist?(the way you deduct things)

      You need some love. Get a girlfriend/boyfriend (even if it is very difficult in Pakistan), practice yoga, be nice to everyone. That’ll help you greatly 🙂

  4. Saurav,
    Shadi Hamid is obviously correct. Many hispanic Americans openly say that Obama was worse than Trump on immigration. At least ones I meet. If an election were held today a majority of Latino males without college degrees would likely vote for Trump.

    1. Did read somewhere that Latinos whose first language is English, vote similarly to white americans, and they should not be coupled with other latinos

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