The unsex appeal of Asian Men..

I was going to write on Pakistan at 71 but sex is always an interesting topic. This part struck me as I was listening to the video:

More specifically the Map of Asia used:

The video basically blames white people/power for over-fetishising Asian women and de-masculinising Asian men. Franchesca makes a good point about “sexual prejudice” towards the end of the video.

At 1:15 she goes to the shirtless Asian chap and tells him that she finds him hot However what she doesn’t include is that the chances are that he won’t find her attractive simply because of her race.

So alot of Asian male dissatisfaction is really about gaining purchase in the “white” dating market rather than the wider market.. I do believe the trials & tribulations of Black Women though are more serious since they suffer on a broader scale.

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  1. Zack

    This is a reason why I’m personally against this new post racial dynamic which is again a dynamic being thrust upon the non whites from the whites and inevitably it is panning out on white people’s terms. As the dating app statistics have shown, every non white race’s #2 choice after their own race opposite gender or sometimes even #1 choice is white male or white female.

    The black American community weathered Jim Crow apartheid and terrorism but is falling apart today because nobody is marrying black females. They will have sex with them, even leave with kids, but not marry, and black males have allowed themselves to be in sorts “honeytrapped”.

    A community cannot build wealth with single moms or de facto single moms. I am an engineer in the US and the few black American colleagues that I have, are doing the following:
    1) Male and in late 30s and still “playing the field” using their double advantage of being black and moneyed… possibly have some oow kids even
    2) Male and married to a non black partner
    3) Female and holding out for #1, also getting older and more desperate simultaneously (and seriously the amount of mental baggage people develop being single and playing the field beyond mid 20s is ridiculous)
    4) Female and settled/married significantly “down” the ladder. The women might be senior management with degrees and fat paychecks while their husband is black but a barber or some other blue collar guy. He might be “safe” but often even he’s problematic and dipping it around in other girls anyway. Or he might be super religious and male chauvinist and uncomfortable with wife making more money. The alternative is she’s married to a highly unattractive white male of her same class, who conversely would not be able to attract a white girl of the same class and attractiveness, something like the type of union for Serena Williams.

    The only blacks not doing the above are African immigrants, but I doubt how long they can maintain it.

    On a personal note I have extended family that have done above category #4. My half white cousins Indian grandparents are professors and even Nobel prize nominees, while the white side is nothing in comparison. Subsequently the dominant influence is the white side and these kiddos are roaming around as riff raff in their mid 30s couch surfing still with druggie friends. I also have the rare opportunity (for a Desi) to have extended family that actually married black. This union on the other hand is across similar class levels as neither side has traded their race for class, and both are PhDs and those kids are subsequently growing up in a similar “tiger mom” environment as fully brown households in diaspora. As a result from my personal experience I am suspicious of brown white interracial relationships but relaxed about brown black or brown oriental. And I will put the bulk of Hispanics in white category as far as this is concerned. Lot of Indian docs marrying dumb as rocks Latina nurses and now in mid life cursing their wife’s dumb genes when their kids suck at getting algebra lol. Others may have different experiences and they are valid as well.

    1. I have seen the Indian/Pakistani doctor and Latina because the Dominican republic medical schools was a stepping stone to the US.

      The mother’s educational level is extremely important to the success of the children.

      You are being a bit harsh on Alexis Ohanian 🙂

    2. Bharotshontan,

      Dark/black women are attractive to white men. Unhappily not to often to South Asians.

      The caveat is body type and height. A broad, tall black female is too intimidation for most males of any culture.

      See how the skinny dark south Indian/Lankan and Ethiopians attract white males like moths to a flame. Educated /Successful helps. Extreme example MIA, Maya Mathangi Arulpragasam.

      1. Sbarrkum

        The main issue for black (American) women is the availability of black men, not whether white men or Indian men are checking for them or not. In that, massive incarceration rates is also not helping them as the achievement standards of the out of jail black males is lower.

        1. is the availability of black men, not whether white men or Indian men are checking for them or not. In that, massive incarceration rates

          Agree completely.

          I was referring to sex appeal of dark skinned women across racial boundaries.

  2. As a result from my personal experience I am suspicious of brown white interracial relationships but relaxed about brown black or brown oriental.

    what kind of idiot extrapolates off their own personal experience? it’s pretty obv. the problem you are pointing to is class matching and not race as such.

    (also, though your points have merit you kind of sound like an asshole)

    1. Meh I’m just tying the personal experience to the content of the post really.

      The fact that class matching often or disproportionately breaks down in favor of whites during inter racial matchups of whites with non whites means that this so called post racial inter marriage/dating world is just getting hoisted in a way on to the non whites as the thing to do. No not some conspiracy theory, more like natural evolution of how things have progressed anyway. This reality is a natural outcome, nothing more nothing less.

      As far as the personal attack, I’ll accept it. I am an obnoxious person irl I guess as well, and will sit across from a Pakistani/Indian Muslim friend at the hookah bar and look him straight in the eye tell him all the things I’m writing on the Naipaul thread. Surprising actually how much good conversation can flow and not necessarily punches. On other hand I don’t think I’d say the above about brown white interracial class mismatch in person. I guess one is still sufficiently removed from folks’ day to day whereas their spouse is a different story.

      God bless my kids if they bring home a white partner. Better be Swedish royal family with patent publications and also tall broad athletic lmao.

      1. Most Indian muslims are very tolerant and not easily offended. Most Indian muslims welcome dialogue with nonmuslims. Many muslims ally with the “Hindu Right”. Many RSS members are muslim. 40% of Gujarati muslims voted for PM Modi in the last election.

        Will post an article to expand upon this soon.

  3. Now I am watching an interesting programme in BBC tracing few Indians who sailed to Britain in 1933. One was a NtraDutt, his daughter traced and family history gone through. Next was Mulk Raj Anand, who married a British woman, had one daughter but left for India.

  4. Great article.

    100% a thing.

    Asians all over the world (makes no difference whether in Asia, Africa, Latin America, North America, Europe or Australia) have two negative stereotypes:

    1) Asian woman are hot. Asian men are not hot.
    2) Asians (especially males) are nerds

    My suggestion to Asian males is:
    –“cry me a river”
    –“get over it”
    –“these aren’t real problems. And there are real problems”
    Not a fan of victomology.

  5. Love the map. All desi men in the sexless Asian category, except Pakistanis!

    Brittany Spears, Princess Diana, Gigi Hadid — all agree.

    Happy 71st!

      1. “Pakistani men are definitely sexy, especially Punjabis and Pathans ?”

        Obviously true. Maybe more so than the men of any country. Is showing off about this wise? All the ancient religions warn about the evil eye and jealousy. Should men and woman show off about their physical beauty?

  6. “So a lot of Asian male dissatisfaction is really about gaining purchase in the “white” dating market rather than the wider market”.

    My personal anecdotal observation is that many highly rated caucasion females (rated on wealth, income, business, career, education, family, social circle, age, health, attractiveness) want a Desi husband or boyfriend and actively look for one. A lot of Deshi males are tired of so many highly rated caucasion females propositioning or flirting with them. It seems far easier for Deshi males to find caucasion wives/girlfriends than similarly highly rated Deshi wives/girlfriends. Many caucasion females are deeply drawn to Bharatiya/Hindustani culture and values.

    Am I missing something?

    1. Most people at a physiological level are wired to find their own race opposite gender as attractive. From my experience most brown guys find brown girls attractive, and I’m not saying this just at the marriage material level but at the hookup level as well.

      But yes if a brown guy does have an eye for white beauty, even here it will be something he can see some physical similarity with.. so an Iranic or Slavic is higher on the scale than Nordic or Germanic. Something in the darker eyes or hair or features that will be more familiar. But this can set up for frustration because these kinds of white girls are top of beauty standard in the white world and as such get to pick from top level white guys. But the white girls checking for brown guys are not necessarily going to be these ones and I’ve noticed generally not good looking at all by any beauty standard whether that is Eurocentric or Indocentric. Similarly in blacklandia highest rated girls are Somali Ethiopian or light skinned multigenerationally multiracial type like a Cardi B or Ciara, not the pure Bantu type.

      Both black female friends and white female friends have noted to me that they find Pakistani guys hot. Latinas have some Moorish fascination and do weird shit like take belly dancing classes once they start dating a brown guy lmao, but I’d reckon they’d also rate Pakistani then other north Indian then south Indian then Bengali in that order. Essentially geostrategic location walas from Pak to Morocco might have the ignominy of getting waylaid in modern geopolitical scenario but at the individual level they are leveraging their high Basal Eurasian derived phenotypes to get best access to ladies of their choosing in the multiculti scene.

      1. Very interesting perspective. Do you see this dynamic playing out in universities like Rice, Cornell, Johns Hopkins, University of Texas, Austin, Texas A&M, USC, Caltech, MIT, Ivy Leagues, UCLA, Berkeley and so forth? Both at campuses and among the alumni?

        Do you see this dynamic in business associations?

        Do you see this dynamic in Wall Street, Consulting, large MNCs, and in start-up ecosystems?

        Do you see this dynamic in service organizations? [Non profit volunteer]

        Do you see this dynamic in spiritual organizations?

        Aren’t these the five main ways people meet each other?

        1. No these dynamics are not going to play out in aforementioned niches. If I go to my local gym LA fitness and start doing regular yoga, I naturally set myself up at that top of the male food chain and gorgeous girls of all racial backgrounds will approach and flirt because they subconsciously think my Indian race plays out gyaanically, yogically and kaamashastrically.

          This is also how black males benefit in the bar/club culture, how a redneck guy with a southern drawl might be an object of ridicule at a hip hop club but be in high demand at the country music club lol.

          But my Dharmic bandhu, every brown is not a yogin. These are matters of individual bhaava, much of it comes as nature although some can be cultivated through rigorous practice I suppose (but latter would require a tremendous inclination). If every brown fella began hitting up the yoga class with the intent of setting himself higher in the male food chain, our little secret will be out and this yantra will tank its utility ?

          1. Deshi Americans are by far the most socio-economically elite and privileged group in America. A majority are upper middle class. This is the “typical” Deshi American. Isn’t it natural that Deshi Americans will look within the niches they are part of?

            I always felt that non Indian females showed a great deal of interest in Indian males. It is shocking to hear this isn’t a commonly shared experience.

            Too much attention isn’t always sought or pleasant. Sometimes Deshi males want to be left alone and enjoy the silence.

        2. Of course you are correct on this. We reserve the right and agency to create our niches where we define the metrics and methods of success, I’m 100% on board about this.

          But I do have a pan brown/Desi racial view on this topic alone since the topic is racial and as far as that goes the Dharmic niche is a yantra that can serve the interests of a small subset of our larger brown race. Pakistani guys are not going to get into yoga. That is why I suggested they can and do use their Latino passability to move up the food chain. Folks like myself with a north Indian phenotype can leverage both these advantages of simultaneously looking the badboy Latino part (with the proper barber and clothing) and also coming across as a guru once our mouths open.

          Of course this conversation is borderline offensive imho to folks deeply involved in yogic rigor because they/you, like you mentioned, do not care for or go into it for sexual attention. There is a Geeta shloka about doing your duty without thinking of the potential rewards.

          If some guy gets into Dharmic rigor because he thinks he will come out of it as some tantric sex guru, there will be unforeseen karmic consequences, in the here and in the after. So as far as this topic goes, brown guys leveraging the yogic life as a yantra is demeaning to the yogic life science system and counter productive to the individual. There are infinite stories from Hindu and Sufi folklore of the terrible things that happen to insincere ones that go into the Dharmic rigor for material benefits whether that is sexual powers or money powers or power to bamboozle people with miracles. So I’ll put a word of caution to the general public

  7. I must confess that I little bit lagging behind in this race discussions. When I was kid we were learning that there are 3 races: white, black and yellow. We considered for e.g. Arabs, Indians and Gypsies to be the white race. Later, I was confused with American categorisation which put Latinos as a separate race, even whites were categorised as wasps, Catholics, Jews, Slavics, etc and they made some projections who can better progress in US society based only on their race. Until recently, I wasn’t aware that you guys often call yourself browns, I was wandering why pundits are brown and if I have access to this site. Anyway, I relied on our thousands of years kinship and I kept commenting here :-).

    Considering the above topic my opinion is that Asian men (yellow race) are often perceived as insufficiently talented (there are some statistics). One famous writer wrote that it is unbelievable how little is needed to men to be happy and even, it is more unbelievable how this little he actually missing. This little sometimes can be only couple centimetres. I don’t know if this is true, sometimes a good technic prevails. Well, this may not explain the whole thing but is definitely one of decisive moments.

    1. Latinos are a separate cultural entity deserving of their own category. And most of this isn’t whites telling Latinos latter aren’t white but rather in reverse Latinos making it clear “I’m not white I’m Cuban”, “I’m not white I’m Colombian” etc. This can and usually comes from racially majoritively European Hispanics since they are the ones who would feel the need to make the distinction about themselves, and generally it also comes with a type of derision… White in America in their perspective means what they call in their homelands as “gringo”, not “blanco”.

      If you press them about it they’ll deflect with “we don’t see race like that”. Matter of fact black nationalist/supremacist Americans have issues with this from their end because they wish the racially majoritively African Latinos understand and get on board with the black Americans that “we are both black African slaves, your oppressor spoke Spanish and took you to Cuba, my oppressor spoke English and took me to America”.

      With greater Americanization of Latin American immigrants as well as the flow of these trends back into Latin American countries, now the labels like Afro Cuban or Afro Peruvian or indigenous Bolivian are getting more currency. Many of the remainder Latinos, generally the whites I guess, see this in almost a Rajiv Malhotra esque Breaking Latin America project.

      Dividing up Latinos into American racial categories therefore does lead to a level of disrespect to the national and social trajectories of various Latin American countries where imagined or not they believe they are significantly post racial than the US and do not need American derived divisions of their people. On the opposite end, not doing so by the Latinos leads to disrespect of their immigration and therefore expected assimilation into American mores.

      I have some ideas about why the “Latino” category is throwing an unprecedented wrench in traditional American methods of assimilation and why Latino is unlikely to follow the path of Italians/Irish/Poles/Ukrainians all non wasp groups that had to earn entry to white category. Some of this I alluded to already in the antipathy. I can explain this even with allegories to Indian civilization’s historically problematic dealings with the mleccha hordes of beyond Khyber, and how the Islamic conversion of mleccha created a new dynamic that Hindu Bharat still does not know how to grapple with… different scales of time and magnitude obviously, but the micro level human to human interaction has an uncanny similarity

      1. Now that I’m thinking deeper about this Latino to America analogy with Muslim to Bharat, the analogy is incredible.

        America core stock is built around whites and blacks, both English speakers and both protestants. India’s core stock is Hindus, for this purpose consider the upper castes as the whites and lower castes as the blacks. Both cases the blacks are historically oppressed by the whites. As a result the blacks in both have a tendency to look for as much external help as possible, but it must be on their own terms.

        Now in comes the Latinos, or the Muslims. The main difference is not racial but rather that the two cultures are on different ideological planes. Yes, there are white Hindus and black Hindus, and there are Muslim white and Muslim black… just like there are white Americans and black Americans juxtaposed to Latinos of various racial origins. But which one is the prefix and which is the suffix is the difference or cultural difference between the two. Latino blacks are happy to stay silent on whatever racial issues they may have with Latino whites and be the latter’s foot soldiers, just like how Muslim blacks will forget their blackness and provide the street man power for the supposedly post racial Muslim agenda.

        America is undergoing an incredible white flight just like the Indian subcontinent has experienced massive white Hindu palayan. In both Pakistan and Bangladesh, the black Hindu stayed put…originally that is, whereas the white Hindus tuck tail and run to greener pastures at first sign of trouble. In South Florida and apparently in California large parts, the gringos or white Americans left first, leaving behind the black Americans. Then gang violence and economic warfare between a much more cohesive Latino underclass vs the hapless native blacks is leading to black exodus from California back to their homelands in the deep South (which they had originally migrated out from to escape white American terrorism). The Latinos are even cohesive enough that they will male mediatedly incorporate their spawn born from black American women, a dynamic black America cannot understand at all because in their books one drop rule used to swell the black community in the past, except again, this is a new dynamic and they’re not dealing with their known nemesis white Americans but a new force.

        The Hindu response in India, is an attempt to digest the Muslim into the white black categories of pre Muslim India. So we are unsuccessfully saying well you are a native convert (aka a black Muslim) but that goes in one ear out the other because the black Muslim is conditioned to think Muslim first and then feel ambiguous about black or white.

        Now in various extremely select cases in America, the whites and blacks have been able to overcome their old racial antipathy and provide a front. This is generally in areas where it is too little too late and the bulk of white have fled and the bulk of blacks have been pushed out. This is similar to Hindutva congealing the old caste boundaries in areas where it is too little too late and trying to make white Hindus into Hindu whites and black Hindus into Hindu blacks, try and get the Hindus to mirror the Muslims as far as how cohesive the latter are over their culture and ambiguous about race.

        Otherwise Latinos are succeeding in creating havoc among the Americans as a whole. In prison they are strategically allied with Aryan Brotherhood type Nazi groups to overpower the previously dominant blacks there. In the high schools they are strategically integrating with black hip hop culture doing various degrees of appropriation (and the blacks aren’t calling them out because they don’t feel threatened by it but actually think the Latinos are embracing black identity… just like how Dalits think Muslims are their own stock but then realize too little too late). And in places where the gringos have been pushed out entirely, they have taken over power not just at the underclass level of society but also at the middle class, intelligentsia, law enforcement, academia and upper class as well.

        As far as where us Indian subcontinent folks should be in America, I have an ambiguous line. While many do think English is a mother tongue, I necessarily don’t see that. We should hedge our bets and reach out to Latinos at a people to people level. The English language for us is transactional not a matter of the soul and in that we have no dog in the race vis a vis Spanish language. Similarly I have noticed, having lived for a considerable time in the transition regions of the turnover to Latino demographics, that the Indian diaspora is doing the white thing and conducting palayan or white flight themselves. We need to toughen up. The Pakistani diaspora relatively is more blue collar and they are leveraging their basal Eurasian derived looks and harder culture and able to hold down in Latino areas and still doing the hardcore Muslim thayng taking Latina girls putting hijabs on them in the middle of Latino land looking at ms-13 and Latin kings gangeros like “and what”, but the idli vada softie core Hindu is behaving whitely.

        When Latino America usurps the gringo-negro America, will they be forgiving to the Desi crowd? Question to ask and answer. How kind were Muslims to Sikhs in Afghanistan and Pakistan? Or to Parsees? Or to the Bahai? Or do all the economically successful micro minorities that hedged their bets on the previous dominant culture (Hindus or core Americans) get the danda from the new dominant culture for perceived collaboration with the losers?

        Muchas preguntas to consider brown panditos, muchas preguntas…

        1. You might be overthinking this. America is in many ways post racial. America is broken down by “culture” rather than by race. And here America needs to do a lot more work.

          I don’t know what Latino is. Mexicans, Cubans, Hondurans, Brazilians, Argentines, Peruvians I get. Most of these divisions are divide and conquer by the caucasion intelligentia.

          Can you watch the following discussion between two of my heroes?:

          I am thinking of posting an article about what I would say to Glenn and John.

          1. Anan,

            Latino does divide into Mexican, Cuban, Colombian etc, but it does NOT divide into white and black which would be what the American core wants and is familiar and comfortable with. Not on the street level.

            This is how Muslim may divide into Syed or Pathan or Turan or Yemen, so in essence various national origins of the Muslims in the “Bahir-Bharat” aspect, but not in the India’s familiar categories. India would like for there to be Bengali Muslims, Sindhi Muslims, and even a step further into caste and professions …darzi Muslims, puncture shop tirewala Muslims, etc.
            After that Friday sermon, you can bet that the Muslim whatever his ideas of foreign extraction or indigeneity, is coming for yo’ cows, yo’ farm, and yo’ non hijabbed ladies (in aftermath of Noakhali pogroms, British officials commented that Muslim rape of Hindu ladies is natural because Hindu women are more beautiful).

            The big tragedy during the unmitigated disaster that was the partition upon the Hindus, many realized was that while there was a thing known as Ummah, there was no such thing as the Hindus. There are Muslims, but they are actually the largest plurality. There was no such thing as the Hindus. There was the Brahmins. There was the Namashudra. There was the Punjabi. There was the Thakur. Each of us various hues of white and black Hindus fighting in isolated capacity against something we didn’t know how to deal with, and still don’t know. Hence the saying was “haske liye hain Pakistan, chheen ke lenge Hindostan”. This rhyme was in context of the following: Prior to that through the 1940s us white Hindus were dismissive of Muslim power and used to say “kaan mein (some item I forgot), mooh mein paan, miyan banayega Pakistan”. Nehru called the idea of Pakistan “fantastical non sense”.

            I will watch your video later, but do also refer to the Rajeev Malhotra series of three videos on early Indian immigration experience in America. Understand the tremendous power of the concept that there was an information highway, a knowledge corridor among the Anglosphere white world between English and Americans and how the negative characterizations of Indians made its way to the US.

            My direction again is in this regard, what is or should be the Indian reachout to Latinos? Instead of participating in white flight with our white supposed comrades, and learning about Latino demographic churn from what whites are telling us about them, are we interested in making this knowledge base ourselves? Can we leverage from the early history like South Asian Harlem and rebuild some of the lost goodwill from the Latinos (also the blacks). Is it desirable if the blacks see us as “useful coons”? How much level of integration into white world is desirable? If whites turned to Sanskrit speaking Sanatana Dharma en masse and India became Salafi ISIS Muslims and Somalia level HDI, is that a “win” for “us”? Are we Indians not a legitimate race unto ourselves that at first opening we will integrate unflinchingly with the whites, share whatever we have left of intellectual property of Indian civilization, and pass into the night quietly?

            Muy importante preguntas amigos. Should Indians be learning Spanish? Watching Univision? Reading non fiction and reality based political fiction in Spanish? Knowledgeable of various subaltern cultures and trends among them?

            One thing I’m noticing is that whites due to the global power structure literally have their hands dipped into all the cookie jars (knowledge systems) around the world. There are whites doing martial arts and going into monasteries in hinterlands of China Japan Tibet etc. There are whites learning khayaal, qawwali, Carnatic. They are there in deep jungles of Africa picking up African drumming. There are whites in the underground hip hop club in Brooklyn. There are whites that learn salsa. There are whites taking up Rastafarian culture. Where the browns at here? Do we even know how to dip our hands into other jars? Even in brown Dharmic world do we know how to cross talk? Compare how many scholars in France have fluent working knowledge of Russian or Italian vs how many Bengalis would have the same in Oriya or Ahomiya, literally neighboring ethnic groups.

            It is time my bandhus to tone down a bit on the Brahminical bhaavas and turn up the Kshatriyata. Time to close ranks and build the power. Razibji’s work has shown Bharat has been a sink for populations. The usefulness of being a biological sink and intellectual source has gone past its best-by date. We need to learn now, not teach.

  8. In the so called Asian circle there would be lot of Russians as millions are living Eurasian landmass. This picture is nonsense. “Asian” as referring to people is a misleading term , originated in UK/US , as referring to someone who is not obviously black and is the result of mental laziness to look at people more closely, not only physically , but also their culture, traditions and WHY.

      1. this is only colloquial and not absolute (ie some people will combine east and south asians into one category, though east asian is prototypical asian). the interracial dating studies also bracket out south asians, and we/they subject to same dynamics on average as east asians.

  9. This discussion in general is confusing. If a male is meditative, does Yoga/Tai Chi/Ki Gong pranayama and stretching . . . then their brain and nervous system emits a type of energetic field. The ancients from around the world call it aura. People are automatically drawn to those with auras. I myself am.

    Meditative people generally have far more people courting them than they prefer. Meditative people also tend to have far better physical health, much higher intelligence (Buddhi), far greater than normal mental health (Chitta Shuddhi). Such people also tend to have high socio-economic outcomes in life although this is not of primary interest to them. Finally such people tend to be loving and helpful.

    It is not just that many people want to be their friend or significant other, and enjoy their company . . . they also tend to attract higher quality people to themselves.

    In general shouldn’t people be very selective about who they select as their boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse? Far better not to have the aforementioned to have bad ones.

  10. , but it does NOT divide into white and black which would be what the American core wants and is familiar and comfortable with

    this is false. latinos from places like cuba have plenty of race consciousness. though the ‘white’ and ‘black’ categories are fuzzier. it’s just in the USA they know to ‘code-switch’ among anglos because ppl with spanish surnames are coded as persons-of-color, no matter how blue their eyes (and there is some benefit in being this way, even if within the community there is plenty of racism against people of visible african ancestry [or indigenous in the case of most of latin america]).

    1. The very real racism inside of Cuba or Brazil or Cubans in the US has literally nothing to do on the Cuban vs American plane. Your comment on race consciousness inside Cubans or Mexicans is out of place because I never alluded to them not having it. I said they project a supposed post racial outlook about their national origins because it politically benefits them, and specifically regarded it as lip service by comparing Latinos to Islam… since we all know Muslims also have plenty of race consciousness

  11. “since we all know Muslims also have plenty of race consciousness”

    How is this true? Razib, do you agree with this?

    “I said they project a supposed post racial outlook about their national origins because it politically benefits them”
    Do you mean it use to partly protect them from charges of anti black racism or anti LBGTQ prejudice The boat sailed on both of those long ago. Latinos are now considered “oppressors”, including by “Black Lives Matter”.

    For example non Latino caucasions represent 26.1% of students versus Latinos representing 21.3% of all students and blacks representing 5.2% of all students at UCLA

    Latino students represent 20% of all students at University of Texas, Austin versus blacks representing 3.9% of all students.

    Note that a majority of blacks at elite universities are immigrants and children of immigrants. Latinos now massively outnumber multi-generational blacks in most elite US institutions and in the upper middle class. Academically Latinos are rapidly increasing the margin of their academic out-performance of multi-generational US blacks. This is leading to a growing anti Latino anger from the post modernists and caucasion intelligentsia.

    Will the American Latino community be able to defend themselves? We will see.

    I wonder who is more popular among the African American community. Glenn Loury and John McWhorter? Or the platform and leaders of Black Lives Matter:

    I think Glenn Loury and John McWhorter would win if African Americans were polled nationwide. Of course no such comparison or poll would happen. The caucasion intelligentsia would try to prevent it.

    Black Lives Matter is mostly but not entirely an extension of the global post modernist and caucasion intelligentsia establishment. Don’t get me wrong. They are a very powerful political force in Brazil, Mexico, throughout Latin America, Canada, UK, throughout Europe, in many African counties. They are also a growing force in Japan, China, India and other Asian countries. They are a powerful global force to be reckoned with; and not under-estimated.

    1. How is this true? Razib, do you agree with this?

      yeah, sure.

      the problem with Bharotshontan’s comments is he speaks ex-cathedra on all sorts of shit that’s probably wrong. also, the deluge of words gets totally incomprehensible at some point.

      1. Maybe “since we all know Muslims also have plenty of race consciousness” means that many muslims deeply identify with their race and culture in addition to Islam. In which case I agree.

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