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        1. Baha’i have no rituals so we can accomodate all weddings/marriages except the Muslim Nikkah.

          That is because in the Nikkah, the Shahada contains “Muhammad is the Last Prophet” which of course we don’t believe in.

          1. Have you been to the Lotus Temple in Delhi? Do you rate it? I was lost there once when i was 8 and police found me after a 6 hour search. LOL. Can never forget that place.

            “That is because in the Nikkah, the Shahada contains “Muhammad is the Last Prophet” which of course we don’t believe in.”

            Oh, but then i dont hear much about you people wrt to ahmediya folks. Why are they being singled out only. Always felt only ahmediyas believed that. Also on Mehandi thing had argument with a Pakistani friend that its not a Indian ritual but has come from Persia. I felt its just he was a bit embarrassed that they are following some “Indian”ritual and wanted to make it a central Asia thing.

          2. I know Henna is used throughout the Muslim world but probably originated from India?

            I have been to the Lotus Temple (I have been to three Baha’i Temples, US, India & Uganda) and it’s quite striking even if it’s not exactly the Taj 🙂

            Ahmeddiyas are the Baha’is of Pakistan but with the exact opposite dilemma. The Pakistani government wants them to declare themselves non-Muslims (when they believe they are) and the Iranian government wants Baha’is to declare themselves Muslim (when we don’t believe we are)..

          1. He has a funny name; named after a nomadic Iranian tribe.

            I just can’t imagine Irani Zarthoshtis who did not become Baha’i in India.

            The hidden history of the demise of the Zoroastrian demography is that there is a very significant (and dynamic) fraction of the Zarthusti population that are fervent (and I mean fervent) Bahais..

            I was reflect I can name off-hand 5 bahais who all have Zoroastrian maternal grandmothers; hidden ancestries..

          2. Sydney opera is very similar to the Lotus temple only leafs are a bit scattered. Danish architect was probably inspired by the Lotus temple.

  1. Beautiful video. Don’t mean to be rude, but do you have your wife’s permission to post your wedding video on a public blog? I know that these days wedding / pre-wedding videos are uploaded everywhere (FB, Youtube etc) for friends/family to see, but that is different from posting on a blog frequented by people all over the world, and with no relation to those in the video..

    As much as I admire your openness about your background and thoughts, this comes across as a bit narcissistic 🙂

  2. Your wedding video was so beautifully shot. What a lovely pair you make. Your wife is very stunning, she reminds me a bit of Nita Ambani when she smiles.

  3. I did not realise immediately that was your wedding ceremony. Very lavish and it seems everyone was enjoying. In many aspects it is similar to upmarket Serbian weddings. Only, I don’t know what symbolises your yellowish colouring at the beginning (what have you done, you’ve done?).

  4. Looks great and well executed

    Though I expected your appearance to be more Turanian by your comments fawning Turanian heritagea

    You’d fit in Northern South Asia comfortably

  5. Zach, let me fill you in on something. Everyone is a little jealous that you got such a universe class Goddess as Vidhi. On the other hand; how DID you marry so much higher up?

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