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4 years ago

I remember that was in The Expanse books – the main character not only grew up on a multi-parent farm, he literally has a bunch of parents who contributed genetic material to him.

But here in the present, I’ll believe it when I see it. It would almost be a return to form with extended families, like how grand-parents would take care of children on extend-family farm situations.

Xerxes the Magian
4 years ago
Reply to  Brett

That sounds rather strange but the nuclear family model makes little sense..

Xerxes the Magian
4 years ago
Reply to  Razib Khan

Childfree is the correct term 🙂

Yes and no w.r.t nuclear family throughout my life.

I just find the structure to be inefficient; childbearing and the elderly should be paired so that parents, who are productive and fruitful, can be left to their own thing.

It’s just my observation- would not want to have children unless I had an extensive structure around to handle them.

4 years ago

I remember reading somewhere that households in Sri Lanka with a woman head tended do better economically. One of reasons being, no male squander the money on liquor.

Couldnt find the research article.

According to the most recent Household Income and Expenditure Survey (2012/13), out of 5.2 million households in Sri Lanka, 1.2 million households or 23% of the households are women-headed.

Recent evidence suggests that Sri Lanka’s 26-year internal armed conflict is an important factor contributing to the upward trend in WHHs, particularly in the Northern and Eastern Provinces of the country. Currently, there are 58,121 WHHs in the Northern Province alone and studies show that members of these households face profound, multi-faceted vulnerabilities, many of which were produced by the war but deepened in the post-war period.

Undoubtedly there are others, in other parts of the island that have lost husbands and loved ones in the war (i.e. families of soldiers), as well as those with spouses that have migrated out of the country seeking economic opportunities.


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