Mahua Moitra- the Alexandria Ocasio Cortez

Typing this as we discuss the Mahua Moitra, 7 Signs of Fascism. Amazing podcast; I’m convinced Mahua Moitra is the Alexandria Ocasio Cortez of Indian Politics.

Attractive, media-friendly and eloquent; a formidable combination. Exciting times ahead..

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4 years ago

Oh come on. For whatever it’s worth AOC still defeated a Democrat heavyweight to reach where she is. Mohua is the latest Sashi Tharoor variant who win from areas where you can put up a lamp post and win elections.

H.M. Brough
H.M. Brough
4 years ago

If you can make viral rants *in the legislative assembly itself* about how you live in a fascist regime…

you probably don’t live in a fascist regime.

4 years ago

I loved Ms. Moitra’s maiden speech. Very impressive. It was especially great how she dealt with the heckling from the BJP.

The only thing the BJP could accuse her of was plagiarism. Of course this backfired when the author of the article that she allegedly plagiarized came out in her defense.

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