Council in Support of the Resistance of Herat

Establishing “Council in Support of the Resistance of Herat”

Kabul-09 August 2021
As our beloved country burns in the flames of foreign invasion, and the ancient city of Herat has turned into a stronghold of honor and liberty, a number of Herat youths have come together in Kabul with much love for their homeland to form a support mechanism for a people’s resistance movement against foreign invasion in Herat. The name “Council in Support of the Resistance of Herat” has been agreed for this newly formed council.
The following were agreed in the session on August 9, 2021:
1) While appreciating and supporting the epic resistance by the People’s Resistance Movement of the Western Zone, and Afghanistan National Defense and Security Forces, and also humble thanks to their efforts, sacrifices, and guiding the free and devout people of Afghanistan, especially the people of Herat;
2) Stressing on the important role and leadership of His Excellency Mohammad Ismaeel Khan at these crucial times for the future of the country and defending our land and honor;
3) Realizing the difficult times that the country is going through and stressing on collaboration, compassion, and companionship with the brave soldiers of our country, especially ANDSF, by the political parties and figures, social, political, media and religious institutions, women, businessmen, academics, doctors, and every individual citizen of the country;
4) Believing that the fate of Herat and the West Zone of the country is not separate from the rest of the country;
5) Calling on the central government to localize administrative and security institutions, and strengthen solidarity and coordination between the people’s resistance movement and ANDSF at national and provincial levels;
6) Emphasizing the core mandate of the Council for Integrating and Supporting People’s Resistance in Herat which includes strengthening solidarity, support, and coordination among influential figures and institutions in Kabul to assist people’s resistance movement and ANDSF in Herat and the West Zone;
7) Emphasizing on the responsibility of all citizens, and national, international, regional, provincial, and local institutions in further strengthening national unity and solidarity for defending national integrity of Afghanistan, as well as defending the lives, property, and honor of all citizens of Afghanistan, including Herat and the West Zone;
The Council in Support of the Resistance of Herat is established.

This council has a leadership board, and three functional committees (political, public relations, and fundraiser/financial support). Dr. Rangin Dadfar Spanta is elected as the president of the council unanimously.
More details about the council will be released soon. For more information, please contact Faridoon Azhand at:
WhatsApp: +93 (0) 797416062
Email: [email protected]


“Council in Support of the Resistance of Herat” is the nexus of the ANDSF + People’s Resistance Movement of the Western Zone (local arkebai) in Herat province. They are asking for help.


I hope that NATO (Italy and Spain in particular since they have a close connection with Herat), Iran, India, Russia, Japan, Australia, Jordan, UAE, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia begin an airlift of military equipment and supplies to the two large air bases in Herat province (or to another of the many regional ANDSF airbases that desperately need military supplies and equipment . . . for example Turkey is supplying Kabul). The two large Herat province air bases are:

  • Herat air base
  • Shindband air base (and AAF/ANA [Afghan Air Force/Afghan National Army] airbase that houses the 3rd air wing of the AAF that is not far from either Herat city of the Herat air base).

The international airlift of military supplies and equipment should be sufficient to enable the “Council in Support of the Resistance of Herat” to secure the land ports to Iran (accessing the Chabahar Port Iran India supply channel) and Russia and the roads between said land ports and Herat city and the rest of the country.  And then secure the highways connecting Herat to major 207th ANA Corps bases in Badghis and Ghor.  Perhaps Farah as well (although perhaps military supplies for Farah should be flown to the Farah AAF/ANA airbase.)

  • Please note that the major AAF/ANA air bases for 207th ANA Corps are:
    • Herat
    • Shindband
    • Farah
  • The major AAF/ANA air bases for 215th ANA Corps are:
    • Lashkar Gah
  • The major AAF/ANA air bases for 205th ANA Corps are:
    • Kandahar
  • The major AAF/ANA air bases for 203th ANA Corps are:
    • Khost
    • Bamyan
  • The major AAF/ANA air bases for 201st ANA Corps are:
    • Jalalabad
    • Bagram
  • The major AAF/ANA air bases for 111th ANA Division are:
    • Kabul
  • The major AAF/ANA air bases for 217th ANA Corps are:
    • Kunduz
  • The major AAF/ANA air bases for 209th ANA Corps are:
    • Mazar i Sharif

As a military friend reminded me, the global airlift of military supplies ideally should not go to Kabul or Bagram, where they are not needed and not helpful. Rather they should be flown to the local AAF/ANA bases that desperately need the supplies and equipment. You might ask why so many military supplies and so much military equipment is needed so quickly. One of the reasons is that the ANDSF is arming vast numbers of mostly untrained civilians with weapons to serve as a type of Arbekai, providing them with the most basic of “training”–if it can even be called that–and sending them into the fight. The international airlift should be ONLY for the specific military equipment and suppies that the regional ANDSF commanders SPECIFICALLY request. The local ANDSF do not have the time to study and learn to use any skew of equipment they are not already intimately familiar with. It is important to remember that different parts of the ANDSF use different military platform skews. This is why it is very important to determine exactly what the local ANDSF commander needs before flying it over.

My hope is that various countries in the international community directly contact Mr. Faridoon Azhand, the 207th ANA Commander, and Afghan MoD to ask what military supplies and equipment they can fly into Herat airbase and Shindband airbase.


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  1. I have no comment on the precise strategic intentions of Afghanistan’s various neighbors at this point. But I do have a thought about America.

    Something which I suspect is true, although no one is quite saying it yet, is that American relations to Afghanistan, going forwards, will be determined by its place in the geopolitical struggle against China, Russia, Iran.. That is, I think America still cares a little about Islamism and terrorism within Afghanistan, insofar as that will affect their own national security; but their top priority now is the rivalry of geopolitical blocs. To some extent that is an ideological struggle, with America promoting democracy, human rights, etc, but they will also not hesitate to break their own rules, and support minor “illiberal” forces, if they can thereby weaken their great-power opponents.

  2. it is bit difficult for many in this region to believe americans. their policies change for no apparent reason. biden appears to be continuing trump’s policy of immigration, wars in middle east, afghanistan, etc.
    americans promised to help pakistan in 1971 with their 7th fleet. it still has not arrived.

  3. Overflow of information from many, many directions in Afghanistan. Here are some details. It appears as if the ANDSF have suffered over 5,000 killed in action in less than a month. But the actual number is classified. It could be a lot more. These include many of the best officers and NCOs in the ANDSF and many of the smartest and best people alive in Afghanistsan.

    From July 24 throuh August 12 it appears that the the ANDSF has killed 6,171 or more Taliban. Which is wholly insufficient. The ANSF needs to kill over 10,000 Taiban a month to stabilize the battlespace.

    A lot of ANDSF have died in Farah city, in other Farah districts, and the ANA 207th ANA Corps brigade HQs base, Farah air-base. In the many hundreds or more. The surviving forces along with many local armed civilians (arkebai) have retreated to other parts of Farah province. But having been cut off from the air base and brigade HQs base and having so many fighters, they need a lot of logistical support to operate. Where will they get it. The attack on Farah appears to be orchestrated by the Pakistani Army. They appear to be killing the ANA and local armed civilians, versus taking them prisoners (which suggests that these are foreign fighters and close to Bajwa versus local Taliban). A lot of the troops in Farah appear to be quality forces–which may also explain why they are being killed in large numbers versus being taken prisoner. Farah is part of 207th ANA Corps. They appear to be partly abondoned by 207th ANA Corps, MoD, MoI and NDS since they focused on winning in Herat, Helmand (215th ANA Corps), Kandahar 205th ANA Corps, 203rd ANA Corps, 201st ANA Corps first.

    In general Afghan MoD is issuing public statements pleading with the Taliban to not keep killing large numbers of ANA soldiers who are in their custody, or surrendered to them. Many Afghans are saying this is anti Islamic and against Shariah law.

    A large number of 217th ANA Corps and ANASOF from Kunduz appear to have been killed in Kunduz. Total SWAG, but it is possible they were ordered to quickly go into the city to drive the Taliban out. And they quickly went in. But they didn’t face the local Taliban that they expected but rather COAS Bajwa’s shock troops in the North. It appears COAS Bajwa’s main target was Kunduz all along. They made a huge gamble on Kunduz, and it paid off. The elite foreign fighters with accurate indirect and combined fire and rapid manouver appear to have cut the ANDSF off from each other, from the ANA 217th ANA Corps HQs base, ANA brigade HQs base, airport in a successful rapid pincor envelopment and were able to pick off the isolated pockets of ANDSF in sequence. After many days of heavy fighting and heavy losses, 217th ANA Corps withdrew from the brigade HQs, Corps HQs and airbase, retreating with what they could gather to southern Takkar province where they presumably met with the large Panjiri militia force marching to assist them (didn’t arrive in time to save Kunduz or the capital of Takkar.)

    Does 217th ANA Corps have a large base in southern Takkar. How will they sustain so many soldiers? Can Panjir resupply them (it will be “VERY” challenging)? Once they have reorganized, what will they do? Wait for the Taliban to assault southern Takkar? Why would the Taliban do that? Or would they capture the HQs of Baghlan Puli Khumri?

    The ANDSF, including 217th ANA Corps, appear to have taken heavy losses in Badakshan and Baghlan.

    A massive battle in the capital of Badghis Qala i Naw. Very heavy losses for both 207th ANA Corps and the Taliban. Continued heavy fighting. Note that Qala i Naw’s resupply runs from Herat.

    Big battle with heavy casualties on all sides in the capital of Ghazni province (Ghazni city.) After a day of heavy fighting, the local police and 203rd ANA Corps appear to have retreated from most of the city and appear to be seeking resupply. This appears to be a foreign fighter heavy fight or an attack by Bajwa.

    Bajwa has thrown the kitchen sink into a massive offensive in Helmand against 215th ANA Corps, 205th ANA Corps in Kandahar, 203rd ANA Corps and 201st ANA Corps. Many reports of heavy fighting, air strikes and losses on all sides.

    Might report on the battle space of 209th ANA Corps and her new commander later. Mazar has a huge logistical challenge with huge numbers of civilians fleeing to Mazar. And many ANDSF and local civilians who want to fight the Taliban. Mazar doesn’t have the small arms weapons and ammunition to supply the many who want join the arkebai or new Northern Alliance. Mazar is also very light infantry heavy. Does 209th ANA Corps have enough artillery, mortars, infantry fighting vehicles and elite forces to hold off Bajwa’s shock troops (which are different from the local Taliban.) Heavy fighting in Balkh province as the Taliban on two sides try to approch.

    209th ANA Corps and Dostum’s militia took very heavy losses in Sheberghan Jowzjan. Some say almost getting wiped out in 3 day. The local ANA base and airport were damaged and taken. Not many are said to have survived the long march to Mazar. But this might be Pakistani propoganda? I thought Sheberghan was local Taliban (most of the manpower are local power), but how can local Taliban inflict these kinds of catastrophic losses on 209th ANA Corps and Dostum’s militia? Unless they too were foreign fighters and Bajwa’s red units?

    The ANDSF yielded several towns to local Taliban (who might flip back to the ANDSF in the future) who they don’t feel nearly as threatened by. [Many local Taliban have a lot of love and respect for the ANDSF as proud nationalists and don’t want to kill them either.] The ANSF are far more motivated to fight Bajwa’s elite forces. There might be more than 50,000 foreign fighters in Afghanistan.

    Gen. Hibatullah Alizia has been appointed as new Chief of Staff of Joint Armed Forces, replacing Lt. Gen. Mohammad Ahmadi, the former Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces. Gen. Hibatullah Alizia was until now the commanding general of the elite ANASOC.

    Gen Sami Sadat has been appointed as commander of commando corps (ANASOC) today. Gen Sami Sadot is a global media sensation and one of the Afghanistan’s most popular and loved leaders. He is the outgoing 215th ANA Corps that fought so well in Helmand. Only 35 years old.

    In Trinkot, capital of Uruzgan, 205th ANA Corps and ANP won a battle with the Taliban.
    Sources said that after the evacuation of Faizabad, the center of Badakhshan province in the north, security forces attempted to reach Farkhar district in Takhar but they came under Taliban attack and sustained casualties.

    “There is a state of chaos and anarchy in Badakhshan, the people are very frightened, govertment vehicles were looted and transferred to unknown locations, public assets have been looted. Fayzabad prison was broken into and some inmates were killed,” said Atiqullah Zabih, MP.

    Fierce battles were also reported in Farah city . . . Footage shared on social media shows Taliban fighters dragging a wounded solder in Farah city while other people loot public property.

    Footage shows Taliban commanders appearing among the people in Fayzabad, Pul-e-Khumri and Farah city and announcing that the group will impose Sharia law.

    Local journalists in Takhar said that the Taliban has ordered the media to act based on Sharia law.

    The large nexus of ANDSF and neo Norther Alliance in Mazar (with vast numbers of men eager to fight the Taliban who lack weapons and military supplies) is described:

    Note the big battle in Wardak. This reporter and camera crew accompanied the MoI minister of Afghanistan on a trip to Wardek. They mention heavy fighting with the Taliban. The governor pleads for 100 rifles. He has 300 reliable patriotic men eager to fight for Afghanistan and is short 100 rifles. The Minister of Interior of Afghansitan sadly says he doesn’t have any. Why isn’t there an airlift of critical military supplies to Afghanistan now?

    More later.

  4. Herat has fallen. Ismail Khan and other Herat leaders fled via helicopter.

    Kandahar is slated to follow soon.. maybe as early as tonight.

    I think Ghani and his Western cabinet should flee now. If he is not captured by the Taliban, he will be overthrown or assassinated by the warlords in his own govt. Even his own ANDSF twitter soldiers are now calling for his ‘removal’ (

    Right now his position is not a place for an anthropology professor

    1. This is correct. And Heratis are scared out of their minds. Perhaps a hundred thousand Heratis openly marched denouncing the Taliban and praising the ANDSF just a week ago. The Taliban has their pictures. The Taliban also has the pictures of the hundreds of Herati girls and woman with rifles who were publicly marching in support of the ANDSF against the Taliban.

      All of them have to get out of Herat immediately.

      The Herati population is anti Taliban. How did Herat fall?

        1. People are scared and pretending to support the Taliban. Plus there are some conservative Pashtoons who live in Herat. Herat has had elections and a free society. Herat is a majority anti Taliban city.

          “There has been very reletaively little damage to any city in the recent offensive. Most of the damages actually came from Afgh and US airstrikes (like in Lashkargah) .. that eventually petered out.” This is untrue. The Taliban blew up many buildings and set fire to many buildings. It is possible that many of these bombings happened during battles with the ANDSF. The Taliban extensively uses truck bombs to blow up large buildings and large ANDSF formations.

          There have been very few airstrikes. Most of them by the AAF. Biden provided less than 50 a day. And even cut this back in recent days. Only ANASOF air controllers can call down US airstrikes and even then the US often doesn’t strike the targets the ANASOF controllers light up. This has caused a lot of anger on the part of the ANDSF and the ANASOF towards the USA.

          Biden didn’t want to give CAS to the ANDSF. And cut if off for months, during which time the ANSDF were killed in astronomical numbers and many cities were destroyed in Taliban bomb blasts (especially in Helmand). He only recently “symbolically” started them to avoid being criticized. But made sure there were very few of them.

  5. Just hours ago, I was emailing Heratis about who can talk to the Brown Pundits podcast. Know they are trying to flee the city.

  6. Herat has fallen and Kandahar soon to follow as early as tongiht!

    Its unraveling fast, people are now looking at airline departures for Afghan leaders to flee the country. TBH Ghani and his Western cabinets should flee now.. his life is in danger, and not from the Taliban but from warlords in his own govt who may overthrow him now. Already pro-govt twitter warriors of ANDSF are now tweeting for his demise (

    It has all come down crashing and it’s only Day 6 of the big offensive.. reminiscent of the Blitzkreig German offensive against France in WW2

    1. No.
      This is actually reminiscent of how quickly the Taliban fell to the Northern Alliance in 2001 after USA starting supporting them.

      1. After US carpet bombing entire villages and towns?

        There has been very reletaively little damage to any city in the recent offensive. Most of the damages actually came from Afgh and US airstrikes (like in Lashkargah) .. that eventually petered out.

      2. “This is actually reminiscent of how quickly the Taliban fell to the Northern Alliance in 2001 after USA starting supporting them.”

        this is quite correct. i have alluded to this too in an earlier post. afghans are among the most practical fighters of the world. they never make a last stand in a battle. if they think the battle is a lost cause, they will retreat in the blink of an eye.

        this trait of pashtuns was noted as early as mughal period. from a survivalist point of view it does make sense. for a people who have always lived in a general state of war, survival is a pre-requisite to win a war later. after all you gotta live to fight another day.

        this strategy worked excellently for taliban. they withdrew from power when the US moved in, offering very little resistance. then for 20 years they hung around lurking in shadows. and when the US prepared to leave, they slid back in remarkably smoothly. smart cookies.

    2. \reminiscent of the Blitzkreig German offensive against France in WW2\
      Blitzkriegs ultimately ended in the defeat of the Blitzkrieger.

  7. 207th ANA Corps soldiers still holding out for dear life in Herat. No one is coming to save or resupply them. No airstrikes in support of them.

    The best and brightest of Afghanistan have been killed or are fighting for their lives.


    215th ANA Corps 205th ANA Corps, 201st ANA Corps and 203rd ANA Corps are amazing fighters. They were defeating the Taliban just a week ago. But they can only resupply themselves from Kabul.

    The ANDSF must recapture Balkh and the supply line from Balkh to Kabul. On this all depends
    If Balkh is recaptured the four aforementioned corps will recapture Ghazni and reestablish their supply lines with each other and the Kabul. And then it is game on.


    The problem of the ANDSF was that:

    1) They tried to protect too many places versus establish defensible lines

    2) The sudden withdrawal of contractor support to high end AAF and ANDSF enablers and systems. For example the ANDSF lost use of drones for intelligence and directing CAS and artillery and mortars.

    3) The withdrawal of 3,500 US troops set off the withdrawal of 9 K troops from other countries and 8 K private contractors.

    +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Taliban behaving better so far in Kandahar than in Herat and the North. I love this vlog in general and have seen many of his videos.


    there is very heavy fighting right now in many places. To my surprise many ANDSF still think they can win. Including in Faryab and Takhar–where Northern Alliance and ANDSF are recapturing districts (or maybe the districts never fell in the first place)? The ANDSF are now trying to retake the provincial capital in Faryab.

    The mother of all fights is taking place in Pakia and Khost. The Khost Protection Force (which I understand has operated secretly inside Pakistan) has come to Khost to help the ANSF fight.

    For simplicity 203rd ANA Corps is in Loya Paktia. KPF = Khost protection force:

    It appears that the ANDSF and private militias are more motivated to fight Siraj and foreign fighters than to fight the local Taliban in other parts of Afghanistan.

    I have also noticed that the local Taliban respect the ANDSF and don’t kill them. The respect is partially mutual. But the more Pakistani Army and foreign type ones kill the ANDSF. The ANDSF and the Pak Army / foreign fighter militias hate each other.

    But unless Mazar is recaptured, what can all the bravery of the ANDSF and Northern Alliance accomplish?

    1. “I have also noticed that the local Taliban respect the ANDSF and don’t kill them. The respect is partially mutual.”

      Because ANDSF surrender without killing or being killed. Shameful.

      ANDSF is the most pathetic and cowardly army of modern times.

  9. Jalalabad has surrendered too. 6 out of 7 ANA army corps are now knocked out

    Battle of Kabul about to begin. US is planning on evacuating all citizens within 72 hours.. I doubt Kabul has 72 hours.

  10. Taliban Khan has won. One if the greatest military victories for Pak. They defeated a super power.

  11. it is obvious that taliban are aiming for the total humiliation of US. they could have easily waited 2 weeks and launched their offensive after US troops leave. instead, they are actually trying to encircle remaining US troops in kabul. at this rate the last US troops leaving via a helicopter from the rooftop of their embassy is actually the most likely scenario!

    on a side note, i am thinking of migrating to islamic emirates of afghanistan. there must be some irresistible charm in their rule so that afghan army soldiers are falling over each other to surrender their cities to them.

  12. I have to give it to the ISI. They are the best bang for their buck agency in the world

    1. (a) this has to be BS, which sane woman tries to attend a university in the week that the city has been captured by Taliban.
      (b) There has been NO real fighting. Even terrorists in Mumbai held on for longer than this. Hundred men with machine guns and air cover etc can mow thousands before being kia. This lady’s fathers and brothers earned the bangles for her with their cowardice.

      I feel sorry for what is to come, how these poor people will suffer but I have nothing but contempt for the cowards. Shame. Shame on the pathetic Afghan soldiers, shame on the ‘tribal elders’, shame on the warlords, what a pathetic NATION, what a loser people. Not even one last stand not even one Shaitan Singh or Ishar Singh in this quom? Just Pathetic. This is like the modern day Battle of Plassey.

  13. If there is a silver lining, I welcome the return of the normal world after the tumultuous few years of BLM, hindu nazis , trump and covid. Now we are back to Islamic terrorism , usa invasion and greater Middle East and all.

    I missed the older world.

  14. Nuristan is one of the most beautiful places in the world. For many thousands of years it has been home to great Tirthas.

    Nuristan use to be called Kafirstan until recently. The locals retain a lot of pre Islamic spirituality, culture and civilization. It only formally “converted” after 1896. There are no other people quite like them.

    1. you can’t help notice how pristine and verdant this place looks. one curious and positive side effect of any conflict is that it protects the environment. there is simply not enough industrial activity to destroy the environ.

      indian himalayas used to be like this too. now the trees are all gone. all we have is floods and landslides every year.

    1. COAS Bajwa’s been busy.
      Chris Alexander Retweeted
      Majeed Qarar
      75 people, mainly Afg nationalists have been assassinated in Kabul since the the past 15 hours. ISI agents with lists, knock on doors in search of the “Wanted for Pak”. #SanctionPakistan




  15. One of Afghanistan’s greatest friends Chris Alexander speaks the truth. He is a leader of the vast global movement of:
    These two were by far the largest Afghan social media campaigns in history as the Afghan people united to support them.
    This is all public knowledge. It documents the Pakistani Army invasion of Afghanistan in great detail.

  16. So far the Taliban are behaving better in Kabul than expected. But not perfectly:

    Majeed Qarar
    Shir Agha, a resident of Darabad of Farah was taken from his home, and was publicly executed in front of a crowd of kids alongside two others yesterday, despite having Taliban’s amnesty card.


    Majeed Qarar
    We, we, we, weee, weeew… typical American pronoun but not used in a typical context here to express pride, and assertiveness.
    Quote Tweet
    James Glancy
    · Aug 15
    The Afghans we were with in February, were all executed outside their homes in Kandahar on Thursday.
    Show this thread
    Majeed Qarar Retweeted
    Afrasiab Khattak
    Talibanization of Afg is meant to destabilize the region for blocking the Chinese BRI. China and Russia are very cautious and don’t want to take the blame for confrontation.They will change their stance when physically threatened. But there can also be unintended consequences.3/3
    Show this thread
    Majeed Qarar
    ’s peaceland, pictures, music, women’s work, western style haircuts and many more are haram again! Life is haram, death is Halal!
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    Majeed Qarar
    لعنت به خودت که وزیر دفاع خودت بودی و قول اردوها را دیګران می فروختند. لعنت به جهادیهایت که با طالب و بادار مشترک تان پاکستان ساز باز دارید، دیګران کشته می شوند، شما احترام می شوید.
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    General Bismillah Mohammadi
    · Aug 15
    دست ما را از پشت بستند و وطن را فروختند لعنت به غنی و دار دسته اش.
    Majeed Qarar
    US didn’t lose Afg, it lost the region. Afg was the only place in the region where US could’ve found real friendship with shared values.All others in the region r authoritarian rivals of the west& the US. There is no other ally other than India who’s cut off frm the region by Pak
    Quote Tweet
    Richard Engel
    · Aug 15
    Lots of blame to go around for Afghanistan on the US side. Trump made a terrible deal with the Taliban, effectively promising them the country and empowering them. But Biden then implemented the deal, so the buck stops with him.

    1. This is quite simply a handover by the US to an ‘approved version’ of the Taliban. The primary founders of terrorist organisations, the US, handing power on a silver platter, to their approved terrorists.


      The Americans invested $ 85 billion in the government forces in Kabul and thus armed the Taliban.

      According to The Military Balance, Ashraf Ghani’s army had 40 medium T-55 and T-62 tanks, 640 MSFV armoured personnel carriers, 200 MaxxPro armoured vehicles and several thousand “Hummers”. Also, with quite serious artillery: up to 50 “Grad” rocket launchers, 85 122-millimeter D-30 howitzers and 24 155-millimeter M114A1 and with about 600 mortars. It’s all in the Taliban’s arsenal now.

      The Taliban also received aviation as a “gift”: 22 EMB-314 Super Tucano attack planes, four C-130H Hercules transport planes, 24 light Cessna 208Bs and 18 turboprop PC-12s. To this should be added six Mi-35 attack helicopters, 76 military transport Mi-17, 41 light MD-530F and up to 30 multi-role UH-60A Black Hawk.

      None of this was attempted to disable the puppet government units in Kabul. They completely – without firing a bullet – crossed over to the side of the Taliban. Even the “pride of the Americans” – a special unit “Host” with 6000 commandos.


    Mohsin Dawar
    Afghans protesting for the national flag of Afghanistan managed to raise the flag in Khost despite Taliban firing on them and attacking them. Similar protests have taken place in Jalalabad and elsewhere. Afghans are willing to die for their flag, their identity.
    0:10 / 2:11
    Chris Alexander Retweeted
    Afrasiab Khattak
    Non violent People’s uprisings in different parts of Afghanistan in defence of national flag close to August 19 , the real Independence Day of Afghanistan is a national resistance against foreign hegemonist designs to deconstruct Afghan national identity.
    Quote Tweet
    Muslim Shirzad
    · 9h
    Nangarhar – Hundreds of people raised “Afghanistan’s Flag” urging the Taliban to respect and not change it.


    The ANDSF, led by caretaker Afghan president Amrullah Saleh continue to inflict heavy losses on the Taliban and Pakistani Army connected red units.

    Why isn’t the world doing much more to support the ANDSF, even if covertly?

    1998 to 2001 Turkey, Iran, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and India did a lot of support the Afghan resistance. Why isn’t this happening on a large scale again?

    Hazara warlord Alipur is also fighting the Taliban.

    If they get enough international logistical help, they can hold out indefinitely.

    For that matter the pre August 15th ANSDF could have held out indefinitely if they got international logistical support.

    1. Like I said. Taliban is basically a division of Pak army at this point. It may go rogue once in awhile but it is largely the jihadist wing, under the ISI’s purview.

      1. There is some nuance to this thewarlock. A majority of the high end military capability is Pakistani Army or closely tied to it. But there are also a lot of “local taliban” or regional warlords with their own agendas. The later have more legitimacy and popularity but their fighting forces aren’t as capable.

        We see QST attacking and killing of many local Taliban in Herat now that they are no longer needed. I think had 207th ANA Corps and Ishmael Khan known this would happen–they would have kept fighting in Herat.

        The ANDSF can still make Afghanistan a graveyard of foreign fighters, Pakistanis and Taliban if they get international support. They still have many tens of thousands of fighters eager to fight. They need a secure supply line to the North for Putin, Modi and Erdogan to secretly supply them. Hopefully the Europeans, Japanese, Australians, South Koreans, UAE, Jordan, KSA, Egypt will also secretly help. The less said about unreliable Biden the better.

        “Red teams” are code for Pakistani Army linked units. Red teams led the attack on Kunduz, Helmand, Kandahar. After the fall of Herat they assaulted 201st and 203rd ANA Corps in the East. However some provincial centers fell to “local Taliban”. The ANA was more motivated to fight red teams and Pakistani Army linked units than “local Taliban.”

        The attack on Nimroz, I was told, was not linked to the Pakistani Army or even QST. It was Khamenei’s militia that called themselves “Taliban” because it sounded cool. Khamenei sent them in to establish a buffer zone and keep the Baloch under control (majority of Nimroz are Baloch). Non QST Taliban (many linked to Khamenei) played a major role in the assault on Herat. One ANA soldier who fought and died in Herat wrote that Pakistanis didn’t fight in the battle of Herat, although many were trained by the Pakistani Army and brainwashed by them. I don’t think the attack on Herat was led by red teams, but perhaps I am wrong.


    Chris Alexander Retweeted
    Habib Khan
    This Pakistani ruling party member says that the Taliban will help Pakistan conquer Kashmir. Of course they will. They are a wing of your military.

    Quote Tweet
    · 10h
    #PTI leader Neelam Irshad Sheikh: Taliban have announced that they will join hands with Pakistan to liberate Kashmir.
    5:21 PM · Aug 23, 2021·Twitter for iPhone

  20. Chris Alexander Retweeted
    Habib Khan
    Taliban doesn’t have Independant agency. They clearly are a tool of the notorious Pakistani military. Taliban takeover of Afghanistan truly is a Pakistani invasion in disguise.

    Chris Alexander Retweeted
    Habib Khan
    300 Pakistani soldiers disguised as Taliban are conducting house to house search in Kabul, hunting down those wanted for ISI. If this isn’t stopped, many people will be executed for merely defending Afghanistan.

    Chris Alexander Retweeted
    Habib Khan
    Pakistani journalists are pouring in to Afghanistan without visas to cover their invasion, as Afghan journalists are on the run or hiding from Pakistani proxies in their own country.

    Chris Alexander Retweeted
    Chris Alexander
    Any G7 government setting a deadline for this airlift is failing Afghans.

    Any G7 government still failing to #SanctionPakistan is betraying the Afghan people, their institutions & the multilateral system.

    Afghanistan’s airports & border must remain open.
    Chris Alexander Retweeted
    Chris Alexander
    The real hubris is to write about Afghanistan’s agony without detailing Pakistan’s role in causing it.


    1. Good job, Anan. It seems to me you are Sisyphus. Linguistics Professor R. S. P. Beekes has suggested his a pre-Greek (?) origin. Keep pushing uphill your stone.

  21. Afghan Army Chief General until August 11th 2021 LTG Wali Mohammad Ahmadzai is near Kabul airport trying to get out. He is an Afghan hero and needs to be flown out immediately. From outside Afghanistan he can reorganize troops and then try to help Amrullah Saleh’s forces in country.

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