Why do nonmuslims treat muslims so badly (c)?


Please watch this short excerpt from a conversation between my main man in the house Veedu Vidz and Shaykh Shabbir Ally.

Veedu Vidz is one of Hindustan’s brightest sons, hottest heart throbs, most talented thesbians, funniest comedians, most enlightened leaders, wisest Islamic theologians and Brown Pundit favorites. He now lives in the UK with his beautiful wife and youtube sensation Mimzy VidzShaykh Shabbir Ally is also one of Hindustan’s greatest lights. He is one of the world’s leading Murdhids or Islamic scholars.

This post is aimed at not so bright nonmuslims who back Islamist extremists against reasonable muslims (such as Shaykh Shabbir Ally) and muslimish leaders (such as Veedu Vidz and the ever elegant Mimzy Vidz). Let me summarize the wise Shaykh Shabbir Ally for you:

  1. Blasphemy and apostasy laws (such as those that require the recitation of pbuh after the name of the holy prophet, or don’t allow visual depictions of the holy prophet pbuh) are unislamic and should be ended.
  2. The holy Koran is consistent with freedom of religion, art, thought and speech.
  3. Mohammed pbuh use to follow Jewish law in absence of specific divine guidance since Mohammed pbuh considered Jewish law to be divinely ordained and better than nothing. Many of the Hadiths show Mohammed pbuh following Jewish law and can be discarded.
  4. Mohammed pbuh probably stopped stoning adulterers when the Koran revealed that the punishment for adulterers should be different [and in AnAn’s opinion lighter].
  5. Many Islamist interpretations of the Islamic Shariah jurisprudence are not based on the holy Koran and can be discarded.

I 100% agree with the wise Shaykh about all of this. All global hate speech laws, demonetization of videos, or removal of videos regarding Islam should be ended immediately. All discussion of Islam and criticism of Islam should be allowed. The nonsensical phrase “Islamaphobia” needs to be retired. Muslims are mature enough not to be offended and engage in respectful dialogue. Muslims don’t need to be condescendingly pretentiously patronizingly infantalized or “protected”.

Every muslim in the world is entitled to freedom of art, thought, intuition and feeling. Once this happens Muslims and spiritual nonmuslims will automatically engage in dialogue with Islamist jihadi extremists and melt their hearts with the sweetness of love. The fourteen century Islamic civil war will end and the world will sing with joy.

Nonmuslims; first understand . . . then adjust. Please be slightly curious about Islam and learn the slightest bit about Islam before trying to “help” muslims. Please try to transform and improve yourself so that you have the ability to help others. Now you might ask, how can I learn about Islam and muslims? Good question. Right question. Please watch this discussion between six of the world’s leading Islamic theologians (I would rather our very own Brown Pundit resident Murshid Razib Khan was included too but it was not to be):

  1. Milo  Yiannopoulos
  2. Richard Dawkins
  3. Jordan Peterson
  4. Mehdi Hasan
  5. Maajid Nawaz
  6. and the ever innafable Zakir Naik


Still confused nonmuslim friends? Well, music is Haram:

Any more questions?

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Congratulations Sajid Javid!

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Milan Todorovic
Milan Todorovic
5 years ago

I can say about situation in former Yugoslavia. During Turkish occupation, some Serbs were forced to convert to Islam to save their lives. A few, mostly upper class individuals, converted voluntarily to preserve their privileges. In some regions there was the case that one of two brothers converted to Islam and one remained Christian in order to protect each other family in the uncertain future. At that time some Albanians moved from Albanian mountains to Serbia and under Turkish protection started terrorising Christians what continued for hundreds of years until today. In Kosovo, for e.g. their percentage in population grew from 0% to almost 90% in 300 years. Bosnia was a religious mix with Serbian majority until the WW2 and other half were Muslims and Croat Catholics. After horrible genocide conducted by Catholic/Muslim coalition, after the war Serbs were not majority anymore. They consisted about 42%, Muslim 42% and Croats 16%.

Somehow, the life was rebuilt, old wounds forgotten and a real multicultural society was established. Muslims were given to be a separate nation (before it was only confession). Serbia helped with education of Muslims (and Albanians and Macedonians) and with positive action they’ve got equal representation in the government, diplomacy, as directors of public enterprises, military, police, culture, sports, everywhere. Muslims and all others were very secular, mixed marriages were normal, girls were well educated and not different form any other western country.

In 90s, probably influenced by outside, some Muslims radicalised and wanted whole Bosnia for themselves although they were not a majority. They were talking about jihad and ‘green transversal’ from Bosnia to Indonesia. America supported them because they wanted to eliminate Russian influences. They enabled arming the Muslims and even cooperated with Iran in transporting weaponry for them. Old coalition with Catholics revived. Vatican’s politics is to eliminate Orthodox and expand further towards Russia. There were several years of bloody war where US and EU were supporting Muslims. Americans even prolonged the war to achieve their geopolitical interests. Somehow, the war was finished carving Bosnia (which never existed as a separate country, it was Serbian land for thousands of years) half/half to Serbian Republic and Muslim/Croat federation. In Sarajevo, the capital city of 5-600 thousands of people, used to be a Serbian majority. Now, there are no Serbs there. Many Islamic fighters from other countries came to Bosnia to live and wait. There were no hijabs before, now many young girls wear hijab and they receive salary for this from S.Arabia.

From earlier secular country, there is now increasing radicalisation and support for ISIS. Bosnia had big companies, whole Yugoslavia invested and tried to develop this region. Now, the economy almost disappeared, former well developed cultural life also. Muslims are not happy with a half of Bosnia, they want whole Bosnia and parts of Serbia where Muslims live. They changed the name and now they call themselves Bosniacs and don’t want to confess that are actually former Serbs, even they still have Serbian surnames. It is simply unbelievable how their mindset was changed in only few decades. They are again secretly arming with US/British knowledge and approval. We will see what the future will bring.

5 years ago
Reply to  AnAn


You and I have a very glass half full vs empty perspectives on life. Could be the satchittananda you’re experiencing from all the dhyaanam. Reminiscent of Mahatma Gandhiji’s bliss when the jaladasyu used to strike his face. Like he looked deep into their atman and sympathized because in violence both the striker and strikee suffer. The strikee obviously suffers the physical pain. But the striker suffers and subconsciously immediately knows he will suffer regression of multiple lifetimes from that one act.

Perhaps I’m the one that wallows in the negativity and either likes to and/or rationalizes the strike back, return the favor in the material domain and consider karmic consequences later?

The apparent divergence of the two approaches might also highlight the requirement for the distinction of the Brahmin dharma from Kshatriya dharma. Gurus across time and space have cautioned practitioners at the individual level from mixing and matching. Of course the Brahmin dharma and Kshatriya dharma operate synergistically on a macro level since they are both part of the whole and in such context the head and the arms and legs do work together even if each sub component’s task may appear different in the cobwebs of maya.

5 years ago

This is satire, right?

Brown Pundits